Pandya Store 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gautam saying if Shiva doesn’t win today, then the competition will end for him, Shiva needs you more, just go. Dhara asks him to take care. She goes. Shiva and Rishita are on stage for the competition. The anchor tells them to make something good from the colour papers and sell the things. She gives them 10 minutes. Everyone starts making some creative thing. Dum laga ke….plays…. The contestants are asked to bring the things. Rishita shows her paper art. She makes the bouquet and décor. She says I have made this origami flowers by the 5rs papers. She tells about the origami art. Everyone claps for her. Janardhan praises her. Others also showcase their products. Shiva is called to display his product. The anchor asks Shiva to come and show what he made. Shiva shows the papers bags. Suman says they called my son there to make fun of him, Janardhan bribed them. Gautam says no, focus on Shiva.

Gautam feels uneasy. Shiva says this time item is different, paper bag, we can use these paper bags and stop using plastic, we can save our earth, business isn’t for personal benefit, business is to change the customer’s thinking, the country will become good, who are in with me for a change. Suman and Gautam smile and clap for him. Everyone claps for Shiva.

The judges pass the result of the second round. The anchor asks who will be this round’s winner, tell me. People cheer for Shiva and Rishita. The anchor says this round’s winner is Pandya. Dhara and Raavi get happy. The anchor says Shiva Pandya is the winner. Everyone claps for him. Dhara hugs Raavi happily. Gautam dances. Suman asks Janardhan to stay back for the party, Shiva has won. The judge says you have thought for the business and also for the planet, we hope you will remember no plastics motto. The anchor says Rishita and Shiva were the winners of the first and second round, we will see Pandya versus Pandya in the final round. Shiva says I came here scared, now you should be scared, because competition is of equals. Rishita goes. Raavi hugs Shiva and gives him kisses. She says you have done an amazing thing. Dhara says you spoke really well. Rishita gets angry and says judges did partiality, my product was unique, anyone can make paper bags, I will make everything equal in tomorrow’s round, Shiva will lose. Dhara says you win or Shiva, my family member will win. Rishita asks is it, then tell it truly, you will be happy for my win also. Dhara says I will be equally happy for your win. Rishita says I will win to make you accept that I m better than Shiva. She goes.

Rishita comes home and cries. She says how can I lose to a less educated man, I have to win. She ruins the room in anger. Kalyani comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Rishita runs to puke. Kamini comes. Kalyani asks her not to go in next round if she has tension. Kamini asks Rishita to think how will she defeat Shiva by any fair and unfair means. Rishita calms down. Kamini says Krish is always around you, call him and ask about Shiva’s preparations for next round. Gautam feels cold. Dhara checks him. She says you got high fever, open your eyes. She shouts to Shiva, Raavi and Krish. They come running and see Gautam. They call an ambulance. They take Gautam to the hospital. Doctor checks Gautam. Dhara cries. Doctor says there are septic symptoms in the patient, why did you delay in bringing him here, his state is bad, its tough to say anything. Everyone is shocked.

Shiva and Rishita give their best in the final round. The anchor announces the winner…

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