Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

marriage rituals beginning. Mahima tells Anand about the conference mail. He says that’s good news. She says its not for us. He asks for who will it be, it won’t be for Harsh and Manjiri. She signs to Abhi. He says but Akshu isn’t a doctor. She says she is a therapist, Abhi would have done something. He says this is not done. She says see what happens ahead. Abhi asks pandit why is he hurrying so much. Everyone smiles. Abhi asks pandit why is he eating the mantras. Dadi and Manish ask pandit to read mantras well, then he will get the dakshina well. Abhi says pandit ji, please don’t hurry up, its my first and last marriage, I don’t want anything to lack in this marriage, chant the mantras slowly, marriage should last for births. Akshu smiles. Vansh says we have much time to find Akshu’s sandal. He asks Aarohi to go other side.

Neil sees Aarohi and teases her for finding the sandals. He says I feel so proud of myself. She says I will find the sandals and beat you. He shows the sandals worn by him. She asks what. He says you didn’t understand seeing my high height. She says it will get loose, remove it. He asks for money. She jokes on him. He calls her jealous. She says I have to get this sandal back for the sake of respect. He asks her to beg him, if not, then bye. He goes. Pandit says call the bride’s sister for gathbandhan. Suwarna says groom’s sister do that rasam. Manjiri says a bride’s sister gets mum and dad’s love. Abhi says this doesn’t matter, just gathbandhan should be done. Pandit calls the bride’s sister. Aarohi does the gathbandhan with difficulty. Abhi asks her to tie it well with love. Pandit says call the bride’s parents for kanyadaan. Goenkas get sad. Akshu sees Kartik and Naira’s pic.

Vansh asks Manish and Suwarna to come. They sign no. Manish asks Kairav to go. Kairav sits and recalls Akshu’s childhood. Akshu says he will do my kanyadaan, he has given me much love. Kairav thanks her and wishes that everyone gets a sister like her. He gives her hand to Abhi. He does the kanyadaan. Abhi and Akshu get up for the rounds. Dadi says wedding ritual gets completed when the groom and bride take the rounds, every round is a promise, they have to follow it all life, first round is for Dharm, the bride is ahead in this. Abhi and Akshu take the round. Pyaar miljaye….plays… Suwarna says second round means walking on the right path and getting success and prosperity, every husband has to fulfil his wife’s wishes. They take the round. Manjiri says third round is about the happy married life, you should promise love and commitment to each other. Manish says fourth round is of Moksh. Pandit says now groom will walk ahead of bride now. Abhi says I will follow the bride. Manjiri asks him to do as the pandit tells him. Abhi and Akshu take the rounds. Pandit asks them to sit for sindoor daan. Abhi fills the sindoor in Akshu’s maang. Shefali says it fell on the nose, clean it. Dadi says no, if sindoor falls on the nose, then it means its deep love. Abhi says I love Akshu a lot. He signs Akshu. She recalls their moment and signs no. She applies sindoor to him. Dadi asks what did you do. Abhi says I made Akshu do this, its my marriage also, Akshu should be safe too, why don’t we men do something special to make the better half feel special. Pandit says make her wear the mangalsutra. Abhi makes Akshu wear it. They get up. Yeh Rishta….plays.. Dadi guides the rituals and tells about the promises. Abhi and Akshu make promises, that they will love each other and their families, they will be dedicated to each other, they will prioritize each other, they will stand by each other and face every problem, they will always support each other in their work, they will trust each other, they will always be together, they won’t lie to each other. She thinks I will try to become a good daughter and a good bahu. She smiles.

Neil sings wah wah Ramji… Manjiri dances with Neil. Harsh and Mahima talk to the guests about Akshu. Akshu hears this.

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