Radha Mohan 18th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 18th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha shouts that the phone dropped, she instead of picking it also throws the clay pot over it, Mohan orders her to pick it up, she picks it and after handing it to him starts mummering something which Mohan doesnot understand, he reveals that his phone broke hearing which she starts smiling, he in anger exclaims that she must always stay away from him by maintaining a distance of a feet from him, he closes the window in anger shutting Radha on the balcony.

Damini is preparing something in the kitchen when Kadambari asks what is she doing, she replies that she is preparing the milk for Gungun, Kadambari exclaims she feels really nice that Damini is tak8ing care of Gungun as this was the second condition of Mohan, Damini exclaims she is learning from her how it is important to take care of her, Kadambari apologizes for scolding her yesterday and she leaves, Damini pours a second glass of milk before taking it with her, Dulari gets shocked to see that she did not even put the chocolate powder in it and now Gungun will make a scene. Damini secretly places the glass of milk outside before going to sit beside Gungun, she requests her to have the milk. Gungun questions why did she bring it inquiring about Dulari, Damini exclaims she must get used to her at which Gungun asks if she has taken the job of a worker, Damini once again asks her to have it but Gungun throws the milk causing it to fall, Tulsi scolds her saying she must not disrespect the food, Damini leaves thinking this is what she desired. She walking out starts pouring milk over her face, Tulsi standing behind her shouts that she must not make her daughter part of her evil desires. Damini thinks that her prey has arrived, Radha comes questioning Damini what broke, she is shocked to see that her face is covered with milk and asks what happened and who did this, Damini exclaims that she was taking milk for Gungun and she threw it on her face, Tulsi thinks that her Dadi is right to say she doesnot have full brains because she is thinking the evil person is honest. Mohan passes by them when Radha immediately turns away, Mohan questions what happened as she would have bumped into Radha, she must try to distance herself from Radha because of whom he doesnot have the phone, Damini exclaims that she herself poured the milk on her face, hearing which Mohan leaves. Radha exclaims that she is the one who is going to be truly suitable for the family, Tulsi gets tensed thinking that Radha feels the person who is evil is actually really honest. Damini exclaims even she needs some help from Radha to help her get the love from Gungun and Mohan, Radha hugs Damini but Tulsi tries to explain that she must not believe Damini.

The entire family is having breakfast when the uncle questions why is Radha serving them all as this is not her house, Radha replies there is no shame in working in her own house, Damini’s mother mentions in that case if she doesnot have any problem then must serve her as Paratha, Dulari rushes to Gugun mentioning she must get ready for school but Gungun immediately replies that she doesnot want to dress up for school, Kadambari mentions this cannot happen however Rahul exclaims this is teir family tradition as her father doesnot go to the office and she is not ready to attend her school, Kadambari scolds her. Mohan sees them so questions why does Gungun not want to go to school, she doesnot pay any heed to his order, leaving in anger when Mohan exclaims she is like this because of them all, Rahul says Mohan should end it as he has a PHD in removing the clothes and respect of people, Mohan mentions he is not satisfied with just breakfast so needs something else, Damini stops him assuring she is going to handle Gungun while he must not take tension, Mohan questions what will she be able to do as Gungun is like her father, her teacher called saying that she doesnot participate in anything and teases every other student, he doesnot know what will become of her. Damini assures he must leave everything on her because she can handle it all, Ketika questions if she doesnot want to go to office as today is the last day for the delivery so can she go but Damini exclaims she can do it all because she is learning to practice the work and personal life. Damini’s mother also comes saying that she assured her daughter will do everything but they both know that it is like to get the eggs from a hawk, Damini mentions that she is going to use the best friend of Gungun, Radha. they both rejoice that their plan is going to be fulfilled.

Radha is in the kitchen when Damini comes to her, Radha questions why did she come here when she was going to bring the paratha, as she makes really good, but Damini in anger explains she is talking about Gungun, whom they need to get ready for school. Radha says Damini was the one to help her get ready but she knows that Gungun would never accept her as a motherly figure, Radha mentions she never refuses for any work but they instead refuse so she will not be able to do it, Damini exclaims she should then do this for Mohan because he really wanted her to participate in the Fancy dress competition, Gungun hears Damini speaking so smiles as she finds out her desires.

Radha has closed her eyes while trying to convince Gungun, she explains that Gungun must participate in the fancy dress because they need to participate in it, Radha suggests she must be the Indra Gandhi because she was the first female head of the state. Gungun agrees to participate when Radha gets shocked because she thought Gungun would not accept and she would have to even cry but she agreed.

Mohan is not able to understand how Damini managed to convince Gungun so asks what did she say to which Damini replies thy must all wait for some moment because it is a surprise. Mohan gets excited looking at his mother who signals that the bond between them is becoming stronger.

Radha is helping Gungun get ready for the competition, she mentions that now the only thing left is the hair which they must place, Gungun locks Radha in the bathroom, she plays very loud music, Radha doesnot bang otherwise everyone would find out that she is the one who convinced Gungun.

Mohan questions Damini why is it taking so long for Gungun to come, she replies that she doesnot know the reason because Gungun was just behind her but she doesnot know why is it taking her so long. Damini is shocked to see Gungun walking in the sarree, everyone gets shocked to see her attire and how she comes to sit on the sofa, posing as Gungu bai. Mohan get angry pulling out the toothpick from her mouth, he questions Damini what did she do to which Damini replies this was her plan however he said that she reveled she was helping Gungun get ready and if this was her idea, then it is not as per her desires to be a mother but Damini tries to explain this was not her plan, he in anger questions her which also causes Kadambari to get furious with Damini.

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