Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 1st June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 1st June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yuvraj accepts all the crimes Revati. He recalls Revati meeting him and telling that she knows all his crime records and offering him to protect him from going to jail as she is Delhi’s police commissioner. He asks why is she showing favor to him. She says she needs something in return. He says he doesn’t have money or anything to give her. She says she did some crimes to kill Khurana family and he has to inform in front of Khuranas and take all her blame him. He says Rudra will kill him as he killed Rudra’s brother Rajeev. She says she will get him out of jail within 6 months. She asks him to get out of car, says one road goes to jail and another to Khurana family, so now he should decide where he wants to go. Yuvraj thinks he should accept her offer and lead a free life after 6 months.

Out of flashback, Yuvraj tells Rudra and Preesha that he wanted to ruin their lives and will take revenge from Rudra for hitting him. Rudra hits him again. Revati asks Rudra to leave Yuraj and assures to get rigorous punishment for him. Preesha thinks why Yuvraj is lying when Revati did all the crimes. She walks to him and questions him. He says they both ruined his life and hence he did all those crimes to destroy their lives. Police takes him away. Prees thinks Revati is very intelligent, she needs to reveal her evil intentions to Rudra.

Rudra blindfolds Preesha and takes her to their decorated room and gets romantic with her. She requests him to listen to her as its important. He asks what happened. She says whatever wrong happened to them till now is.. She gets vomiting and rushes to bathroom. Rudra gets concerned and says he will call doctor. She says its okay as she must have ingested toxic smoke and tries to complete her words when she gets vomiting again and feels weak. Rudra lifts her and making her lie on the bed insists her to rest now. She sleeps. Yeh Hai Chahatein… play s in the background.

Next morning, Preesha wakes up and reads Aliya’s message that she is going back to her home. She thinks how will she control Revati if Aliya goes there and rushes to Aliya’s room. She finds Revati there and asks where is Aliya. Revati says she sent Aliya back home and asks if she thinks she will let her use her own daughter against her. Preesha says she will reveal her true intentions to Rudra. Revati says she can’t think what she can do and asks if she thinks Saransh is safe. Preesha asks what did she do with Saransh. Revati shows video of Saransh and Dev’s tussle and Dev falling from terrace; says she got this video from Rakesh. Preesha says it’s wrong as Dev slipped on marbles and fell down from terrace. Revati asks how will she prove it and threatens to not reveal her crimes to Rudra or anyone or else she will get Saransh arrested in Dev’s murder.

Preesha says she is doing wrong. Revati asks if she did right by burying Dev’s body and says she will do whatever she did to her. Preesha says Rudra will save Saransh. Revati shows GPS’ captivated video and asks who will save this old man now. Preesha says she is cruel to captivate an old man of her father’s age. Revati asks what about her family’s brutality on my family and warns her again not to let her truth to anyone or else she will lose GPS. Preesha picks Revati’s phone and says she will save her son and father now. She then faints. Revati makes her lie on bed. Preesha wakes up after some time. Revati congratulates Preesha and says happily says she had stopped living after Dev’s death, but not now. Preesha asks what happened to her. Revati shows Preesha’s pregnancy report and says she will get that baby as god has sent back Dev via Preesha. She demands Preesha to give her baby in exchange of Dev. Preesha refuses.

Precap: Revati reveals Rudra that Preesha is pregnant. Rudra rejoices. Preesha writes a letter for Rudra revealing Revati’s plans. Rudra opens it slowly during breakfast.

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