Thapki Pyar Ki 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Thapki Pyar Ki 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Veena and Purab bringing Hansika back home. Hansika says why did you bring me here, I would have gone to my mom’s house, don’t want to burden anyone. Veena says you have saved our daughter’s life and it is our duty to take care of me. Hansika thinks this is perfect scene, Thapki out, Hansika in. They see Thapki sitting in the hall. Priyanka asks Sapna what my followers will do, if Sargam’s matter is leaked to the media. Sagar says you are so selfish and tells that my sister is in coma, and you are worried about your followers. Sapna says really bad thing have happened with Sargam. Priyanka says Sargam is really innocent and tells that God has stopped made innocent guys like my Shona. Sagar asks what do you mean? Priyanka praises him. Sapna thinks if Sagar wouldn’t have been her son, then she would have beaten him with chappals. Sagar sees her and gets tensed. She sends Priyanka to make tea. Priyanka goes. Sapna asks Sagar if he has crossed limits with Preeti. He asks if you thought me bad. Sapna says if Preeti comes here with your baby then I will not spare you. Priyanka comes and asks what are they talking about. Sapna says we are talking about your pregnancy and asks her to do some action.

Veena asks Thapki, why did she come here? She asks shall I write and give you. Thapki walks towards Purab and says you had once said that every accused get a chance to give clarification and asks if she will not get this chance. Hansika thinks what she wants to do now. Thapki says you have told that you will trust me always. Purab says you have broken my trust. Thapki says I am asking for a chance to build up the trust again. Veena says you will not give any chance. Purab asks Thapki to do whatever she wants. Thapki says I want to get Hansika’s lie detector polygraph test. Hansika asks why you are behind me? Veena says Thapki is jealous of you and your happiness, and asks Purab not to forget that Sargam is in coma due to her. Thapki says nobody shall have any problem, if you all think Hansika is right and I am wrong. Hansika acts to cry and says you are doing this, as this family accepted me and threw you out. She requests Veena to let her go to her house and says she don’t want any drama in the house due to her. Purab says ok, you can get this test done, but on a condition, if you prove wrong after this test, then shall leave this house for forever. Thapki agrees and says I know that truth wins always. Veena says ofcourse and asks her to pack her stuff, and says I will not bear you even for a moment, after you are proved wrong. Thapki goes to her room. Hansika thinks this lie detector will catch my lie and thinks what to do. She asks Dadi, can I take my medicines before taking up the test. Dadi says come.

Thapki comes to her room and looks at Purab’s photo frame and hugs it. She then recalls their moments and finds the burnt handkerchief in the dustbin. She says we have some relation, and that’s why this handkerchief is not burnt fully.

The technician tells Hansika that he has attached wire to her hand, if she answers right, then it will be green light and if she answers wrong then it will be red, and she has to say yes or no. Thapki asks Hansika if she does plotting to separate Purab and her. Hansika says no. The red light indicator is shown. Thapki asks did you shake hands with Rohit and conspired against Sargam. Hansika says no. Again red light comes. Everyone looks on. Thapki says another lie. She asks did you take off the railing screw, due to which Sargam fell down. Hansika says no, and the red light comes. Everyone is shocked. Thapki says now your last question and asks if you are acting to be on this wheelchair. The red light comes. Thapki says last question, did you conspire with Sargam’s diary. Hansika says no. Red light comes. Thapki says truth is infront of you all. Dadi asks Veena what is all this? Technician tells that all the answers are wrong, which you have given. Thapki asks Hansika’s every answer is wrong and asks do you really think that she is right and I am wrong. Hansika asks why will I lie? She asks everyone to ask question. Veena asks if your name is Hansika. Red light comes.

Dadi asks if you are Mukul and Anjali’s daughter. Again red light. Hansika says if my answers were wrong. She asks Thapki to say that this machine is not well. technician says your BP is high and that’s why machine is in red zone. Hansika signs him. Thapki asks him to do her re test. Veena says no need, and asks until when you will humiliate and insult Hansika and asks her to take her stuff and leave. Hansika smirks. Thapki says I am sure that she has done something with the machine when I had gone upstairs to get my stuff. Purab says she has not done anything and have gone up to take the medicines. Thapki asks for what she has taken medicines, nothing has happened to her. Purab asks the technician to do his test and says if the results are wrong then I will believe you and Hansika wrong. He asks her to ask if his name is Purab. Purab says yes. The green light comes. Thapki asks did you trust me ever? Purab says yes. Green light comes. Thapki recalls seeing the showpiece and Purab’s voice is recorded in it, that she is very important to him, he likes her and may be he loves her, but the day he gets sure, you will listen this. Thapki thinks I will fight for you. Fb ends. Thapki asks did you ever fall in love with me? Purab says no. The red light beeps. Everyone looks on.

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