Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 13th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Mohan walks over to Radha asking if it is the truth and she loves him, Radha tries to deny it but her Dadi accepts that she loves him, hearing which everyone is left stunned and exclaims that Radha has indeed come here for Mohan but not only Radha, they all have come here for him, Damini’s mother exclaims if they have gotten mad when Dadi exclaims there is nothing to be ashamed off because if they call Bihari jee or Kana or Mohan, they all mean the same, Dadi questions her wat did she hear from their mouth, because did Radha say she loves Mohan, Kantamwari also asks her sister who finally reveals that she did not hear her say she loves Mohan. Dadi exclaims she should have at least thought before putting suich a blame, she questions Radha if she loves Mohan who denies it, when Dadi mentions that she is a girl and such a blame could have ruined her entire life, she vows to not stay her after being humiliated. Dadi insists on leaving but Mohan stops her, he requests Damini’s mother to apologize so she apologizes to Dadi revealing she might have made a mistake hearing what she was saying, Mohan says they must apologize from the person on whom she put the blame, she looks to Damini who also signals her to apologize.

Damini’s mother turns to Radha explaining that she made a mistake, so if Radha says she can even seek forgiveness by touching her feet, Radha stops her mentioning she is her elder, and she is not going to leave the house over such a small thing, she seeks the approval of Dadi. Kantamwari also requests Dadi to not take Radha from this house over such a small thing as she must wait till the wedding, they all leave while the mother of Damini is really nervous.

Damini enters the house and is followed by her mother who asks if she saw how both Dadi and her Radha were able to turn the things away, Damini however replies she was not able to see it all because her Mohan can never love Radha, he is an educated person while she is from the village and even their dressing is not the same. She assures her mother that Mohan can never marry Radha, her mother thinks what about the way Radha looks at Mohan as it means she has feelings for him.

Dadi is pulling Radha who explains she cannot walk so fast, they both sit down when Radha questions why did she not tell the truth inside, Dadi asks what could have she said that Radha came here for the sake of Mohan, because then everyone would think she loves him, Radha asks her to stop as he is really older then her and about to get married, she considers him a deity because he was the one who helped her regain control of her life when her mother passed away, the Geeta which he gave her was the reason she managed to control herself, Mohan was able to see her pain because he had also lost his mother in his childhood. When her mother died Dadi managed to help her father who got depressed but what about her and so if she can do anything for Mohan then will do it, Dadi replies that no one would believe her thinking but will just say she is in love with him, Dadi is about to give her the vow when Radha covers her ears yet Dadi is not moved and she still gives her a vow to not let anyone know the real reason she came here because it would then mean her Dadi will die.

Dadi goes over to the Mandir praying that she knows Radha is really an innocent girl who doesnot think bad for anyone, she doesnot know that the feeling which she has in her heart is called love, so nothing wrong must happen to her. Pandit jee also arrives with Vishwanath jee explaining that his daughter has never stayed away from him even for a single day and he thought that it would only happen when she gets wedded but never knew this day would arrive today, he asks her to take care of herself when Radha thinks she would also take care of the entire family, Dadi advises Radha to think about what she said, they both hug Radha before leaving.

In the morning Kantamwari and Damini are convincing Mohan to come with them to the business as it was his idea to use the recycling, Damini mentions that his idea worked since there are a lot of books in outside the house, Mohan asks how much time will it take when he leaves to get ready, Ketika also comes seeking permission to come with them when Kantamwari informs she doesnot have any interest in the business but the benefits which she gets from it, so they will call her when she is needed. Kantamwari leaves when Damini also gets up to leave, she informs Ketika that the difference in her and Mohan is that he leaves after doing his work after which she comes to get the fruits of his efforts.

Radha is sitting in her room thinking about what Mohan said that he doesnot believe in Bhagwan, Radha thinks that her entire life is because of him so how can Mohan jee refuse to accept him, she starts tying knots vowing to first end the feeling in Mohan jee that he doesnot believe in Bhagwan and then she will make sure his relation with Gungun is sorted. Radha thinks it would be really nice if Dadi was present with her because she teaches her everything even after scolding her.

Radha leaves to get the food for Bihari jee, Damini’s mother sees her leaving so enters the room, she is about to take Bihari jee but then refuses to do it, she instead picks the Geeta which will surely teach Radha a lesson, she bumps into Kantamwari who questions why was she coming from Radha’s room, she replies she was looking for Dulari so leaves calling her name, Kantamwari gets worried.

Radha is sitting with Bihari jee when she thinks she still has him and Geeta, she gets shocked so rushes down searching for it, when the brother asks where is she going, she informs she is trying to find her Geeta, he replies that he will ask everyone to search for it. Radha also bumps into Dulari who drops all the clothes when she questions if Dulari saw her Geeta, Dulari doesnot know and questions if she once again asked anyone else to come. Radha mentions she is talking about Bhagwat Geeta, Gungun while playing sees Radha going into the room so questions if she is planning to steal from them, Radha replies she cannot steal anything when her own Geeta was stolen, it is her lifeline which tells her everything, Gungun shows Radha her phone explaining this contains the GPS for her life.

Damini’s mother is quickly walking out of the house thinking if Kantamwari finds out what she has done then she would be surely thrown out of the house, she bumps into Mohan dropping the Geeta in the boxes, he questions what is she doing, she informs she came to get the Vitamin D which is necessary, he informs it comes for 150 rupees which she can buy from any medical store. She agrees but then Kantamwari also arrives questioning what is she doing, she explains she came to enjoy the weather as it is really nice and even her husband used to like it, Kantamwari explains she is really sweating so should go inside.

Radha rushes to Mohan, she tries telling him about her Geeta but he says he doesnot want it and she will not take the name ever again, he asks Damini if they should leave so sits in the car. Radha thinks if she doesnot get back her Geeta then will be angry with him, Damini’sa mother from the house thinks Radha would now suffer since she made her apologize, now she is not going to get her Geeta.

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