Radha Mohan 21st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 21st May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gungun questions why is he throwing her toys when Chinto replies he is going to throw them, they both get in a fight when he pushes her so she lands in the trunk, Gungun starts knocking on the door requesting Chinto to open her as she is not being able to breathe properly but Chinto doesnot listen to her and is playing with the toys.

Niharika exclaims she has a lot of followers on Instagram and then questions Mohan how many followers does he have, he takes the name of Damini and then his mother hearing which Rahul starts smiling but Damini feels tensed.

Niharika is taking selfies with Rahul, Damini and Mohan, Damini’s mother also tris to get a photo when she says that these are only couples photo, Niharika then requests Mohan to smile, who exclaims that his mouth is hurting while acting to smile and he cannot bear it any longer, she sits down mentioning she is going to place a hashtag BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, Mohan gets tensed asking if they are going to stay longer then lunch, Damini requests him to calm down assuring she is going to talk with her friend.

Gungun is constantly asking Chinto to open the box as she needs to come out, Tulsi is with Radha in the kitchen requesting her to go and see Gungun in her room, Gungun calls his mother for help- so Tulsi rushes into the room when she exclaims that she cannot hurt him as he is a child but thinks of something else and so starts calling Radha who enters the room, she questions Chinto where is Gungun who says that they are playing hide and seek so she has gone to hide while he counts till hundred, The spirit of Tulsi is trying to inform Radha to open the trunk as Gungun is trapped there, Radha however leaves explaining that she would come out after smelling the snacks. Radha leaves while Tulsi tries calling her to help Gungun, Chinto exclaims now she is going to stay inside the trunk.

Niharika is with Damini explaining that there was a brilliant view from their apartment in London, Damini assures her, Radha serves them the drinks, seeing which Niahrika questions what is this, they all are shocked, she explains Radha is so dumb as she had asked her for black tea but she instead brought it with milk so is she deaf, Radha replies she said that she needed black tea so she thought she would need it in black mug, Niharika explains this would happen when the workers are not educated as they donot know what is the differences between a black cup and tea, she questions Damini what sort of Maids has she hired. Mohan gets angry exclaiming it is enough as Radha is not a servant but the daughter of their family Pandit, when Niharika even then she is of the lower background but Mohan explains she is a part of this family which would be difficult for her to understand as her life revolves around fake followers and London trips when Rahul gets mad standing exclaiming all his followers are real, Niharika questions why are they disrespecting her for the sake of a worker when Mohan explains Radha is doing this all just because of the teachings as she tries to search for their love in a relationship while Niharika just desires the followers, she exclaims they are not going to stay here for even a minute.

Tulsi tries her best to make Chinto get off but he doesnot listen so she is forced to push him, he hurts his head and then cries to his mother for help, everyone gets shocked hearing Chinto crying.
Tusli manages to open the trunk wile Gungun is still trapped inside, she is unconscious so Tulsi exclaims why did Mohan make her swear as because of that she is not even able to save her own daughter, Tulsi sits on the bed crying while Gungun regains consciousness and she slowly comes out of the trunk, Tulsi assures that she is with her daughter, Gungun is sitting beside the trunk when Niharika enters the room questioning how did he get hurt, Chinto blames that Gungun pushed him, Niharika questions why did she push him, Gungun says that he is lying, Niharika questions if the humiliation was not enough as now their daughter hit her son, Niharika questions why were they talking about values when she should first teach her daughter some manners, Kadambari questions Gungun is she hit Chinto, as it is wrong to lie, Gungun asks why is she not believing them when she has not pushed him, Radha thinks that she saw her dupatta on the trunk when she came to visit them. Radha requests them to at least listen to Gungun, Niharika exclaims that Damini’s family is illiterate. Radha informs Mohan that Gungun is innocent because when she first came to the room Gungun was wearing the scarf and the second time she came, it was hanging from the trunk, she requests him to do something as his daughter needs his support.

Niharika blames Gungun for lying, Mohan defends Gungun explaining that he knows she has not done anything and he knows she is not lying, Mohan goes to Gungun asking her to tell the truth assuring that no one is going to hurt her, Gungun reveals that Chinto locked her in the trunk and was then sitting on top of it, Rahul questions how is it possible when their son is the one who got hurt. Kadambari thinks of Tulsi and gets really scared, hearing which Damini calms her.

Rahul blames Gungun for lying because their son got hurt and it is true that Gungun is lying because her father is also a killer, Mohan gets angry and pushes Rahul in the corner threatening that he is not a killer but someone says anything wrong against his daughter, he would not be able to bear it, Kadambari manages to pull Mohan away, he says that Rahul is their guest but talking foolish things, Niharika exclaims they should leave, she thanks Damini who replies she is glad Niharika showed her true face as she also doesnot want to keep any relation with such people who donot respect Mohan or Gungun, she orders Niharika to leave her house, Mohan exclaims it is not worthwhile talking with these killer people, Mohan gets furious so he starts following Rahul who is running with his family, he follows them out of the house.

Radha rushes to Gungun inquiring if she is fine, she apologizes for not being able to understand what happened, she assures of staying beside Gungun from now on, Radha advises her to take deep breaths before rushing to bring water after which she hugs Gungun, Tulsi standing exclaims she cannot even hug her own daughter but Radha has fulfilled her absence, Radha is weeping while hugging Gungun.

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