Udaariyaan 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Tanya saying we had gone to Gurudwara, we thought to give you the prasad. Jasmin gives the prasad to them. Tanya asks Jasmin to get Amrik’s books and pics. She says Jasmin doesn’t have anything of Amrik, she also misses him, let her take it. Gurpreet nods. Jasmin thinks Tanya should do what I explained her. Gurpreet asks Tanya will she have tea or coffee. Tanya says I will have tea. Mahi says wake up Fateh, he has to go with dad for some work, I have to make an imp call, send Tejo with the tea. Gurpreet says yes, Fateh’s dad will get merrier if he sees you, go and wake him up. Tanya thinks his day will get bad and mine too. Fateh dreams of Tejo. Tanya enters the room and sees Tejo’s pics. She sees him smiling and calls him out.

She tries to wake him up. He holds her hand and pulls her. The tea cup and the tray falls over the floor. Tanya asks what are you doing. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to give the tea. They argue. He asks her to get out. Gurpreet comes and asks what happened, why are you shouting on her, what is all this. Tanya says tea fell down by mistake. She picks the broken tray. She goes. He says sorry. Gurpreet says we will go and talk to Rupy, you also want this, talk to Tejo. Fateh says I don’t want this, its not the right time, she thought I m her killer, how shall I talk to her, let her trust me again, don’t do anything. She goes. He says why did she come to my room, stupid girl. Tanya says stupid angry man, my hand is aching. Jasmin asks did you talk to someone. Tanya says no, I have to talk to you, everyone has to hear it, we will talk in the hall, you told about carrom, everyone is excited. Jasmin says Amrik and I have memories with these cups, its enough to make them senti. Tanya asks her to come. Tanya sees Gurpreet coming. They go to the kitchen and start acting. Gurpreet hears them. Tanya says you can’t refuse now, you can’t take a big decision alone. Jasmin says I can’t tell them, talk slowly, anyone will hear, I have no option, its not easy for me. Tanya says it’s a big sin to kill a baby. Gurpreet gets shocked and says baby. Jasmin says I know, I came here to get Amrik’s signs, I want to get courage, I m going home now. She runs out. Tanya says mummy ji, you…. Gurpreet stops Jasmin and asks what were you talking to Tejo, baby? Tell me about it. She asks Tejo what was Jasmin saying. Fateh comes and asks the matter. Tanya says Jasmin will tell this to you, its her private matter.

Gurpreet asks what are you hiding. Tanya thinks they should accept Jasmin. Jasmin says I m pregnant with Amrik’s child. Everyone is shocked. They smile. Gurpreet cries and hugs Jasmin. She says my Amrik’s baby. Jasmin says but Amrik isn’t in this world, so I decided to abort the baby. Tanya thinks I m increasing their tensions, I will do whatever it takes for a baby’s sake. Gurpreet says no, I know you are in shock, he loved you a lot, don’t do this, think about him. Jasmin says wow, you didn’t wish to see my face, now you are showing love to me, you will change again when the baby comes. She asks Tejo to see how they change. She says I have decided to abort the baby. Gurpreet says no, forgive me. Jasmin says I know Amrik was your beloved son, but you think I m an unwanted bahu, Amrik loved me, you all always insulted me. Gurpreet says no, forgive me for this. Jasmin says I can’t give birth to a baby who doesn’t have a father’s shadow over his head, you all know a father’s love for a child, that’s why Simran married Buzo for Candy’s sake, I also want my baby to not miss his dad, Amrik isn’t in this world, I have a choice, I decided to abort the baby. Simran stops Jasmin and says I can understand your pain, its good fate to become a mother, you loved Amrik, he loved you, think about it.

Jasmin says you used to call me a chameleon, even I didn’t change colours so soon, you are giving importance to baby now, you didn’t value Amrik, you refused to his wish. Gurpreet says he left us forever, we want to rectify our mistake. Simran says yes, its our fault, we are sorry. She asks Fateh to say. He recalls Tanya’s words. Biji asks Jasmin not to abort the baby. Jasmin argues with them. She says sorry, I have no future, my baby will have no future, you all are responsible for this decision, you all didn’t give me any hope, I don’t trust you, I m tensed that you will snatch my baby and send me out of here, what will I do then, I tolerated Amrik’s leaving, if you snatch my baby, then I won’t be alive, so I decided to abort the baby. Gurpreet asks Tejo to explain Jasmin not to do this. Tanya stops Jasmin and hugs her. Jasmin winks to her and smiles. Tanya thinks she is playing with their emotions, will it be right to support Jasmin.

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