Radha Mohan 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha tries her best to wake Mohan but he doesnot respond to any of her calls, she starts running on the road calling anyone who might be able to help her, she rushes to the side pleading with Bihari jee to help her by giving her some idea which she can use to help Mohan jee, Radha manages to see a cycle that is parked in the bushes, she looks back to Mohan before running to bring it and thanks Bihari jee Radha removes all the bushes from the cycle before fixing its chains so she can ride it however it takes her alot of strength to be able to move it, she brings to Mohan before picking him up, she faces a lot of difficulty as she is doing it by herself however she is able to push him on the cart, requesting Mohan to open his eyes assuring they are going to go to the hospital, she asks him to recall all those things that he wrote in the letters. Radha climbs on the cycle before riding it, the entire family is in the house when Radha calls them all to hurry and come outside, Kadambari along with everyone rush but they are shocked to see him, she requests them to call the doctors as Mohan jee got hurt, Damini’s mother questions what has she done to him, she informs that she did not do anything but the kidnappers hurt him.

Mohan is being dragged into the house when Kadambari sees the blood dripping from his leaving a trail, she starts crying requesting them to hurry and take him inside, Gungun is crying from the balcony, Gungun wonders what has she done as it is her fault.

Radha is also running after Mohan when Damini questions what happened and how did Mohan get in such a condition, Radha replies she said that there were some kidnappers who tried to kidnap her and Mohan jee got in a fight with them all, Radha tries following him when Damini warns her to stay away from Mohan.

Kadambari questions the doctor why is Mohan not regaining consciousness when the doctor explains that his vein was cut but the person who bandaged him in reality saved his life otherwise, they don’t know what might have happened to him, Ketika’s husband explains Radha has come like a devi in their house because she first saved Gungun and now Mohan bhai, Radha is holding her hands together but hearing this Damini gets really jealous meanwhile Kadambari is relieved.

Kadambari is scolding Gungun explaining she let go all of her mischievous activities thinking she is still a child but what she has done is really wrong and she would not have been able to forgive her if anything happened to Mohan, she leaves when Tulsi thinks even, she will not take her side as she is wrong.

Radha is praying in the Mandir explaining to Bihari jee how she is glad that he helped her save Mohan since otherwise she doesnot know what might have happened when Damini comes questioning what has she done, Radha replies she told them that it was the kidnappers who tried taking her, Damini doesnot understand when Radha explains that she heard them talking with someone on the phone, Damini asked if she heard what they were talking about, she says that they were informing they got the girl, Damini puts the entire blame on Radha revealing that everyone is still angry with her because of what happened to Mohan so she must not say anything as this would cause them to be even more angry with her, she knows that Radha cannot do anything to Mohan but in reality Gungun is the one who should be scolded since she made a mistake, she is about to leave but Radha stops her explaining she is still a child so should be informed about her mistake but not like this, Radha starts to recite some verses from the Geeta, explaining that they mean the person should be informed of their mistake politely as they have to change her attitude and behavior but not by showing anger.

Damini’s mother is sitting beside Mohan exclaiming what has happened to him since he is not even waking up, Mohan slowly opens his eyes, they all get joyed when he inquires about Gungun, Ketika informs that she is in her room so he tries getting up, Kadambari rushes to him questioning what is he doing as he still needs rest but Mohan leaves replying he wants to talk with Gungun. Ketika stands beside Rahul explaining this picnic has become so interesting even when nothing happened, the spirit of Tulsi thinks these people tend to say such things about him even when he is the one feeding them, he was so madly in love with him that she left this house. Tulsi in anger causes them both to fall, Rahul and Ketika are really worried after what happened with them both.

Kadambari is running after Mohan requesting him to stop as he just regained consciousness when she forces him to stop, he explains he is not going to scold her but just want to ask if she would be really happy after he died, he walks away when Damini assures, she is going to talk with him.

Gungun is crying sitting in her room thinking that Mohan will surely kill her after what happened today, Tulsi is sitting beside her explaining she must not be scared as not father can harm their children

Mohan is about to enter the room when Damini stops him questioning what is he trying to do, he says he wants to ask her if she would be really happy if he died, she stops him asking if he really thinks that she would be fine after he talks like this with her, Damini explains she knows Gungun made a mistake and she must realize it but they need to be polite with her otherwise she might not be herself anymore and will even hate him a lot more, Mohan leaves with Damini.

Radha standing in the corner thinks Damini is really nice as she is the feather that is going to keep this family as one, Tulsi standing thinks Radha is really innocent as she doesnot know that Damini just said what she told her, she just wants to become the wife of Mohan and doesnot have any interest in becoming the mother of Gungun, Tulsi prays that Radha should never lose her innocent but she prays that Radha have the ability to see what is right and wrong.

Gungun is sitting in her room when Radha opens the door, she asks if Radha has also come to scold her just like her Dadi who thinks she is the reason that Mohan got injured when Radha rushes explaining she never thought Gungun can do anything as how would she have known the results, she is however still really mad because Gungun tries her best to run away from Mohan even when he really loves her, Damini enters the room requesting Radha to be alone with Gungun, Radha replies she was just explaining to Gungun how her father loves her a lot but Damini replies even she can tell her that as she is also her daughter, Radha leaves the room while Damini looks angrily at Gungun, Tulsi gets worried wondering what is she thinking of doing now.

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