Radha Mohan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Dadi informs Krishna found Rukmini while Radha was left alone, just like that Mohan has found his happiness but Radha informs that he is not at all happy, she sees him leaving after wiping his tears, she runs to stop him while her Dadi is calling her, Mohan sits in the car whole their family members bid farewell to leave, Mohan recalls the night when he tried to stop Tulsi from leaving his house but she said she is not going to stay when he cannot see the truth, she was then burnt in the fire. Mohan feels the hand of someone it is Damini sitting beside him when he instructs the driver to move ahead, Radha falls while following them but she is not able to stop Mohan jee.

The worker whistles so the guard arrives, he picks her up when taking her inside the house while they both fall causing the protection thread to break as they both fall, just then a gush of wind causes the curtains to blow, the portrait of Tulsi turns over when her spirit can be seen inside it, the guard questions what is she doing when the worker explains that the owner asked her to take care of this protection thread and if she finds out then would kill her.

Radha is sitting with her Dadi who is applying, she questions what was the need to run after him when Radha informs that Mohan jee was not happy at which Dadi says that the boy of this village donot get married the first time while he is marrying a second girl so why was he not happy, Radha replies she doesnot know it but knows he was sad as it was visible from his face and even had tears in his eyes, she must do something, Dadi replies she would not be able do anything, Radha mentions it is said in the Bhagwat Geeta that they must do all the deeds and not expect anything in return, Dadi sees Radha’s father signaling her to come downstairs but not tell Radha, Dadi asks her to sit while she is going to come back after bringing the milk for her, Radha sees her father running so wonders something might be wrong.

The worker is cleaning the room, she is shocked to see the portrait is corrected, she gets tensed wondering if Mohan sees this then would murder her, she immediately turns it upside down.

The entire family enters the house when Kantamwari Devi exclaims she will do the wedding with all the rituals, her sister mentions this is exactly how everything should happen, Kantamwari turns to Damini saying that she is going to call the designers from Mumbai and Delhi as everything should be first-class, Damini calls her aunt which worries her so Damini corrects herself calling her as Maa.

Kantamwari turns to Mohan questioning what would he wear when she advises him to wear both the Sherwani and the suit, she suggests he can wear the Sherwani in the Mandap while the Suit at the reception. The worker mentions even she will buy a new sarree when Kantamwari replies she can even buy three. Daminin’s mother also questions what about her, hearing this everyone gets awkward while Kantamwai leaves with a smile, she asks her daughter what does she want in the wedding, she should then not complain they did not ask the daughter, she slowly exclaims if she wishes then this wedding should not happen, Kantamwari questions if she said anything when she refuses.

Mohan standing mentions she must not end her excitement at all but there is something that he needs to do before it, he wants to talk with Damini, she replies what can she do if they both are ready for it all.
Dadi is questioning why is he insisting on going to that house when a lot happened when Mohan came here, he replies when Vishwanath jee called them all with such love, and not just him but them all a week before because he is the one who has to perform all the rituals of the wedding, Dadi says there is not shortage of Pandit there, he must refuse because if they leave then she would not come back, he asks then how will she stop her as they cannot tie her, she says that she will make her swear, hearing this Radha runs away which worries Dadi who thinks if she had listened to their conversation.

Mohan asks Damini to sit down, he replies that he knows she has been waiting for this moment for the past eight years but Damini replies she has been waiting for this since the past twelve years, he doesnot understand it, she replies she always considered their relation to be more then friendship but when he proposed Tulsi in the collage then she agreed with his choice. However, she feels that live has given her another chance to get married with him, she would have been happy if this moment did not arrive with such circumstance. Damini is looking at the portrait when Mohan informs that he has two conditions before the marriage, he explains the first is that they would get married when his innocence is proved in the court, Damini asks about the second, he mentions it is his daughter Gungun as his daughter hates him. He explains she hates him and he also lost his mother during his childhood but Kantamwai maa did not let him feel anything is wrong so he desires that she take the same place in her life, he questions if she is ready to take the position when Damini mentions she knows that he is innocent and it will be proved in the court, she assures she will not let the word step daughter come in their relationship, he turns to call Gungun when she says that if their relation would start after she becomes the mother of Gungun then her journey would start from today, she requests permission to convince Gungun.

