Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Badi maa telling Chitra that one such alliance is in her sight and that guy must be coming. The guy Dilip comes there and keeps his head on the house doorstep. Badi maa calls him inside and asks him to sit. She asks Gajendra if he remembers. She tells Giriraj, Chitra and Reema that Dilip is their old Munim and tells that he helped their business prosper. Dilip says he is just their employee etc. Badi maa asks about his son. He says Mayank is good and preparing for IAS and have done top in UP, due to your favors, and understands the debt on him, and wants to repay your debt soon. Badi maa says why don’t he repay us the debt? Dilip says once my son becomes IAS, he will repay the loan. Badi maa says I want it now and says I am asking your son’s hand for my grand daughter Aditi. Dilip says your grand daughter as my bahu. Badi Maa says think that your son will be my ghar Jamai. Dilip says ghar jamai and says I have only one son. Badi maa tells Gajendra that if someone else would have been on your place, then would have agreed. She says I have seen persons running away.

Gagan stops his scooter outside his house and recalls the shoot out at him. Radhika comes there and asks what happened, and asks about the blood on him. She says you can tell whatever is in his heart.

Badi maa says if I shall think your agreement for this relation. He says surely, but it is difficult for me to believe it, but if this is true then who am I to refuse? Badi maa asks what about Mayank? Dilip says Mayank respects you a lot and will never refuse. Badi maa says I am thinking to see a good mahurat and will get the marriage done today itself. Dilip says today and drinks water.

Gagan tells Radhika about Aditi and tells that she has been suffering due to him, and also his family is suffering. Radhika asks do you think that your love story will complete. She says my parents are very simple and once decided, they will get me engaged, if not you then someone else. She tells that they shall do the engagement so that pressure is moved from us, and if our heart strings meet then we will unite else we will go separate ways. She tells that he can refuse for the marriage tonight if he wants, and says she can’t refuse for marriage.

Badi Maa says tonight, the marriage will happen and says just Oswals and your family. Dilip asks can I ask why you are hurrying up for marriage. Badi maa says you can’t ask. Dilip says shall I talk to my son. Badi Maa asks him not to rethink and says those who want to pay the debt don’t think. Gajendra says we don’t want anything wrong to happen in our daughter’s marriage. Dilip says I want your daughter to see my son once. Badi Maa says no need, and says within one hour, my family will reach your house with shagun. She gives him sweets and congratulates him. Simar, Aarav and Aditi watch everything and get shocked. Simar says this is injustice and it is the result of destruction. Badi Maa says destruction started when that girl came here, and I have swear to keep my house safe from every trouble. She asks Chitra to make the shagun plate ready and asks Gajendra to take it to Mayank’s house. Chitra goes. Aditi goes to her room shockingly.

Giriraj asks Chitra, what a good idea you have given to Badi Maa, and says your arrow hit the bullseye. Chitra says Gajendra bhai saheb would have been in jail, if his bullet had killed Gagan. Giriraj says everything will be as we have planned. Chitra tells Badi maa that she got the aarti plate ready. Badi maa talks to someone and tells that she wants some stuff in 6 hours. Gajendra comes there. Badi Maa asks her to take Sandhya along with him to Mayank’s house. Gajendra says if we show Mayank’s pic to Aditi once. Badi maa says no need and tells that she trusts Dilip and his son. She tells that she will not throw Aditi in water and will see her happy. Chitra brings Sandhya. They leave.

Vivaan opens the car door for Sandhya. Aarav comes there with Simar. Gajendra asks if Aarav can come along with us, he is Aditi’s brother. Gajendra signs ok. She asks Aarav to come. Gajendra says only Aarav, not Simar. Aarav backs off. Vivaan says how Aditi’s roka will happen without you and asks Aarav to come. Simar says you shall go with everyone. Aarav sits in the car and leaves with them. Simar thinks everyone left, Aditi is locked in the room, I shall see her.

Badi maa asks the Servants to do the mandap decorations and other stuff. She says if you need any help, then take this girl’s help as she thinks she knows everything. Simar goes from there. Badi Maa comes behind her and calls her. Simar stops and turns towards her.

She says I had told you that this marriage will happen, and this will be my words weightage, and says this Oswal Mansion stands on my strong thoughts, and tells that she is the only captain of Oswal family. Simar says there is no doubt, you are the roots and also the sky. Badi Maa says I will speak my heart talk, and says it is between two women. She says you are on second number, whom I hate you the most, from the bottom of my heart, as you played with my house and the family, but even then you are here, as you have caught my weakest nerve, Aarav. She says Aditi has to agree to my sayings as Gagan’s truth came out infront of her. She says when your truth comes out infront of Aarav then my grand son will return to me for forever. Simar says today you have spoke your heart talk and asks if I can talk about my feelings of heart. She tells that being a woman, I respect you a lot, and feels proud seeing you reaching at this place and says just like you said it is about two women, and says Aarav ji and I haven’t eloped and have married in the temple, and tells that they will be together for 7 births and till then it will be difficult for anyone to separate us. Badi Maa looks at her.

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