Sirf Tum 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Sirf Tum 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Rakesh pushing Ranveer out of the house. Ranveer keeps hand on the door to stop him from closing the door. Everyone looks at him. Ranveer says I tried to explain to you in college, but you didn’t listen to me. He says I don’t know what you have seen or thought, but just wants to say that, Suhani and I….Rakesh asks him not to take his daughter’s name from his mouth. He says you have asked me, how can I fix Suhani’s marriage without asking her, and I have accepted my mistake. He says I don’t to ask anyone’s permission to fix my daughter’s marriage and shall do what a responsible father does for his daughter. Ranveer says I have come here, to see if Suhani is fine or not and I know very well that you talked about Suhani’s marriage in anger, and says I hope your saying don’t become your stubbornness, trust me I won’t let this happen. Ishaan comes and asks what is happening? Rakesh asks Ranveer to go from there and says it is enough of your nonsense. Kamini asks Rakesh to go and sleep and says I will talk to him. Rakesh goes. Kamini asks him to stay away from Suhani and says my brother is a heart patient, why do you want to take his life. She says it is good that Riya told us the truth before, else you both would have romanced behind our back. Ranveer looks at Suhani. Suhani gets shocked and worried. Ranveer goes from there. Kamini closes the door and says trouble went. Dadi asks if she is done with the drama and asks her to go, snore and sleep peacefully. Sudha asks Ishaan to come.

Kamini tells Suhani that until her marriage happens, her studies will be over, and says your life will be in your sasural. Suhani says Ranveer and I haven’t done anything wrong which lowers family respect, we just love each other and love is never wrong. She goes. Kamini is shocked and thinks she is saying it.

Riya comes to meet Ranveer and thinks if he came to know everything. She asks why did you call me here? Ranveer says you are my friend, then why did you behave like enemy and told Suhani and my relation to Uncle, says we didn’t want to hide it, and would have told him. Riya says I don’t want to tell uncle, but I said it as I love you. She says I was very upset when you broke off engagement with me, and you didn’t realize it. She says when you propose her, I was hopeful that I will convince you, but when Suhani accepted your proposal, I couldn’t bear. She says I love you and can’t bear to see you with someone else. She asks what I didn’t have, which she has, and tells that she has not judged him and haven’t given him names like Suhani. She says we are best friends forever and is about to hug him. Ranveer says Suhani has simplicity and concern which you don’t have and says whatever you have done….and gets angry. He asks if this is your love? She says if this selfishness and desperation is your love, and says it is your stubbornness. He says love just happens, and one don’t need to get stubborn to get it. He says Suhani knows that if I came to know then I will kill him and I don’t have control on my anger, and that’s why she didn’t tell me anything. He says I will not kill you, as you are a girl and even Suhani don’t want this, and that’s why didn’t tell me about this. He says you can make me away from Suhani, but not separate me from her. Riya says Suhani knew that I loved you since childhood, but she has snatched you from me. Ranveer asks when I was yours, and says Suhani fell in love with me unintentionally, but you have tried to snatch me from her. He says it is really bad and goes. Riya cries.

Rakesh comes to Vikrant’s house. Vikrant says you are here at this time. Rakesh says I came for an important thing and I couldn’t stop myself. Vikrant says you might not the protocol between boss and employee. Rakesh says I know well and that’s why came to end it. He gives his resignation to Vikrant. Vikrant reads it. Rakesh says whatever you and your company have done for me and my family, I am grateful for that. He says I can’t talk this as your employee and says your son is crossing his limits and he wants something which can never happen. He says he is getting Suhani married, and says Suhani is his daughter and he is getting her married. He says I know that your son will try to create hurdles in her marriage, I couldn’t say anything to Ranveer as he is my boss’ son, but now a father will answer him. Vikram gets angry. Roshni stops him. Rakesh is about to leave. Vikrant stops Rakesh and says I shall thank you, when you are against this alliance, Ranveer can’t do anything. He asks him to get Suhani married and asks for whatever amount he wants. He tears his resignation and says you don’t need to resign, I know that this job is important for you, don’t resign. Rakesh says whatever you said, is enough for me. He says I am leaving the job, as until I will be doing this job, I will have relation with you and Ranveer, and I don’t want to have any relation with him. He says I will make arrangements for Suhani’s marriage, and you don’t need to worry about that. He walks out from there. Vikrant gets angry and tells Mamta that his employee told so much to him, to Vikrant Oberoi, due to her son. Vikram says I am worried about the deal with Riya’s father. Dada ji says whatever Rakesh said was right. Vikrant asks what about my insult and my lowered head. Ranveer comes there and says your head is lowered due to your behavior and says don’t blame others. Vikrant asks Mamta to say what happened today.

Later, Ranveer is giving clothes to the people in the temple. He sees Suhani and Sudha there and greets the latter. He insists Sudha to let him speak to Suhani once, and says it is God’s wish that we both have come here. He requests her to let him talk to Suhani once. Sudha looks at Suhani.

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