Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gurpreet saying I got Fateh’s alliance for Jasmin, I want Fateh to become her baby’s father. Jasmin thinks Tanya has convinced Gurpreet. Rupy asks did you talk to Fateh about this. Gurpreet says don’t worry for him, I want the baby to get raised in the family. Rupy asks how can Jasmin decide on this. Jasmin thinks dad can’t see my happiness. He says you can’t get the alliance without talking to Fateh. Satti asks what about Tejo and Fateh, they love each other. Rupy says you should talk to Fateh first. Fateh recalls Tanya and Gurpreet’s words. He thinks of Tejo and his moment. Dil utthe chalda….plays…. She asks Fateh to buy bangles for a girl also. Fateh buys the bangles. FB ends. The same girl asks Fateh about Tejo. He says she will never come now. He buys the bangles for the girl. He thinks Tejo left and also the colours from my life. Tejo wears the colourful bangles and smiles. Gurpreet says I spoke to Tejo, I got this alliance on her saying. Rupy looks at Tanya. Tejo makes a house model and says Fateh and I will stay in this house when he comes.

Satti and Rupy ask Tanya is Gurpreet saying the truth. Tanya worries. Gurpreet says Tejo said she doesn’t want to marry Fateh now. Rupy asks what does Fateh say. She says I will convince him. He says I won’t repeat the same mistake, I tried to make Tejo away from Fateh and we have seen the result, my one decision ruined everything, I realized this when I lost my Tejo, Lord has given me another chance to rectify my mistake. Tejo makes the puris and says I m making it for Fateh, baraat will come, we have to serve the food. Rupy says its better that Tejo and Fateh think of each other, I m with them. Jasmin worries and coughs. Tanya gives her a glass of water. Jasmin asks her to talk to dad. She asks why are you seeing me like this, I can’t say anything, I m also helpless, Fateh doesn’t love me, Fateh… Tanya says no, everything changes with time, I told everything to Gurpreet, Fateh and I can never unite, Jasmin’s baby can get a father, Fateh has to move on some day. Gurpreet asks did you all hear it. She asks Jasmin to say yes, please, then her parents will also agree. Jasmin says sorry, I will do as Rupy says. Gurpreet says I will convince Fateh. Jasmin says no, I won’t say anything until Fateh agrees for this relation, I want a father for my baby, if this doesn’t happen then… I will never bring this baby in the world. Everyone is shocked.

She signs Tanya and goes. Tejo says I will cook the food, Fateh will like it, he loves me a lot. Fateh says I love Tejo, I can’t marry Jasmin, please forget this, you are my mum, how can you decide about me. She says I m your mum, that’s why. He says give some time to Tejo, she needs time to forget the trauma. She says Jasmin can abort the baby, what shall I do, you don’t see my pain. Fateh goes to his room and cries, recalling Tejo. He sees the sherwani. Tejo sees a baraat coming. She says Fateh has come. She shouts and runs. Fateh gets dressed as the groom. Tejo happily dances. Fateh sees Tejo’s pic and does poetry. Tejo runs to the baraat and sees the groom. She asks are you Fateh. The guy says no… She gets sad. The baraat proceeds. Fateh drops the pic. He picks it and his hand gets pricked by the glass. Tejo walks barefoot and gets hurt. Fateh hugs the pic and sits crying. The girls run to Tejo and ask do you remember Fateh’s face. Tejo says don’t know, no, I just remember his name, Fateh. The girl says its okay, come. She throws the stones in anger. Tejo also sits disturbed with bleeding foot. The girls hold her.

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