Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Mohan while driving the car is talking to the commissioner, insisting he doesnot know he needs to employ the entire police force, he just needs his daughter, Mohan thinks why does she not listen to him as he is her father and not the killer.

Gungun is angry when he mentions she would have to come with him but she replies that she doesnot even listen to her father while he is still her uncle, she bites his hand running away when they also try to catch her, Gungun is running when Radha suddenly pulls her to behind the tree when Radha gets worried asking who are those people, Gungun while smiling replies she was playing g a game with them both, Radha gets excited exclaiming she was the best player in her village when Gungun clarifies that they both are her uncle and were trying to kidnap her but she bit his hand so hard that he would have to go to the doctors.

Radha questions why is she all alone when Gungun replies that she would be alone as she ran away from the house, Radha asks the reason to which Gungun explains she doesnot want to stay with her family, Gungun rushes down the stairs when both of them are standing in front of her, she runs upstairs with Radha, they worry about where they would hide. The uncles of Gungun are not able to find them because both Radha and Gungun are hiding in a trunk, both of them start quarreling over who is taking more space, Gungun replies she is really fat when Radha replies she is not fat but tall, Gungun makes fun of her saying that if reaches only her height then would call herself a dwarf. They start fighting which causes the trunk to swing, her uncles notice this and open the trunk. Radha requests them to not come ahead as they would not touch Gungun when they reply that they do not care for her but only desire the girl, Radha replies she would not let them harm her and so if they feel like then would have to go over her dead body, they both bring a wooden stick. Radha starts murmuring with fear when she exclaims, she would not do anything but it would be Bhagwan, someone hits them with the coconut when Radha thinks that it is Bhagwan however Gungun informs she is the one hitting them, she even asks Radha to hit them but she replies her name is Radha.

Gungun and Radha start running with all their might meanwhile Mohan is searching for Gungun with his entire family, Radha and Gungun manage to evade her uncles, when Gungun replies that she is really strange as she is not leaving her, Radha explains they can take a auto back to her house after which she would go back to her village. Radha runs after Gungun who comes on the middle of the street, Mohan unknowingly drives his car over her, he rushes out of the car and looking under it he takes the car in reverse, Gungun questions if he is looking to see if she is still alive or is he once again going to hit her.

Mohan kneels requesting her to wake up but she doesnot reply, Gungun informs him that her name is Mohan, hearing which Radha opens her eyes, he starts questioning her if she is hurt or did she suffer any injury, he goes to check her feet when she starts yelling, Mohan orders her to shut up questioning why is she yelling, Gungun replies that she did not have any brain yesterday but she feels that it has ended today, Mohan orders her to stay quiet, Gungun informs Radha ruined her plan of running so if he going to make her stand in the sun. Mohan asks Radha to stand but she sits down because of the pain, he warns Gungun to never think of running from the house ever again.

Mohan turns when he is shocked so asks why is she still sitting, she signals him informing that he told her to stay quiet, Mohan doesnot understand when Gungun explains she is quiet because he asked her to not say anything, Mohan sits down mentioning she can say if she is feeling any pain, Radha immediately starts crying explaining how she feels she has fractured her feet as she cannot stand, he picks her up in his arms walking towards the car, meanwhile she is only looking at him so he asks her to open the door of the car, she informs him about her bags when he also sees Gungun who replies she doesnot want to go with him, he picks her up placing her in the car.

Mohan sits in the car when Radha requests him about her Bihari jee. Mohan hands her the Murti asking if they can leave, he starts driving the car.

Kantamwari is really tensed in the house while her sister is yelling exclaiming, she doesnot know what will happen if they are not able to find Gungun, she exclaims that people come to his Mandir but she will walk on a single foot, she suddenly stops talking when Meera asks what happened, she signals towards the door.

Mohan is walking towards the house with Radha in his arms, seeing which everyone is shocked. Tulsi questions where is Mohan when she steps out from behind him, he enters the house with Radha. Tulsi questions where did Gungun leave, she tries to hug her but is shocked when she is not able to hug her own daughter.

Mohan places Radha on the sofa when Kantamwari questions why did she run away from the house when she is their child so talk with them if she has any problem. Mohan explains that Gungun is safe because of Radha, as she was about to come under his car but Radha pushed her away but instead got in the accident, she is the reason Gungun is alive. The husband of Mohan’s sister exclaims she is really a nice soul because she saved Gungun even when Mohan pushed her out of the house.

The doctor comes inquiring about the call, Mohan explains he called him because Radha got into an accident with his car and is hurt, the doctor starts checking her revealing Radha has suffered a serious strain and if she puts any sort of pressure then her injury might increase.

Damini and her mother go to Gungun explaining that she knew Gungun would return as she loves this house a lot and would not be able to stay away from this house, Gungun replies she could have stayed away and lived without them all, she blames that she got trapped because of him, Kantamwari questions what problem does her father have in this all, Gungun explains when she was trying to run away then her uncle tried to kidnap her because he won the case, they both tried to forcefully make her sit in the car yet she was saved because of Radha. Mohan realizing this explains he wants to talk with her alone. Radha is not able to say anything, she is still not able to see the pain which Mohan jee is going through.

In the night Mohan and Gungun are sitting on the table, he asks if she would talk with him or is she going to just text, Gungun replies he would not be able to do it since she has blocked him, they both drink water in the exact same way so Mohan is forced to just look at her, he calls her Beta requesting her to put the phone away.

Mohan explains that he did not kill her mother, the court has also believed that he is innocent when she replies that he cannot fool her, Mohan questions what can he do that she will talk with him, she says he must go to jail, Mohan replies that the court said he can stay in the house, Gungun explains that she will not stay in this house, Mohan replies he will not let her leave and would get dogs, Gungun says she likes the dogs and would befriend them, he mentions he would then have the boundaries build higher, she insists she is still going to climb over them. Gungun replies she will not stay in this house for anyone, he asks not eve for her mother because she is the one who build this entire house, every corner of this house has her memories as she planted all the plants and set the decorations, will Gungun be able to live without her memories, the spirit of Tulsi is standing looking at Radha who is in the balcony thinking Mohan jee loves his daughter a lot but Gungun is not able to see it, she exclaims this would be the first step as she needs to make Gungun realize that her father really loves her.

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