Pandya Store 4th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 4th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Doctor asking why did you delay in bringing Gautam here, he had fever, its total carelessness. Dhara says I didn’t know, he is taking medicines for fever, will anything happen to him, will he get fine. Doctor asks them to wait outside. Everyone worries. Dhara says its my mistake, I couldn’t take care of Gautam. Shiva cries. Its morning, everyone is in the hospital. Dhara says I don’t want Rishita’s winning chances to get spoiled, don’t tell anything to her. Krish agrees. Rishita and Kirti come for competition. She says Shiva and family aren’t here. Janardhan comes to Pandya house and ask did everyone hide by fear of losing. Suman comes to answer. Everyone worries for Gautam. Dhara cries. She sees the time. She asks Shiva to go for the competition. She says doctors have to handle here, you go. Shiva says I won’t go anywhere. Doctor comes and asks for O negative blood for patient. Shiva says I can give blood to him. She says Krish can also give blood, you go. Shiva refuses to go.

He goes to give the blood to Gautam. Suman says congrats, your daughter will win the competition, Shiva will not leave Gautam sick and go for the competition. Shiva goes to Gautam and lies down on the other bed to give him blood. Kuch nahi….plays…

Raavi hugs Dhara. Everyone thinks of Gautam and cries. The competition begins. The anchor says Shiva or Rishita will win the competition, the winner will get 10 lakhs and the funding for the business plan. She calls Rishita on stage. Rishita gives the business presentation. Everyone claps for her. Rishita says I have to get all the markets under one roof, my dream is to open a mall, I expect an investment of 1.5 crores. Everyone claps.

Dhara and everyone come to Gautam and Shiva. Dhara asks are you fine. Shiva says yes, what will happen to me, I will give even 10 bottles blood to Gautam. Dhara says you have done what you had to, but can you live by leaving the dreams, just go, I m with Gautam, I won’t let anything happen to him.

The anchor says its Shiva’s turn now. She calls Shiva on stage. She says if Shiva doesn’t come, then Rishita will be announced as the winner. Rishita says wait for 5mins, he would be coming. She calls Kamini. She says I won’t take the trophy if you did something to stop Shiva from coming. Kamini says I didn’t do anything such. Gautam gets conscious. He sees Shiva. He says I don’t want this to affect your competition, just go and win, Shiva. Shiva refuses. Gautam says you will go for my sake. Dhara says I m here, you go. Gautam holds Shiva’s hand and smiles. Shiva kisses Gautam’s forehead and leaves.

The anchor says Shiva didn’t reach, so he will be disqualified. Shiva starts his presentation. He brings some workers on stage. The farmer says I don’t get the right amount of the harvest, the sellers eat the profits, farmers are committing suicide. A pot maker comes and says these items sell for 500rs, but I get 50rs or 100rs, its not right that the sellers get the profits. A cloth maker comes and says I do hardwork, but the sellers take all the profits of the items we make. Shiva comes and says sorry, you all had to wait for me. Suman sees Shiva and Raavi on tv. Everyone cheers for Shiva.

The winner is announced for the competition. Dhara asks is there a bigger challenge for Shiva.

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