Radha Mohan 10th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Radha Mohan 10th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gungun in the room is holding the photo of Tulsi thinking how Mohan informed that she would not only leaving this house but the memories of her mother, she thinks Mohan said such a thing after which she would not be able to leave this house and so hates him, Tulsi requests Gungun to not talk like this since her father loves her a lot, she tries to touch her daughter but is not able to and informs that she is still in front of her, Tulsi recalls the vow which Mohan gave her that she would not ever come in front of her family, Tulsi thinks she is not even able to wipe the tears of her daughter she is constantly weeping.

Damini is working on the laptop when her mother exclaims that her head is hurting a lot, she feels that Radha is not that simple because she just acted of being that simple but even when they threw her out of the house, she came back just after three hours while in the arms of Mohan, she is sure Radha would do something wrong when Damini explains a lot is going on, as the brothers of Tulsi tried to kidnap Gungun but even than Mohan did not do anything, this amazes Damini.

The uncles are sitting in the market, they mention that their injuries are hurting however plan to make most of the other chance, Mohan hits them from behind causing them to fall, he exclaims they thought he is going to give them a second chance when they tried to kidnap his daughter, he is about to hit them with a vase when their mother interferes asking if he is going to kill the entire family, even when the court has ended the charges. Mohan replies that Tulsi knows who killed her and she can think whatever she feels like, he warns that if they looked to his daughter ever again then neither the court nor the police would be able to save them, he once again turns back taking the blessings of Tulsi’s mother before walking away.

Radha is sitting when she screams with pain, requesting Dulari to be calm as it is still hurting, Damini mother comes asking if she should arrange for a ticket, when Radha is really amazed to see her mother, Radha requests her Dadi to not scold her here because this would get really awkward when Dadi replies that she is glad Radha is fine, she insists they should leave for their house, Kantamwari requests them to stay for a while because even they would be tired so should take a bath, Dadi explains that they need to leave but Mohan comes explaining Radha will not go anywhere, he mentions that she has done a lot for them because she saved the life of Gungun so it is their duty to take care of her, she said she came to attend his wedding so now even he wants her to stay till his wedding, Kantamwari explains even she doesnot have any problem if Mohan agrees with it all, she requests Dadi to go and take some rest. Kaveri looks to Radha signaling that she is going to keep a close eye on her every move, seeing this Radha gets tensed.
Rahul is with his siter Ketaki who exclaims that now even one more free hoarder is going to live with them, Rahul replies that only Radha is going to live with them for free. Ketaki replies Damini and her mother also do not give any money as rent, Rahul explains Damini works with their mother to establish the business, Ketaki replies why should an outsider do what they are supposed, Rahul explains for her information, Damini is very soon going to be the wife of their brother Mohan and then would get the keys of this entire house.

Radha is sitting in the room, Gungun knocks on the door seeing whom Radha gets excited asking if Gungun came to thank her for saving her life since it was her duty, Gungun questions why would she thank her, Radha replies she saved her from the uncle and also protected her from getting into an accident with her father, Gungun says she must recall who saved her because she was the one who hit her uncle with the coconut otherwise he would have hit her with the stick, she then was about to get in the accident with Mohan which might have caused him to get arrested, Radha is shocked questioning why is she talking like this when she thought they both have become friends and she helped her to save her from her uncle, and their friendship gets strong by doing these things. Gungun replies they are enemies and not friends, she would surely make her life a hell while she stays in this house, Radha sees the injury that Gungun has on her hands and she calls her from behind offering to apply the medicine but Gungun leaves.

Mohan enters the room when he is shocked to see the injury of Gungun, he questions how did she get hurt, Gungun replies what is he showing the concern. Mohan brings the first aid box but she pushes his hand away, insisting on curing her injury when he offers to at least have a look at it, she throws the medicine away and then climbs up the wardrobe, he requests her to come down when she insists on staying there even when he warns that she might get hurt, Gungun loses her balance and falls but both Mohan and Radha catch her, he is just looking at Radha who came to help him save his daughter. Mohan questions what is this behavior and so tries to look at her injury when she pushing him away says that he is a killer and what is he talking about as he should bring a knife to kill her, Mohan is just standing there stunned, he takes a deep breath to hide the pain before walking out of the room.

Radha informs Gungun that she should not talk like this with her father as she feels really bad, Gungun questions why is she worried asking if he is her uncle when Radha replies Mohan is her father, Gungun pushes her so she falls on the ground, in front of the medicine, Radha thinks of a plan so starts crying explaining Gungun broke the rest of the feet that was left. She is crying when Gungun comes to her questioning why does she act, Radha then holds her hand to apply the medicine but Gungun is not able to say anything, Tulsi thanks Radha since she is fulfilling her duty, Gungun in her anger warns her to leave the room so Radha gets up after a struggle.

Radha in the room is holding the Bhagwat Geeta, thinking Gungun has hurt his mind a lot but she is still a child which is why he needs her, when she was in pain he helped her change but now he needs a change in his life and so she brought this for her, he is the one who said that the solution to all the problems would be found in this Geeta, he must think that all his problems would be solved.

Radha secretly enters the room of Mohan calling him but then thinks he would have gone outside, she is shocked to see the clothes that are spread all around the room, she thinks she is going to do it all otherwise a mouse might ruin them, she opens the wardrove and finds the instrument, she recalls that Mohan jee used to have it in their childhood when he would play it which caused tremendous joy for her, she starts smiling thinking about it. And even imagines the older Mohan playing it, thinking the Mohan jee who would be concentrated on the tune that he did not think of anything but is now lost, however she would just give him the Geeta, he would find a new life after reading it causing all the differences between a father and daughter to end while most importantly bring a smile on the life of Mohan jee.

Mohan is exercising while thinking about what Gungun when Radha comes explaining that she has brought a gift for him, he refuses to accept but she insists that he would have to take it because this is really important, she takes it out seeking the blessing when Radha informs she brought the Geeta for him, he says that he has a printing press and can have a lot printed for him. Radha informs that this Geeta is one in a million because he is the one who gave her this Geeta, she is sure that he would find all the solutions to the problems between his relation and Gungun. Mohan mentions it is a matter of trust but he doesnot believe it in all and doesnot even remember when and if he gave her this Geeta, Radha is left wondering what is he saying, Mohan mentions this is just business for him but Radha in forms that all the problems would be solved if he reads it with a good heart as she is sure his problems would be solved. Mohan replies that her Bhagwan took everything from him, he leaves while she gets tensed as he doesnot believe in him, Radha holds the Geeta close to her heart as she is really tensed.

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