Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Manjiri and Akshu serving the tea to everyone. Mahima says its good that Manjiri will get a company and also help in the house. Anand asks what’s the plan today. Mahima says we will go for work, but Akshu, Manjiri and Parth will be at home. Manjiri says I thought to do the rasams today, if we invite Akshu’s family then… Harsh asks since when did you start thinking, we are already physically tired, if the rasams go on then we will get mentally tired, we can’t waste time. Mahima asks Manjiri to not keep rasams. Anand says its okay, I will set the meeting at home. He asks Manjiri to do arrangements for the rasams. Manjiri sits to eat food. Harsh asks for sugar free and sends her. Abhi comes and breaks a plate in anger. Akshu gets shocked seeing him. Manjiri gets the sugar free. Harsh leaves. She asks him to have breakfast. He scolds her. Abhi argues with Harsh. Akshu gets shocked. Harsh says he is talking like this, his wife will talk like this tomorrow. Abhi says don’t involve Akshu in this. Harsh says you just do aarti of your wife and mom, and hang your dad. Abhi says you will get the treatment as you treat others, some people don’t have basic manners like I have. Harsh asks how dare you. Abhi says I have learnt this from you. Anand asks them to stop it and get back to work. Shefali asks Akshu not to leave her breakfast, this happens daily, it will look weird in the beginning, but later she will get habitual. Manjiri cries.

She says I will send your breakfast in the room. Akshu asks what’s all this. Manjiri says everything will get fine. She goes. Vansh says you said we will meet after pagphere, but they invited us. Manish says Manjiri invited us. Dadi asks them to do arrangements. Suwarna says they will be doing the rasams today, they want to give double happiness to Akshu. Dadi says Manjiri is really nice. Manish says others are like aliens, do they do strange things deliberately or is it a manufacturing defect. Suwarna says we have to respect them. Manish says yes, we shall go there happy and come back smiling. Aarohi comes and says I m free today after the long night shift, I will also come. Akshu thinks of Abhi and Harsh’s argument. Abhi comes and dances.. Ek mai aur ek tu hai….

He asks what’s this, smile now, I m trying to distract you, leave all this, tell me, did you see my dance, how was it. She says I have seen your anger first and its not going off the mind. He says really sorry, wrong is happening with you, you know my equation with Arjun, so welcome to reality, you just do what you find right. She asks why do you talk to him like this. He says you will understand it. She says you need to understand. He says I have seen him since childhood, we will concentrate on keeping the relations well.

She says you have made me already mad by your talks. Abhi asks just talks, nothing else. Neil comes in and says sorry. Abhi asks him to knock and come. Neil asks him to lock the door. He says I came to talk to Akshu, Abhi will be here but he will be in OT mentally, we will set some rules, she will rule here. Abhi argues. Akshu jokes on him and laughs. Abhi asks Neil to leave, they have to get ready for the rasam. Akshu says my family is getting ready, go. Abhi says we will get ready together. Akshu signs him and asks him to go and help Manjiri. She makes them out and shuts the door. Neil says you made me out, and Bhabhi made you out, I m her Devar now. Abhi runs after her.

Abhi waits for Akshu. akshu gets ready and comes. Jaaniye…plays…. He looks at her and smiles. He signs that he is stunned by her beauty. She smiles. Akshu runs to the door and hugs Dadi. Abhi sees Goenkas and goes to greet them. Yeh Rishta….plays… Everyone hugs Akshu. Anand asks Akshu not to cry so much that her family thinks they troubled the new bride so much. Akshu says no, I couldn’t control myself seeing them. Kairav signs her to ask is everything fine. She nods. Manjiri thanks them for coming on a short notice. Harsh says hats off, how do you find so much time when you are also businessmen. Manish says its our priority. Abhi looks at Harsh. Manjiri asks them to please come. Abhi says its too hot, is AC temp okay or shall I lower it. Vansh jokes. Manjiri treats them well. Akshu thanks her. Manjiri says they are not just your Maayka people but my Samdhis also, keep smiling. Akshu asks her to sit. She goes to get the juice. Harsh says Abhi worships all of them, he is just against me. Anand asks him to not burn so much, Abhi’s mood is bad, if we didn’t get involved in rasams, then he would have felt more bad. Manish talks to Anand. Anand is on call. He doesn’t hear Manish. Abhi looks on.

Harsh says we have to tell him that music therapy dept is getting shut in Birla hospital. Abhi argues and says I won’t let Akshu’s dreams break. Akshu sees them fighting and says my decision is….

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