Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Abhi saying sorry, I was in OT when you had called, why are you upset. Akshu says you have hidden a big thing from me. He worries. She starts laughing and asks him to see his face, she fooled him. He says I would have got a heart attack, I can never hurt you. She says we love each other but talk less, we should talk more and know each other. He says I also wish the same, I m dying to meet you. She asks is there something in your heart. He gets Anisha’s call and says I will call you later Akshu. He calls Anisha. He asks what’s the matter. Anisha asks him to come quickly. He leaves. Akshu says he is worried because of someone, I hope everything is fine.

Its morning, Abhi says I can’t do what you want. Anisha says I came back after two years, I m feeling hungry, we can go out somewhere. He takes her on bike. Aarohi looks on and follows them. She says where did they go. Abhi sees Aarohi and hides from her. She leaves. Abhi says don’t know if she can seen. Anisha asks what happened. Abhi says nothing. Manish is leaving for a meeting. He sees Akshu driving the car. Akshu says Kairav took a car and the driver isn’t well. She gives him lift. He says strange, sometimes Abhi comes to give lift. Akshu plays the song Mere Papa ka gussa…. She sings. Dadi and Suwarna look on and smile. Manish sits in the car. Akshu sees Dadi. Dadi waves to her. Akshu takes Manish.

Manish says its your angels time. Akshu says I wish you forgive me. She drops him. He thanks her. She says I love you Bade Papa. He goes. She calls Abhi. She gets out of coverage. She calls the camp and ask for Dr. Abhimanyu. The man says Abhi isn’t here. She says where is he, I will call home. She calls his home. Manjiri takes the call and asks how are you, everyone is worried for Abhi, but I m happy, you are with him, now I have no worry. Harsh comes. He sees her on call and goes. Akshu says sorry, this is happening because of me. Manjiri says Parth said that Abhi left for camp in the morning. Akshu says he isn’t there, where is he. Abhi gets Anisha to the coffee shop. He calls Kairav. He says I need to talk something imp. Kairav asks what happened. Abhi says we shall meet and talk tomorrow. Kairav says okay. Akshu calls Neil. Neil says now I can call you my would be Bhabhi. She asks where is Abhi. Neil says he sent me an address, I m going to him, come, we will surprise him. She says no. He says just come. Anisha says you said we won’t tell anyone. Abhi says let me handle it my way. He sees Neil and Akshu coming. Neil says surprise, see who I got. Anisha goes on a call. Neil asks how is the surprise, you are happy but not showing it, tell me, why did you call me. Abhi says I had some work, wait, I will tell you. Akshu says I wanted to meet you so I had come, you might be busy, I will go. She thinks I know you aren’t able to tell you. Abhi thinks she understood it, thanks. He hugs her. She goes. Neil asks what’s the matter. Abhi says Anisha is totally mad. Neil asks what.

Manish talks to Dr. Badani. He says get well soon. Dr. Badani says you didn’t come to meet me here. Manish says you know what all happened, I can’t come there, you take care. Harsh hears this and thinks to befriend the man. Someone asks Harsh to come first, there is some problem because of Abhi. Anisha stumbles. Akshu holds her. She says we had collided at the camp. Anisha recalls asking Abhi about Akshu. She says who keeps pics in wallet, so old fashion. Abhi asks her to stay away from Akshu.

Akshu says we can go to doctor or my house, its nearby. Anisha says no, I m fine, can we go to your house, I stay alone, I can’t manage it alone. Akshu says come. Parth asks Manjiri to make chutneys. She says yes, I know its your fav. Harsh comes and taunts her. He asks her to call Abhi and ask him to come to the hospital. Kairav sees Abhi and Anisha’s pic. He worries. He sees Akshu bringing Anisha home. Akshu says she is Anisha, she was hurt, so I brought her. Anisha talks to Suwarna. She says I have come here for relationship, I loved a guy, he broke up saying his family won’t agree. Kairav looks on. He calls Abhi. He leaves a voice message.

Kairav sees Anisha and asks why did you come here. Anisha says I will take what’s mine. Abhi sees Anisha on video call and worries.

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