Radha Mohan 7th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 7th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Mohan in anger questions who Radha and Pandit jee, he orders her to leave from his house and never come return. Radha is left stunned when he leaves in anger taking off his coat, Kantamwari maa stands behind Radha calling Dulari, she looks to Radha with anger in her eyes asking Dulari to bring the belongings of Radha, she explains the time of her bus is about to come so she must leave, Radha takes the name of Mohan but Kantamwari questions what Mohan jee, she says that Radha first came uninvited and is now even refusing to leave, she would have sent her back when she caused the Hawankun to end, Radha is crying taking her belongings when Kantamwari shouts at her to leave, Radha slowly starts walking towards the door with her belongings recalling when Mohan jee gave her the Geeta mentioning that it is going to be her guide, she thinks how he said he doesnot know any Radha ordering her to leave, she turns back to look at the family from outside the door while the mother of Damini rushes to close the door.

Radha turns walking while her eyes are filled with tears, she is constantly weeping. Radha looking at the name of the house tries to say it but she is not able to utter even a single word, she leaves with her belongings.

Gungun enters the room thrashing the entire room, she thinks how the court evicted Mohan from all the blames and even Radharani came into the house, a person comes mentioning he knows she is angry because the killer of her mother came back to this house as he has a lot of money so they can never be wronged, he instigates her saying she must learn to love the killer of her mother, Gungun exclaims that she is never going to accept him as her family, he suggests she could run away from the house if she was a little older but she is still young so cannot do it, he leaves with a grim asking her to learn calling the killer of her mother father.
Mohan enters the room, he is shocked to see that his name has been crossed from all the portraits, he goes to the photo exclaiming that her mother cruse has a lot of effect as her mother cursed him and it was fulfilled just as he came back, he mentions that even the court evicted him but there is no hearing in the court of Gungun because she doesnot even consider him as her father, she just calls him as Mohan. He thinks of talking with her because he will only live as her father.

Gungun in her room is packing her belongings, she vows to not live in the same house as the killer, the spirit of Tulsi is trying to request Gungun to not take such a big step as they donot leave their own house, Gungun however cannot see her mother, Tulsi even tries to touch her but she realizes she is just a spirit, Tulsi is pleading but Gungun cannot listen to her, Tulsi goes to stand in the door saying Gungun would not go anywhere but she passes through her walking down the stairs, Tulsi is running after her trying to stop Gungun, she starts yelling asking if there is anyone in the house, she sees Mohan walking in the balcony so standing in front of him requests that he stop their daughter who is leaving the house, Mohan however doesnot listen and keeps on walking meanwhile Gungun manages to leave the house, Tulsi tries to run after her but she is blocked because of the protection that has been placed around the house, she keeps on trying however is hit again and again with the protection. She thinks that she came back to this house for her daughter and husband but who knew she would be left trapped in this house, Tulsi calls Gungun.

Mohan enters the room of Gungun calling her when the spirit of Tulsi comes asking what is he doing searching here while their daughter has left the house, he must go out and search for her when Mohan leaves thinking that she might be playing a prank. Tulsi sits beside the door thinking that she is forced to not say anything because of the vow which he gave her so it is all his fault and no one else’s, she blames him thinking how he during her life made her vow to not show his family her face in the future, she exclaims she is still fulfilling his vow even after she died but she is not going to let him ignore their daughter even when she cannot say anything to him.

Radha is walking to the bus stand when she inquiries about the bus, she is informed that it is an hour late. Radha sees the Mandir and is about to walk in when the Pandit je closes the door mentioning that the Mandir has closed, Radha thinks that even he turned away from her, the person in whose name she kept feeding the laddo did not even recognize her, she thought she would end his pain but instead caused him more pain, Dadi is right to say that Radha has half the brain, she looks inside the Mandir.

Mohan is shouting at the workers questioning how were they not able to know when Gungun left the house, he calls them all as donkey, his sister comes saying that Gungun is no where to be found in the house and they even say that they have called all her friends but she is not with anyone of them. Mohan’s brother says that Gungun told him a while ago that she cannot live in the same house as the killer of her mother but he did not think she would actually leave the house, Mohan goes to him throwing his plate questioning if he did not seem to inform when she said such a big thing to him, he says Gungun calls him the killer each and every day so he thought it was not a big deal, Mohan threatens to bury him if anything wrong happens to his daughter, he leaves the house in anger.

The brothers of Tulsi are sitting in the car thinking a lot of money was spent on this case in the past six years but Mohan was freed of all the charges and he left after smiling on their face, one of them exclaims what if they get the revenge and money which was spent, his brother questions if he has had a lot to drink when he shows Gungun walking towards the car, just as she approaches he suddenly opens the door, Gungun questions if he is blind when he calls her his child, they ask if she forgot their uncles name, she replies she doesnot care since they would have at least come to visit her, they ask what is she doing here, Gungun replies she is doing the afternoon walk in the evening, they offer to drop her back but she is not ready to sit with them in the car.

Tulsi sitting inside the house wonders where did she go, she is crying thinking who would save her if anything wrong happens to her.

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