Pandya Store 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Dhara asking Gautam to see the competition live, Shiva will win today. Shiva apologizes for coming late and says my brother was unwell, I had to take him to the hospital, so I got late. Rishita asks what happened to Gautam, is he okay. Shiva says he is okay, he was in need of blood and I gave it and came. Shiva starts telling the judges that he wants to take the Pandya store to the fields and farmers, and get them the right pay for their hardwork. He says I don’t know making ppt, so I got them here directly, my funda is here, profit can be less, but satisfaction should be here. Everyone claps. Shiva says I decided that everything will be organic in my store, invest 30 lakhs in my business, I will make it one crore, I trust myself, I want your trust. Judges clap for him. Rishita looks on. The anchor says now it’s the time for the results. Everyone prays. She says the winner of the rising business of Gujarat competition is none other than Shiva Pandya. Shiva, Raavi, Suman and family get emotional and happy. Rishita is shocked. Everyone claps for Shiva. Shiva cries with joy. Dhara hugs Gautam happily. Krish hugs Raavi. Raavi says I love you Shiva.

Shiva jumps happily. Janardhan, Kamini and Kirti make an upset face. Shiva gets the trophy and the cheque. Suman asks what’s the hurry, Janardhan, have sweets and go. Janardhan and Kamini leave. Rishita is the runner up. The anchor asks Rishita to share her experience. Rishita says thanks for appreciating my efforts, I would like to congratulate my brother in law Shiva, I have learnt this today that talent is needed more than a degree. She recalls her words told to Shiva. The anchor says okay, thanks, I would like to call Shiva now. Shiva thanks everyone for supporting him. He says I have this trophy in my hand, but someone else is also deserving of this, I want to call her on stage, can I. He calls Raavi on stage. Krish signs her to go. He sits with Kirti and signs sorry. Shiva and Raavi smile. Shiva says there are many people behind my success, my dad, mum, Bhabhi’s upbringing, my elder brother Gautam’s teaching and Krish’s encouragement, but one person has talented me more than myself, she is my Chipkali, my power, my love, Raavi. Everyone smiles. Shiva thanks Raavi and says this wasn’t possible without you, I love you. She says I love you too my Bhootnath. They hug.

Suman says they are filmi, they won and made us cry, stop hugging on stage. She laughs. Shiva gives the trophy to Raavi and says this is yours. Raavi smiles. Shiva says this was impossible without Rishita, thanks for provoking me that day, else I would have not participated in this competition, she is also behind my victory, so Rishita didn’t lose today, Shiva didn’t win, this trophy is for the entire Pandya family. Everyone claps.

Suman says you said it right. Rishita cries and thinks I will never forget this. The anchor thanks Shiva and the Gujarat audience for making the show complete. Gautam says Dhara, we shall go home, I m okay, Shiva is my medicine, I want to hug him, please take me. She says no, I will ask Shiva to come here. He says he will go to Pandya store first, take me there. She says doctor didn’t give you discharge. Gautam asks the doctor can he go, he has to go and welcome his brother, is there any threat to life. Doctor says no, but you need care. Dhara says sorry, he is very excited to meet his brother, can we take him home if there is no threat to his life. Doctor says he is fine, but he needs care. She says you can give prescription. Gautam asks Dhara to come. She says I will call ward boy. She goes. Rishita cries in her room. Shiva comes to the locality, dancing and enjoying with his friends. Rishita recalls Shiva’s words. Krish says Shiva has won, he is a big businessman. Rishita says he insulted me on national tv, I will never forget this.

Rishita presents a video and insults Shiva as a fraud. She asks Dhara to say, what will she say now for his fraud.

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