Udaariyaan 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Tanya says really sorry to hear that, I didn’t know, I understand the pain of losing loved ones, that too this way, why are you finding her when you know she left. He says I couldn’t accept that she left, I expect that Tejo will come and stand in front of me, I m alive with this hope, I came here and I met you, I hoped that you are Tejo but its not that. She asks why is she hiding from you if she is alive, she loved you, right, she will have some solid reason. He says I want to know that, Tejo, why are you hiding from me, I just prayed that I find her, what happened that you didn’t come to me, you are living such an isolated life, its enough for me that you are alive, you are my Tejo. She asks are you mad, I m not Tejo, look at me, my skin, hands, do you think, I got any burns, I m not running away from anyone, I came with you for lunch to lessen your pain, you said you won’t trouble me, I made a mistake and came here, you stay in your illusion, stop troubling me. She goes. Angad looks on. He thinks Fateh didn’t succeed, Tanya didn’t agree that she is Tejo, I have to take some action.

Mahi waits for the guy at the café. She says I m mad to come so early, he will think I m such a despo. Abhiraj comes there and greets her. He asks did you come to meet anyone. She says I came here to chill. He says sorry, enjoy. He goes. She says don’t know why does he appear often. He messages her and looks at her. She reads the message from Sehaj. He smiles. She leaves. He crushes a rose and thinks Virks did wrong with Sandhus’ daughters, now I will do wrong with your daughter.

Simran asks Mahi why did she come back soon. Mahi says he didn’t come there, he dropped a message. Buzo asks did you ask him why didn’t he come. Mahi says no. Simran says then chapter close, no nice guy does this with any girl. Buzo says elderly men do such timepass. Simran says yes, he won’t respect your feelings, don’t talk to him now. Mahi agrees and deletes the contact. Gurpreet asks Mahi to make a video call to Fateh. Buzo says I spoke to him, he said he is busy. He thinks Fateh didn’t tell me, why didn’t he come back.

Amrik and Jasmin are on the way. She says Fateh didn’t tell us anything, we should leave him alone, London is lucky, I got my sister here, my dream got fulfilled, I wish Fate and Tejo connect. Angad sees some road show of fire. He recalls burning Tejo. Amrik and Jasmin come there. A man gets blindfold and performs the deadly stunt. Everyone claps. Jasmin sees Angad. Amrik turns and sees Angad there. Jasmin says its Angad. Angad sees them. Jasmin asks what is he doing here, why is he hiding. Angad leaves. Jasmin and Amrik follow him. She says Angad also disappeared after Tejo’s death, he tried to create a misunderstanding between Tejo and me, I hate him, is he after Tanya. They see Angad and run after him. Jasmin thinks if he met Tanya, then he will try to make them away.

She recalls Angad’s words. She asks what is he doing in London, I have to catch him. Angad thinks its not a good choice to talk to them, Fateh would have gone to meet Tanya. Tanya sees Fateh and asks why did you come again. Fateh says I came to apologize. An old man teases her. Fateh punches his face. Tanya asks Fateh to behave himself, what’s the need to protect her. Fateh says I would have done this for any girl, I just came to say sorry, this used to happen with Tejo also, I used to go and say sorry, but end up hurting her heart. She says cool then, I forgive you, you forgive me now. He says I will find out, you are Tejo or Tanya. He calls her out and says listen to me.

The old man gets his friends. Tanya says he is sorry, listen. The men beat up Fateh. Tanya asks them to stop it. She asks Fateh to get up. The old man says you should have been sorry before. Fateh smiles seeing her defend him. He asks the guys to beat him. She asks did you go mad. He gets beaten up. She shouts no. Fateh asks why do you care. He fights the guys. He says you aren’t Tejo, Tejo used to worry for me, what will I do if Tejo isn’t alive, this life isn’t of any use. Tanya cries. She asks the men to stop beating Fateh. She says you are a boxer, you can beat them. Fateh recalls Tejo. She asks Fateh to get up. She says don’t get beaten up for my sake, please get up for your Tejo, I m Tejo. Fateh looks at her and smiles. Fateh gets up and beats the men. Udaariyaan….plays…. The men run away. Fateh looks at Tanya. He goes and hugs her. He says I knew it, you are my Tejo, I feel peace here, I knew it, why are you running away from me, don’t you miss the family and me. She cries. Angad looks on. Tanya pushes Fateh away. She asks why did you do this with me, you tried to kill me.

Tanya says I hate you, stay away. Jasmin asks who had planned to kill Tejo. Amrik asks s that Angad. Tanya runs to Angad.

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