Radha Mohan 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

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Damini’s mother praises them both for looking good together, Radha wipes off the tears from her eyes wondering why do they not think of a suitable time to come on, Damini’s mother starts dancing with Kadambari exclaiming she feels they would purchase new clothes and jewelry, they all look to her when she exclaims she is a widow and doesnot mean her but her daughter, Kadambari starts smiling exclaiming that she is the mother of the bride so can buy everything which she desires’, Mohan exclaims her daughter is getting married but Tulsi standing in the hall exclaims she is not going to let him get married with Damini as she will never become the mother of Gungun. Mohan leaves while Shekar is worried so follows him, Radha rushes to be with Gungun, Damini’s mother exclaims now they should call the Pandit jee but Kadambari leaves to call him.

Radha enters the room but gets hit with a cushion, Gungun asks her to go out of the room when Radha questions why is she so angry, Gungun replies she did everything she could to correct it but even then Mohan is getting married with Damini, Radha replies it is a good thing as she would get a mother while Mohan jee is getting a life partner, Radha kneels down mentioning that Gungun should not be so angry as Damini really loves her, she knows Gungun would not be able to give anyone the position of her mother and she knows the pain as she also lost her mother, Radha requests Gungun to give her a chance but she replies that she must know that Damini doesnot love her and even she hates her with the same intensity. Radha tries to request Gungun but she doesnot even listen to her, Gungun throws her out of the room.

Shekar is with Mohan who exclaims this is the right thing because Damini waited for her for twelve years and he feels this is the right time as even Maa made the vow so he doesnot feel there is anything wrong with it, Shekar replies that he doesnot feel it is right for Mohan since love does not happen every time but just once, he is going to leave and Mohan must think about it.

Ketki is sitting with Rahul when her husband brings the sweets explaining that Mohan asked them to start the preparations for the wedding, he tries to offer his wife but she stops him in anger, Rahul stands asking if he forgot that she doesnot like to eat sweet food and is on a diet, he assures he would order sugar free sweets just for her, Rahul says he should go and give the sweets to the rest of the people, he rushes away. Rahul wonders who is the one teaching Gungun to speak the truth, Ketki exclaims it is Radha as they were using Gungun to do whatever they desired and today was the best time for Damini to be thrown out of the house and business, after which ketki could have taken her position. Rahul sits down in anger wondering they have to do something about Radha.

Mohan is steading in the room when he reveals they say love only happens once in the life but it is not the truth as he is going to prove by marrying Damini that he can once again have a happy and contended life with his new wife and daughter, who is going to have a mother, Tulsi in anger exclaims he feels Damini will be a mother to Gungun when in reality they are just using him, he doesnot have any idea what is Damini capable off, she exclaims he doesnot care about what is going around him, Mohan mentions he is seeing everything clearly and now as his daughter is getting older, she for the first time apologized for her mistake so would also in time accept Damini as her mother, he would get married with Damini when she allows it, the windows open and the curtains start moving. Mohan feels her presence so calls the name of Tulsi, she gets shocked but Mohan wonders how can she be alive when Tulsi died after burning. Mohan feels irritated before turning the portrait, Tulsi standing assures she is going to come whenever it relates to her daughter in order to protect her from people like Damini, as she doesnot love Gungun and Tulsi is not going to let her harm, Gungun. Tulsi exclaims he can search for a life partner but she is never going to let Damini be the mother of Gungun.

In the morning Pandit jee is performing his work when Kadambari questions if everything is fine when Pandit jee assures both of them are matching so they should set the date after fifteen days, Damini’s mother in excitement calls Kadambari and even Dulari to bring sweets, Mohan’s father also gives him best wishes.

Damini takes the blessings from pandit jee before signaling him to wait, she accompanies him outside while her mother starts giving everyone the sweets, Damini standing outside with pandit jee inquires what is the problem, she hands him some more money when he reveals that both of their kundali’s are not a match, Mohan will surely get married but it is not written with her, Damini’s mother is shocked hearing this so drops the tray, when Damini rushes back after seeing a rock, she hits her head with it before coming to the Pandit jee, she asks if he still feels she is not suitable to get married with Mohan, she is going to see who snatches her Mohan, Pandit jee leaves when her mother questions what has she done, she vows to see who will snatch Mohan from her.

Radha enters the Mandir, she kneels Infront of the Mandir when the thali turns causing the Sindoor to fall on her forehead, she is left shocked wondering what has happened.

Damini’s mother is applying the bandage when she suggests they should talk with guru maa as there is only Tulsi who can harm them, as she is a ghost and they cannot fight with her, Damini in anger asks if she feels Tulsi can harm them, she starts calling her hearing which her mother is scared remembering when Tulsi slapped her, she requests Damini to stop who is challenging Tulsi, she mentions Damini doesnot have the slightest idea about her capabilities when Damini mentions she knows the last time she hurt her, Gungun had to pay the price for it so she must think before trying to do anything, Tulsi is standing there in frustration..

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