Udaariyaan 12th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Udaariyaan 12th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Amrik asking Fateh not to worry. He says you love Tejo and she will come to you. They hug. Tejo thinks if he has added something in it. She drops the snack and says I can’t have anything, I want to go home, please leave me alone. She leaves. Angad looks on. Fateh says I know you love me a lot, what will you explain her. Amrik says I know my responsibilities, I love you a lot, I can do anything for you, you have always done a lot for me, you made many sacrifices for me, its my time to do something for you. Fateh hugs him and asks how will we find Tejo.

Fateh sings yeh dil… and recalls Tejo. Tejo runs on the road. Angad looks for her. Fateh thinks how can Tejo think so about me. Amrik says I will go to Angad’s apartment and check if Tejo is there, don’t tell Fateh. Jasmin says Angad is dangerous, your life can be in risk. He asks her to see Fateh’s condition. She says I will come along. He says you stay here, tell him that I have gone to get food for them, I promised mum that I will get Fateh and Tejo to India. She says fine, tell Fateh that he won’t get Tejo this way. Angad comes to Tejo’s house and asks for her. The girl says Tanya isn’t at home. He says fine, I will come later. He says it means Fateh is planning something. Mahi comes home and cries recalling Sahej. She gets his message… are you worried. She cries. Abhiraj says she won’t answer now. Gurpreet gets milk for her and asks how is Simran. Mahi says she is fine. Gurpreet asks are you okay. Mahi says yes, I m bit tired. Gurpreet asks her to freshen up and sleep. Gurpreet goes out and says I want to tell Mahi about Tejo, but I can’t break Amrik’s promise. Amrik says Fateh we shall go home. Fateh says I won’t go until I get Tejo. Jasmin asks will you get Tejo this way, please come.

Fateh goes with Jasmin and Amrik. He closes eyes. Tejo’s scarf flies off his neck. He runs and gets it. He sees Tejo coming. Fateh runs to her. Amrik and Jasmin turn to see him. They see Tejo coming. Fateh and Tejo run to each other and hug. She apologizes to him and cries. She says you tried to explain me a lot, but I didn’t believe you, I got to know that Angad has tried to kill me. He asks her not to say anything and calm down. He hugs her. Jasmin hugs Tejo. Tejo says sorry. Amrik hugs Fateh and them. Tejo thinks this is the only way to reach the truth.

Mahi messages Sahej and asks who are you, why did you do this with me. Abhiraj is with his friends in the bar. He says she has messaged me, she doesn’t know that we have her video, I will insult her and her dad, then it will be fun. She says my brothers will not spare you, tell me, who are you. Abhiraj replies, you guess it, who am I. She throws the phone and cries saying how did I make such a big mistake, I can’t tell anyone, I wish Fateh was here. Jasmin asks are you mad, how can you think that I can do this. Tejo says sorry, Angad is dangerous, he wants to kill me even now, we have to give him to the police. Fateh and Amrik assure her that nothing will happen to her. Jasmin says I m very happy, Angad has to face us before reaching you. Angad is still finding her. Jasmin asks Amrik not to call Gurpreet now. Amrik says I will give her a big surprise, I will book tickets for India, we will be together, we will click a selfie. He clicks their selfie. Fateh says surprise is good, but we should tell Rupy and Satti. He asks Tejo to talk to them. Tejo says no, until Angad’s chapter ends, we won’t tell anything to them. Jasmin says yes, she is right, he will do some drama, we have to end his chapter. Tejo says I won’t spare him, I will get him punished for his deeds. Fateh hugs her and says I promise, I will get him punished. Jasmin says we should go and have something, I m really hungry. Fateh asks them to go.

Fateh holds Tejo’s tummy and gets sad. She holds his hand and makes it away. He asks what happened, don’t you trust me. She says I was thinking you tried to kill me, I have a hesitation in my heart, I need some time. He says its okay, you are with me. She says I can’t say this until I get Angad punished, I never thought he is so clever and bad. He says I knew it, I m sure that he has bribed the police, we have to find the proof against him and answer him. She says I have an idea. She tells him. He says no, this will be risky, I can’t lose you again. She says we have no other way, if you really loved me, then don’t stop me, I can take this risk. Its morning, Angad says Tejo is behaving strange, she might have read your message, she might have understand that I want to kill her. Door bell rings. He says I will call later. Tejo comes and hugs him. She says when I went home, Fateh was waiting, Jasmin and Amrik were in the café, Fateh had a knife in his hand, I couldn’t sleep all night, I feel dizzy. He thinks why did she come to me when she read the message. He asks her to calm down. He gives her a pill. She asks for water. She takes the pill. She feels dizzy. She falls down. He says it was so easy, you just had to come to me, enough of these twists and turns, we will end this story now.

Angad takes Tejo in the car dicky. She wakes up and fights him. Fateh also fights Angad. Angad shoots at them. Fateh shouts out. Jasmin looks on shocked.

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