Pandya Store 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gautam getting Kaka’s call. He says some ration has come, the problem is, the customers aren’t coming to our shop. Dhara says don’t worry, I have experience to run the shop, get the stock, we will arrange the customers. Everyone goes to the shop. They try to attract the customers’ attention by keeping the banners and keeping the fresh ration stock outside on display. Suman plays the dhol and calls everyone. She says we invite you to tell you the story of Pandya store, we are bearing the stain because of someone’s cheat, we will wash this stain by your trust. The family members come representing the grains. Raavi says we are together like haldi and mirchi. Shiva changes his cap and wears the salt one. She says wow, it makes the food more tasty. Everyone tells how they run the shop. They show the good quality products to the customers. Pandyas come with a creative play. Raavi gets emotional and tells Shiva of her love. Gautam says love always wins over fight, because nothing is pure than that, Pandya store loves you all a lot. They appeal to the people.

Prafulla shouts Kamini and comes to meet her. Janardhan asks what happened. She says Pandyas are getting their customers back. He says Kamini isn’t at home, come later to meet her, get out. She calls Kamini and says you used to talk big things, see Pandyas are keeping a play, they got a long line of customers. She leaves. He says I knew that the family does good drama, but I didn’t know they will organize a play, I have to do something.

Gautam says I have served you all, I request you to give me one chance for that old love, trust me again, I won’t let it break again. They all request the people. Kirti calls Krish. He doesn’t answer. She says I have to come and meet you. She leaves. Gautam says we can never change, someone tried to break us, its in your hands that we don’t break, we will always be true, we need your trust.

Dhara says we stood with you always, we know that Somnath is with us. She cries and says Somnath will make Pandya store win. Suman says they are serving you since many years, they will always serve you. Everyone asks for one more chance to serve them. The people look on. A procession passes. Pandit ji blesses Pandyas. The flowers fall over Gautam, wearing the Pandya store banner in his cap. Pandya asks Dhara how is she. She says I m fine, you didn’t tell me about the Bhandara. He says it will happen always. She says we will provide the grains like every year, tell us, when shall we send the grains. Pandit/Mahant smiles seeing the store.

Gautam says we give the order to the temple, we have to get this order from Mahant. Dhara says Rishita and Raavi will go to talk to him. Dev says they both look upset, I told you we should have not sent them.

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