Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Everyone bidding a bye to Akshu. She waits for Abhi. She turns and sees Abhi coming. Abhi says you forgot the charger. She smiles. She sits in the car. He cares for her and hands over the saree cloth to her. He shuts the door. Akshu leaves. Abhi is also sad. Neil asks Abhi to come in. Abhi gets some message from Kairav… Akshu didn’t do anything wrong intentionally that she gets such a punishment. Shefali says all the planning failed. Neil and Parth feel bad for Akshu and Abhi. Parth says Kairav did right to take Akshu. Shefali says opposite nature people love easily, but its tough to keep the relation, Harsh and Manjiri are different, and unhappy. Manjiri cries hearing this. Akshu comes to Goenka house and sits sad. Yeh Rishta…plays… Kairav says I don’t feel good seeing this. Suwarna says we are also not liking it. Manjiri and Neil see Abhi sitting sad. They leave. Abhi and Akshu think of each other and cry, saying I miss you. Kairav says Akshu is upset, something happened between them. Vansh says no, he came to give the charger. Kairav says he still cares for her, shall I talk to him. Manish says no, maybe they had an argument, leave it to them. Vansh says just let it be. Manish says we will wait till tomorrow and see the situation. Dadi says Manish is right. Aarohi asks what happened, did you have a fight with Abhi. Akshu signs no. Aarohi asks will you have cold coffee. She goes to get it. She gets Rudra’s message….please have a look at the ppt of the new hospital. Akshu calls Abhi. He doesn’t answer. She gets angry and cries. Manjiri sees Abhi lying near the pool. She says you have to go and get Akshu home, then pagphere rasam will complete, you have to go. Akshu cries.

Its morning, Akshu sings O kanha…. Abhi wakes up and shouts Akshu. He plays her audio. Everyone gathers and sees Akshu in the temple. Harsh says Abhi is missing his Akshu, but we aren’t, ask him to stop this song. Neil says I m also missing her, and I m sure mum is also missing her. Harsh asks Neil to go. Neil goes. Parth also goes. Harsh says Manjiri and Abhi support Neil, Neil will also break plates like Abhi now. Anand gets upset seeing the daily issues. He asks Manjiri to add more chilli in the food. He goes. Mahima says Akshu created these issues. Manjiri asks what did she do. Mahima says she will create more issues ahead. Harsh says this marriage won’t go for long, I didn’t know the problems will begin so soon. Manjiri says Akshu is innocent, these days simplicity is not understood. Abhi looks on. Harsh thinks Manjiri is taking her bahu’s side and taunting me. Kairav says Akshu has pain in her voice. Akshu stops singing and gets up to run to the door. Kairav asks her to stop. Manish asks who is she finding. She says I felt like my Abhi… Kairav asks her to come and have breakfast. Manish and Suwarna ask her to come and have food for her brothers’ sake. Akshu turns and gets dizzy. She faints. Abhi comes and holds her. Everyone worries. Abhi lifts her and takes her inside. He says she is suffering from high fever, get some water in a bowl and a cloth. Akshu says sorry Abhi. Kairav says she gets fever when she is upset, you are a doctor, you know stress causes fever. Abhi says you were here, you should have checked her. Kairav says you took her responsibility, her state… Manish asks Kairav to be silent.

Abhi says relations matter in your family, my family isn’t such, promise me, you won’t they to change them. Abhi brings Akshu home. Harsh taunts her. She answers Harsh. Abhi smiles.

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