Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Fateh saying no, this isn’t true. Tejo shouts this is the truth, you and Jasmin killed my child, leave me, go away please. She cries and runs. Jasmin goes to her. Tejo says don’t dare to come close. Jasmin says we would have been happy for your child. Tejo says my child would have come in your way, my child’s dad is responsible for his death, I know it, you had received my reports first. Jasmin says no, I didn’t know, I admit I m mad, will I stoop so low. Tejo says enough, stop it, I can never forgive you. Amrik says you would have told us about this. Tejo says no, I have lost my child because of them, I lost faith on love and relations, I didn’t want to live, I got saved from that fire, I had decided that I will not keep any terms with them or any relations, so I came to London and lived a life of no identity, I m happy here, I don’t want to talk to anyone. She runs. They run after her. She collides with Angad.

She says Angad ji… Fateh says Angad here…. Tejo asks Angad to save her, Fateh and Jasmin have come here and want to kill her. Angad thinks thank God, she thinks Fateh and Jasmin are responsible for that night. Fateh says you are doing a big mistake, Jasmin and I have nothing, she wanted to unite us. Angad says not a word more, she left you and wanted to marry you, you couldn’t tolerate this. Fateh says you wanted to get Tejo. Tejo says I don’t trust him, he killed my child, I told you that I m pregnant and wanted to tell Fateh, Jasmin told it to Fateh, they planned to kill me. Angad wipes her tears and says no one can touch you when I m with you.

Harman asks Rupy to come and see the video. Rupy sees Khushbeer maligning his name. Abhiraj says we have to stop them. Harman says Khushbeer is a big player, we have to talk to people. Rupy asks what land is he talking about. Harman asks him to go and talk. Abhiraj says I m enough alone to talk to him, I will explain him not to do this. Lovely asks them to go with Abhiraj. Harman asks her to be quiet. Rupy says Abhiraj wants to go alone, I want him to go alone so that he knows I trust him. Angad punches Fateh. Fateh says I want Tejo to listen to me. Tejo says I m with Angad now, you can never get me. Angad asks him to go. Fateh asks Angad does he think he can harm Tejo, she is his life. Angad says sorry bro, I don’t trust you, I have seen you with Jasmin many times, it can’t be coincidence, it’s the truth, stay away from us, Tejo’s life has no place for you. Angad takes Tejo. Jasmin and Amrik ask Fateh to stop Tejo. Fateh says she hates me, she won’t listen to me. He hugs Amrik and cries.

Khushbeer talks to the people about the govt. lands sold to private agents. He says this is happening because of Rupy. The people protest against Rupy. Abhiraj comes and defends Rupy. He says that land was barren, what good can happen on that. Mahi argues. The people say we trust Khushbeer. Abhiraj thinks just tonight and then….

Jasmin says don’t you think Angad did this, he is doing this intentionally, Angad had seen us there, when you lifted me in arms, I think he took it in wrong way, Angad was pleasing Rupy, you can give life in love, but Angad can take life in love, he is mad, don’t know what will he do. Fateh says Angad has done this to get Tejo, he won’t kill him, its just a punishment of my sins, I m not able to do anything, Tejo left, she doesn’t trust me, I didn’t know fate is going to play a bad game with me. Jasmin says she said she told Angad about her pregnancy, Angad knew it that Tejo is pregnant with your child, Tejo was going to meet Angad, she said she wants to meet you. Fateh says yes, it means he knew about her pregnancy, and the marriage will get cancelled, so he did this, he tried to kill Tejo, he planned this so that Tejo gets mistaken about us.

Angad says I can’t believe that Jasmin and Fateh can kill you, why didn’t you come to me, didn’t you trust me. She says I was scared, I tried to meet you but you weren’t there, I didn’t wish to go back to my family, I wanted to go away. Angad says I thought I have lost you forever, so I left Punjab, I was in guilt that I couldn’t save you, I m glad you are alive and you are with me. He thinks Tejo hates Fateh and is scared of him. Jasmin says I know a person mad in love can do anything, I have also done a lot for you. Amrik says maybe he knew about Tejo and came here. Fateh says yes, he thinks Tejo is of him now, this fire incident was someone’s plan, Angad is her life’s enemy. Tejo sits talking to Angad. She says its good you met me, you are with me, you won’t let anything happen to me. Angad says I will give my life for you, why did you say that you are Tejo. She says my wounds got fresh, I wanted to hug you and cry, but I wanted to avoid it, I reached London by mistake and stayed here, Fateh and Jasmin came here also. Angad consoles her and asks her not to get scared of anyone, he will take care of her. He thinks now Fateh’s chapter is over.

Tejo says it can be risky, but I m ready for it. She goes out of the house. Angad says Tejo has to die. He follows her. Tejo runs and hugs Fateh. Angad shoots at Tejo. Fateh and Jasmin get shocked.

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