Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Manjiri doing Abhi’s aarti. Harsh asks her to do it fast, and then see the sherwani button. Abhi recalls Harsh’s words. She says I will find the button, you do this rasam of tying the pagdi. Abhi stops Harsh. He says I m tying this pagdi as a blessing, I don’t want him to do this rasam, he doesn’t value people or relations. Manjiri worries. He says I m going to start a new life, I want blessings of someone who accept Akshu and my relation, really sorry, your blessing will never be complete from us. Parth and Anand ask Abhi who will make him wear pagdi now, it’s a dad’s right. Abhi says mum took care of me since childhood, then right won’t be of dad, it should be my mum’s right.

Akshu keeps Kartik and Naira’s pic. She sings a song Har ek sapne se sundar…. Everyone hugs. Mahima says gents do some rasams. Abhi says we can change this rasam, the problem is just this gender biasing. He asks Manjiri to come. Manjiri ties the pagdi to him. Harsh goes. Anand looks on. He goes to Harsh and says its your son’s wedding today. Harsh cries and says he doesn’t want to keep any relation with me.

Harsh says he hates me, how shall I tolerate this. Anand says we ae unlucky in children’s matter, I don’t want to hug my son and Abhi doesn’t want to hug you. Harsh says he is just his mum’s son, its Manjiri and my personal issues, no one can understand this, even if Manjiri and I get separated, then also Abhi will be my son, then why is he doing this, Abhi didn’t punish Aarohi who had hit Manjiri, he gets angry on me when I talk to Manjiri aloud, he forgives everyone, not me. Anand jokes and asks him to come. He says whoever makes him wear the pagdi, but you will be is father, none can change this, forget this, enjoy your son’s marriage fully. He hugs Harsh. Kairav comes to Akshu. He asks will you have something. Akshu says nothing, you have something before baraat comes. She asks him to call someone who worries for him. He jokes. He gets some food. He feeds her by his hands. She sees Kartik and Naira’s pic and says I miss you. He says I also miss them. He jokes and laughs. He asks her to come. Akshu says I m ready, did you leave from there Abhi. Manjiri prepares Abhi. He asks her to say all the best to him. She laughs. She says I wish you always stay happy, love always stays in your life. She blesses him. He takes elders’ blessings. Manjiri signs him to greet Harsh also. Abhi goes to Harsh and takes his blessings.

Abhi says everyone gives many advices to girls, to live according to Sasural, but no one tells the Sasural to make the girl feel comfortable. Harsh says its better that the girl changes her habits. Shefali says no, she has to change a lot for everyone, its better than everyone changes a bit for her. Abhi thanks her. He says I request you to give her a chance, she will make her place in your hearts, thanks for doing this already. Neil says come, she will get upset. Abhi says I will convince her. Parth asks what if she refuses to marry. Abhi says then I will get her anyway. Akshu says Abhi will become my husband in some time, and I will be his wife, Mrs. Akshara Abhimanyu Birla, I m getting so nervous.

She asks when will Abhi come to make me his bride. She smiles. Abhi sings and dances. Manjiri and others also dance. Yeh Rishta…plays.. The baraat leaves. Kairav says baraat has come. Manish says they came on time. Dadi says I told them the mahurat. Kairav asks Reem to check arrangements. She says everything is ready. They ask about varmala. She says its also ready, I know Goenkas’ history of varmala. Akshu sees the baraat from the window. Abhi and his baraatis dance on Sauda khara khara…. Akshu dances in her room. Kairav and everyone welcome the baraat and dance on Damaad ji…

Dadi says our rasam is left. Kairav asks Abhi to touch the toran and perform the rasam. Abhi does the rasam. Akshu comes there. Abhi gets mesmerized seeing her

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