Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Neil asking Aarohi how can she be so careless. She says I don’t know how did this happen, why did I take this responsibility. He says you should have not taken the responsibility, relax, think well, where did you keep the lehenga last time, if Akshu doesn’t get the lehenga, then what will she have.

Akshu comes and asks what happened to my lehenga. Aarohi says the lehenga is missing. Akshu worries and goes out, saying where did my lehenga go. Akshu recalls seeing the bridal lehenga given by Manjiri. Dadi and Suwarna tell her the importance of the bridal lehenga. Suwarna says you will feel you got the world’s happiness, you will marry Abhi wearing this lehenga. Dadi says you will get many clothes from Sasural and Maayka, but no other dress can get equal to this dress. Akshu cries.

She gets Abhi’s call. He asks her to get ready. He says I m joking, I got my sherwani now, I didn’t see your lehenga before, I want to see my bride, not her clothes, I m dying to see you as my bride, you will look stunning, this will be printed in our history, so people give imp to the bridal attire, even the groom’s emotions are linked to it, I can’t express it. Akshu sits crying. Aarohi comes and says sorry. Neil says I will talk to the hotel staff, we will get the lehenga, don’t worry. Goenkas come. Dadi asks what am I hearing. Suwarna says marriage is in some hours, how did the bridal dress disappear. Abhi asks for Goenkas.

The man says they are there. Nanjiri shows the necklace and says this will suit Akshu, right. Mahima says its our Dadi Saas’ necklace. Shefali says I m the elder bahu then I should get the ancestral necklace, its not about likes but emotions, I had the first right on it. Suwarna says we all did the puja also, Manjiri had emotions linked to it. Dadi asks what will Birlas think. Manish scolds Aarohi. Aarohi says many people make mistakes, but everytime its an issue about me. Manish says we can’t have any hope from you, good for nothing. Abhi comes and says Manish is saying right.

Abhi taunts Aarohi. Manjiri says its nothing like that. Shefali argues with her and goes. Manjiri asks her to listen. Manjiri says Mahima remembers it, I have asked about it too. Mahima says I didn’t pay attention to it. Manjiri says sorry, I thought you heard it. Mahima asks her to use her mind now. Manjiri says I have to give this necklace to Akshu, I didn’t get anything else to give her, I want Abhi’s wife to wear this necklace. Mahima asks can she handle this, today’s girls aren’t like us to keep things well. Akshu says sorry, I couldn’t handle the bridal dress. Abhi says don’t be sorry, I will find the lehenga. Abhi asks them to remember if the luggage went somewhere else also. Suwarna says we had sent few things to the temple. Abhi asks for truck driver’s number. Kairav calls the driver. He says the lehenga bag is there, we have to go and get it. Abhi says I will get it, Kairav has much work, he is busy, I have to get ready. He asks Aarohi not to come along.

He says you continue the marriage functions, I will just go and come. He asks Akshu to trust him, he will get the video call. Akshu says I trust your promise. Abhi says whatever happens, you won’t spoil your mood. He runs out of the place. Neil talks about finding the bridal dress. Shefali hears this. Akshu asks Abhi to come back soon, he is more imp than the bridal dress. Abhi says I have come here for your happiness. Kairav comes to call her. Abhi asks her to go for rasams happily. He ends call. He drives to the temple. Akshu asks Suwarna to let Aarohi rest, they already told her a lot. Mahima says Akshu came late, we know the bridal dress is lost, you have sent the groom to find it. Dadi says no, we stopped Abhi, but he wanted to go.

Shefali says you said that no one should go anywhere after haldi, it’s a bad omen. Manjiri says we shall not think wrong, I know Abhi, he would have insisted to go, he will come back with the lehenga. They make Akshu sit and do the rasam. Yeh Rishta….plays… Abhi comes to the temple and talks to Akshu on call. He sees Aarohi there and asks what is Aarohi doing here.

Abhi and Aarohi are on the way. The jeep breaks down. Akshu says I didn’t think of this. Abhi says its my marriage with your sister, did you do this intentionally.

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