Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

UPCOMING Episode Written Update Will Be Published Soon

Radha places the Diya in front of Gungun, she lights it wishing Happy Birthday to her mother, the spirt of Tulsi tries touching her daughter but she is not able to, Radha standing thinks that one of her task is completed but now she will do the thing which is going to give some patience to Mohan jee and cause the restlessness to end in this house.

Kantamwari entering the room asks Shekar what happened when he requests her to see what sort of madness Mohan is doing, she is shocked to see the tattoo on his arm when Shekar signals the tattoo artist to leave but Mohan exclaims that he must sit down as Shekar only talks but doesnot do anything when he once again exclaims this is madness, Kantamwari exclaims he is about to get married with Damini in a month which will be wrong with her, Mohan exclaims he is not taking the name of Damini but recalls that Kamini rhymes with Damini. He gets tensed exclaiming this will be wrong with her, so asks for any idea from all but then writes it himself that his first wife was a Kamini, Rahul coming in the front exclaims the best idea would be to write that Tulsi was a Kamini, they all get shocked when Kantamwari scolds him but Mohan takes the name of Tulsi asking the artist to write it.

Damini and her mother are performing the ritual, Tulsi starts to feel the effects and so recalls of the special place in this house which she really liked, she walks towards it entering the markings that Damini drew before she realizes that something wrong has happened, the spells star to show the result when the candles are still burning and Damini’s mother thinks that the solution of Guru maa would have worked, Tulsi is trapped inside the bottle when they continue the spells, Tulsi is yelling at them to take her out when Radha brings the Tulsi, she is really amazed to see the Rangoli which has been made so asks the worker who replies that Damini was working, she is glad but is really angry wondering who would have left this bottle here, she throws it causing the bottle to break and Tulsi is released, the candle breaks into pieces causing both Damini and her mother to be scared. Damini’s mother exclaims this means Tulsi is still here, Damini replies she knows it, Tulsi is standing right beside her with immense anger and frustration in her eyes, Damini exclaims she is going to finish Tulsi when she hears Ketika questioning what is she doing.

Kantamwari is in the room with Mohan when she hears the scream so rushes out to ask Ketika why is she yelling, Ketika points to Radha who is flowering the Tulsi plant which angers Kantamwari who questions what is Radha doing, she replies that she knows this is the Tulsi kun which is really auspicious and they should respect it. Damini wonders where is the bottle which Guru maa gave her, she is shocked to see that it is broken on the side.

Mohan seeing the plant of Tulsi recalls all the moments spent with Tulsi and how she died in the fire for which he was blamed, her mother even threw mud on him cursing that he will always yearn for the love of his own daughter. Gungun therefor thinks that he is the killer of her mother.

Kantamwari questions why did she plant the Tulsi in their house, Radha replies she was only doing this for the welfare of this house as she wants them all to live in peace, Damini’s mother exclaims that Radha is the reason for all the worries in this house, ever since she came they have been facing all these situations, she advises Radha to not use her mind since her sister Kantamwari is really smart herself so they do not need her support, Damini also starts scolding Radha when Kantamwari exclaims they asked her to not do anything with her own will, and speaking this name is forbidden in this house when Radha replies she was taking the name of Tulsi maa, Mohan standing from behind questions why did she do it, he comes to stand infront of Radha asking why did she plant it because this name is the reason for all his problems, Radha questions how can a single name cause all the problems, Mohan exclaims that when the single name causes all the problems and destroys the trust along with his entire life, Radha exclaims if the trust is broken then this means the pain is in his heart and he is the one who lives with the immense pain which no one on the outside has any care for it, he feels the pain because of the memories that are associated with that name, she has planted this plant to end his pain and not increase it, Mohan exclaims they cannot end the pain without doing anything but has to work in order to end it, Mohan turns away when he brings the shovel from the corner, without listening to Kantamwari and anyone else, but Radha steps infront of him and the Tulsi kun, requesting him to not make this mistake as Tulsi is the maa so he must not commit a sin, Mohan exclaims he is a sinner but he asks her to get away yet she refuses when he pushes her away, but just when he is about to break it Mohan stops to everyone’s surprise because Gungun is protecting the plant, she has closed her eyes. Gungun requests him to not break it.

Gungun holds her hand but Mohan also asks her to get away from it, she replies that she came back when he asked her to come, and stayed because he said this house has the memories of her mother so she is promising to not leave this house but he must not kill it, she mentions the name of this plant is Tulsi just like her mother and it also came on the birthday of her mother, so she feels that her mother came back. He can take away all her toys and clothes but should not break this plant, she requests him to listen to her for once without any condition as he already took away her mother so is he also going to take away her memories. Gungun in these calls him Paa, to the surprise of everyone.

Radha along with everyone are shocked, Mohan recalls when they cursed that he would not be able to get the happiness of the relationship from his daughter, Mohan throws the stick leaving but Kantamwari looks angrily at Radha, Damini’s mother is shocked that Mohan agreed because the way he came she thought he was going to break a pole but he did not even break the plant when Radha mentions this is the love of a daughter, Kantamwari in anger scolds her but seeing the broken bottle, turns asking them all to come so they leave.

Radha turns to hold Gungun exclaiming that if her mother was alive then would be really proud as she saved her father from committing a really big sin, she advises Gungun to perform the rituals of Tulsi maa, she shows Gungun how to pray exclaiming this house was incomplete without her but now that she has come then the happiness and peacefulness of this house has also come back. Tulsi exclaims she has saved her life two times and even protect her daughter, she fought with the criminals without caring for herself and she has always showed Gungun the right path. They are right to say that the humble has Bhagwan on their side but who knows what is written in their destiny that she came to their house, Radha is praying with a smile on her face while the spirit of Tulsi is standing beside her.

UPCOMING Episode Written Update Will Be Published Soon

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