Udaariyaan 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Jasmin asking Fateh for some gift. She says you do a small job and don’t get a good salary, you gave a resignation letter, promise, you will give me anything I ask for. Fateh looks around and nods. Jasmin says great, hubby ji come here, we will get some pics clicked. Simran asks Mahi not to get angry. Fateh goes. Rupy says I m worried for Tejo. Satti says we didn’t think this will happen, Tejo can marry Fateh, let her get her love. He says Jasmin will trouble Tejo, they can’t stay under the same roof, Fateh isn’t deserving of Tejo. Fateh sees Tejo and goes to her. She says I got this letter for you from college’s side, your job is still there. Fateh thanks Lord. He says thanks, you always get a new hope for me, you know what Tejo did. Jasmin wears the necklace and laughs. She says I will loot everything and never let Fateh and Tejo unite. Tejo says maybe Jasmin will get calm in some time. Fateh says no, everyone thinks I got free now, but the truth is I m not able to breathe free. Simran comes and hugs Tejo. She says I feel happy seeing you both together, you both unite. Mahi comes and hugs Tejo. She asks Tejo to come in and meet everyone. Tejo meets everyone. Khushbeer and Gurpreet hug her. Fateh says principal didn’t accept my resignation, I still have the job, Tejo I will come to college from tomorrow. Jasmin comes and taunts Tejo. She says finally, you have come, it was my Mu dikhai, Fateh didn’t give me anything, I didn’t feel bad, he promised me, he will fulfill it right now. She asks Fateh to make Tejo out of the house right away. He asks what nonsense. She says make her out right away. Khushbeer asks what’s this misbehavior. Jasmin says shut up. Fateh gets angry and asks her to stay in limits. She asks him to fulfill his promise and make Tejo out, if he wants his brother and family in peace. She says I know your schemes. She holds Tejo’s hand and asks her to come. Fateh says leave her hand. He holds Jasmin’s hand. Jasmin pushes Tejo down. Everyone worries. Jasmin says your entry is banned in Virk house from now, its my new condition.

She says you have no relation with this house, still you come to meet your ex husband. Fateh says enough, she will come here anytime she wants, who are you to stop her. Jasmin goes. Fateh gives his hand. Tejo holds his hand and gets up. Jasmin comes back and says you and Tejo are the famous lovers, Tejo would be happy that your way is clear now, and I m stuck with Amrik, but now this is my house, I will decide who comes in and who goes out, if you have some shame, then leave. Fateh says you have the half house, we have the half house with us, Tejo can come here anytime. Khushbeer says she is this house’s daughter, she can come here anytime. Jasmin says you should be with ruling party, that’s me. Gurpreet says we gave you everything you asked for, leave Fateh and Tejo now. Jasmin says I cant do this, its my life’s last motive to ruin their lives. Tejo says stop it, I came here to give him college’s official letter and meet everyone, you can’t stop me from coming here. Jasmin says you forgot who I m, I m still Jasmin, I can still ruin Amrik, drop Tejo home. She goes and scares Amrik. He recalls the accident. She asks Amrik to explain them. Amrik says please go and never come back. Tejo cries. She says this won’t happen every time, you will never get what you want, it’s the decision of fate also. Jasmin asks her to get out.

She pushes Tejo out and shuts the door. Tejo cries. Fateh cries. Amrik stops him. Angad sees Tejo crying and walking on the road. He gets sad. Tejo leaves. He says I can’t see you in this state, I have to do something. He calls and asks are the papers ready, I want it urgently. Tejo comes home. She says I saw them getting insulted and felt so helpless, I wished to slap her. Bebe says we will go there and see her, I will beat her. Rupy say she will call police and get you arrested, she won’t stop. Bebe says she has to stop. Mahi cries and says Jasmin can make us out also. Simran says yes, she can make Candy and me leave, do something, how long will we get scared and live. Fateh hugs them to console. Rupy asks why do you go there to get insulted. Tejo says I m not doing anything wrong, I will find a way to get out of this problem. Amrik hugs Fateh. Fateh thinks Tejo was the window of hope for us, Jasmin has shut that window for us. Navraj says Jasmin stopped you from coming home, she can’t stop you from meeting them, online chatting, video calls. Tejo hugs him and says wow, you got smart, it will be good, but I have to find a permanent solution. Khushbeer reads the news and shouts. He says its written that my son has done fraud with this girl. Satti says don’t say Jasmin did this. Rupy says yes, Jasmin cried when Tejo topped and her pic in newspaper, she said her pic will also get published one day, what is she doing, she is defaming her Sasural. Khushbeer says she is calling us fraud, she defamed me, why didn’t I die, you are happy now, you wanted this right, keep your sons. Tejo reads the news. She says Jasmin did this, poor Fateh. Khushbeer says Fateh would have not read it, don’t know what is happening in his college. Fateh comes to college. He sees the protestors lined at the gate. The people throw slippers at him. fateh says calm down, what did I do. The man asks him to read his black deed. Fateh reads the newspaper’s post.

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