Radha Mohan 31st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 31st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gungun is sitting in her room, she is really sad when Mohan walks to the door and seeing her he recalls how he blamed her for lying saying that she has done a lot, Mohan exclaims he really loves her and will bear all of her problems but what about other as they would say that since she is without a mother so they were not able to take care of her, he exclaims there would be a way.

Radha walking wonders if Damini is the one lying when she wonders if it actually happened, she thinks go going to ask Damini herself, Damini in her room is applying the bandage on her injury when her mother comes questioning if she has lost her mind since she got in a fight with the ghost, she would have taken her life if anything happened to Gungun, Damini replies that she was sure Tulsi would not harm her since she knew if anything happened to her then they would only question Gungun.

Radha is waking in the hall when Tulsi exclaims, she must go and ask them all about the truth because Gungun is innocent, Radha wonders if Damini would get angry but she exclaims she would have to do it.

Damini in her room exclaims that she is sure she would not let Tulsi stay in this house by tomorrow and she can even fight with Bhagwan for Mohan but Tulsi is just a ghost, Radha standing at the door calls Damini, she gets shocked wondering if Radha heard her conversation. Radha entering exclaims she wanted to ask something from her, Damini is relieved that she did not hear her confession, Radha informs she talked with Gungun who said she neither broke the frame nor hit Damini, Damini’s mother exclaims Gungun says these lies all day, Radha doesnot believe her explaining that she knows Gungun is a child and little mischievous but she would not do anything to harm her, Damini exclaims she is a store of mischief as her mind starts working from where they stop thinking, Radha argues she is just a child so how would she make a false vow of her mother, Damini rep[lies she is Gungun but Radha question can she even make a false vow of her mother as no child would do such a thing, especially that mother who has died as this relation is the biggest in this world and no child can love their mother, she knows this as she also lost her mother so this is why she is asking if Damini broke the frame of Tulsi jee, Damini gets really frustrated asking if she wants to know the truth, Damini pulls Radha by her hand taking her straight into the room of Gungun.

Damini standing in front of her exclaims she is telling a lot of truth and is even making a lot of vows, Kadambari walking in the hall sees this so asks Damini what is going on, she replies Gungun got really old so she is telling Radha that she did not give her this injury, she forces Gungun to once again vow that she did not hit her, Kadambari also tells Gungun to speak the truth, she tries to explain but Damini replies she cannot change the topic and must know that she would hurt her mother the most by lying, Gungun once again tries to explain but Damini doesnot even let her speak, she then takes the frame of Tulsi, placing the hand of Gungun asks her to reveal she hit Damini, Gungun accepts she hit her at which Damini immediately asks Radha to understand when Gungun tries to explain she did not hit her hard enough that it caused the injury, but Damini replies she just wanted to hear that she hit her. Tulsi exclaims they must listen to everything that Gungun is saying., Damini turning to Radha asks if she learned the entire truth as the vow of a mother went away. Radha holds both of her hands, she seeks forgiveness from Damini but she replies Radha must first learn what sort of a person Gungun is before questioning anyone, there would be a reason that no one believed her, they all are staring at Radha, Damini asks her to stop doing this and then leaves placing down the frame. Kadambari also turns back with frustration.

Gungun tells Radha that she did not tell a lie, she is really sad.

Damini exclaims they must see the courage of Radha as she was questioning her, Damini’s mother questions then why did she answer her questions, Damini replies because if she did not say anything then Radha might have asked from someone else, she exclaims that Damini is more clever then her but she taught a good lesson to both the mother and daughter but she must teach Gungun a lesson, Damini exclaims she thought that Radha would befriend Gungun and it will end all the problems but she feels their friendship has gotten a little out of hand.

Kadambari is sitting with Mohan when he exclaims, he thought he must give some time to Gungun so that she manages to over come this anger, Mohan explains what Gungun did today was really wrong as she injured Damini, the one who always forgives her mistakes and even cares for her, Gungun wipes off the tears from the face of Radha, who explains that she made a big mistake by hurting Damini as they say the person who cannot control his anger cannot do anything good in life, she must learn to love her family just as Mohan jee love his mother. Kadambari informs Mohan that Gungun is just a child and in this age they do not listen to anyone and even have a habit of doing whatever they desire. She is sure that someone would surely enter her life because of which she will change a lot, Kadambari exclaims and that someone would be Damini who is once again going to bring happiness in her life, Mohan thinks how Gungun blamed Damini for being rude and not caring for her, Gungun explains to Radha that Mohan loves his mother as she is really nice, but she doesnot have anyone to support her. Radha replies they must not talk like this because Bihari jee would correct everything.

Mohan mentions this is the hope because of which he is living that Damini would surely come into the life of Gungun so she once again becomes his daughter. Gungun asks Radha to believe her because she hit Damini but, on the leg, and it was not that hard that she could have started bleeding, she asks why is Radha once again crying when Gungun asks the reason, she explains she feels a lot of pain when someone breaks her trust, Gungun replies even she doesnot believe her so no one is on her side, Radha tries to hug her but she pushes her away before going to sit on the other side of the bed exclaiming, she really hates Damini. Radha sitting in front of Gungun mentions they must forget everything that happened in the past and she asks if her injury is hurting, she suggests to change the bandage. Mohan walking is shocked to see the hand of Gungun, he stops thinking she once pushed him blaming that he is a killer so he exclaims he cannot even help his ow daughter because of their relationship. He is glad that Radha is taking care of her.

Radha starts telling her a story about a boy who had a lot of sheep in the village but he would constantly yell that he needed help but they found out that he was just joking so after some time when he was actually in trouble and needed help, they did not come to help so when he went after saving his life and complaint to the villagers, they replied they did not know he was in trouble because of his lies, Mohan is smiling standing at the window along with the ghost of Tulsi who exclaims Radha is doing what is the responsibility of them both, Mohan questions who is Radha as she cries after being scolded but is even then smiling. Radha informs Gungun the moral of the story is to not lie because if it becomes her habit then people would not even believe her if she is telling the truth, Mohan exclaims she made such a strong relation with Gungun who befriended her even when she doesnot listen to anyone else, Mohan exclaims that he doesnot know what she has done but there is some hope in his heart that there would finally be some place in the heart of his daughter for him because of her efforts, Mohan is looking at Gungun.

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