Radha is hiding behind the Mandir when her Dadi exclaims that she is not going to leave until Maa tells her the secret of how Radha manages to hide from her, Radha thinks this is not how she will be able to convince maa, Dadi pulls Radha from her ear warning that she must not think about that man however Radha runs away from her, she thinks that Radha is running for the happiness of the person who doesnot even know her.
Kantamwari gets shocked asking if Mohan said this to her, Damini replies these are his conditions as he wants her to first act as mother of Gungun and also that he would not marry until he is proved innocent.

Damini’s mother mentions they would not be able to convince Gungun since she is even further then her father, she has the avatar of every maa and makes everyone run while she stands on her single feet, Kantamwari explains she is a child, she knows that Gungun would not let anyone else take the place of her mother, Mohan also knows about it, she assures she will talk to Gungun.

Damini’s mother comes explaining that Mohan doesnot want to marry her otherwise he would not have put such a condition, Damini replies she is not worried about the court but they need to convince Gungun, her mother says she would not accept it so easily but Gungun mentions she never likes the easy task, Gungun would have to accept her as the mother since years ago Tulsi snatched her Mohan so she is going to take him back.
Radha is in her room, she takes out the boxes which she will pack because if her Dadi makes her swear then she would not be able to meet her Mohan jee, she counts the money calculating it for the entire journey, she even places the Geeta which Mohan jee gave her for peace and so she also packs the Ladoo.

Mohan turns the portrait saying that she would be in so much pain but this is not anything compared to the pain that she inflicted on him as his own daughter hates her, she wipes off his tears but then promises that his daughter will surely come to him because of the love which in her veins.

Damini kicks the door when a bucket falls from top of it, she thinks this was expected of her, she also manages to move without getting trapped in her other traps, she stands beside the bed when a boxing bag hits her from behind, Gungun coming out exclaims that this trick was new, Damini is really angry when she manages to control her anger, Gungun sits down with her car calling her as big fat Damini, she goes to Gungun explaining that she has gotten engaged to her father so now they will be married, she will become his wife and her husband, Gungun hits her with the control informing she would not ever be her mother, Damini holds her hand, warning Gungun to not show her these tantrums. She is about to slap her when the spirit of Tulsi prevents her holding the hand of Damini, she gets really scared as she is not able to release her hand, seeing the marks she runs out of the room. Tulsi is just looking at her daughter, Gungun goes to pick her portrait explaining she will always remain her mother, Tulsi’s spirit thinks that she will always stay beside her until a woman comes who is worthy to be called as her mother.

Damini rushes outside to Kantamwari maa who is having tea, she is shocked. Kantamwari maa with a smile says she always gets trapped in the traps which Gungun has set, however Damini informs that she has returned, Kantamwari doesnot understand, Damini showing her the marks reveals Tulsi has come back, Kantamwari replies how is it possible when the thread is still on the door. Damini’s mother is also shaking while Kantamwari replies this time she will not leave so easily and who knows what she is going to do with Mohan, Tulsi is looking at Mohan who is inside the house.

Radha standing beside her Dadi mentions she must not be worried since she is not that stupid and even she is not able to digest her food, but till the time she is not here Dadi can scold her father as he is also her son, she even takes the blessing of her father advising him to take care of himself. She holding the Murti leaves, exclaiming she knows it is wrong but it is also wrong to steal the food, he must tell her that she makes him smile when he is sad, she steps out of the door exclaiming Mohan jee doesnot have anyone, she will just give him the Geeta and return after inquiring about his health, Radha looks back to her house, she is really emotional but exclaims she is coming to the house of Mohan jee.

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