Pandya Store 28th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 28th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gautam and everyone hearing Janardhan and Kamini’s talk. Kamini says I had given you a warning, they will get overconfidence and then make a mistake, then we have to wait for their mistake, then we will play our next move. Shiva says now no one can save Janardhan. Its night, Raavi ties Suman’s hair. Dhara says its another victory for us. Krish says mum is moving her hand. Dhara and everyone smile. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Suman holds the ball. Dhara asks her to throw the ball at the stones.

Dhara tells Raavi about Banni Chow coming for Mahadev darshan. She says I gave her the food order for mum. Banni comes there with the tiffin. She enters the Pandya store with much attitude and style. Dhara says you have come. Banni says it was a business call. She asks about Suman. She says I felt bad hearing about Suman’s illness, I will feed her the food first. She meets Suman and takes the food for her. Dhara says Banni wants your help. Banni says I have a catering business, all the food cuisines are available, can you taste the Gujarati food and review it. Dhara says her business is her dream, you are the best in cooking Gujarati food, review it for her. Banni says it was my mum’s dream, she passed away, but I have to fulfil her dream, won’t a mum help a daughter in fulfilling a dream. Suman nods. Banni feeds the food to Suman and asks her to review it. Suman likes the food. She asks what’s happening, my mind isn’t paralyzed, I know everything. Banni says my mum used to make stories and feed me the food, I thought I will feed the food to you. Suman eats the food. She blesses Banni’s business. Dhara calls her Annapurna. Banni says no, I m just a human, but make food with love. She leaves. Gautam and family come to Janardhan’s house for work. Shiva says we have to do something. Gautam says we will not leave them. Dhara compliments his smartness. Kamini says let them come, I will beat them with their own stick. Shiva compliments Raavi. She says I look good in any clothes. They have a sweet talk. Shiva says I love you. Raavi smiles. He says Janardhan and Kamini are ill mannered, I tolerate them, if they say anything to you then I will not tolerate it. He asks her to go now.

Rishita recalls Dhara’s words. She sees the diet plan list on the fridge. She says Dhara has fixed this. Dhara comes and asks her to take rest. Rishita hugs her. Kalyani asks Dhara to get clothes pressed. Rishita says Dhara won’t do this. Kalyani says I will go to laundry and get the clothes ironed. Kamini comes and says I will iron the clothes. Dhara asks Raavi to go and get the vegs. Rishita says Kirti will get it. Raavi says I will do with Shiva. She goes. Dhara irons the clothes. Kamini and Kalyani give her more clothes. Kamini taunts Dhara. Dhara says I have to do my work if I m doing this job. Raavi goes to Shiva. He asks who gave you permission to come. She asks him to take her on long drive. Dhara says I will iron the clothes. Kamini thinks I will see how you take Dev and Rishita home. Dev feels bad and says I don’t know whose help to take. Kamini burns her hand and screams. Everyone runs to see. Dhara says I didn’t do anything. Kamini says my hand got burnt. Rishita asks what happened. Kamini says my hand got burnt, Dhara was upset on me, she burnt my hand. Everyone is shocked.

Kamini says this necklace and Rishita won’t go back to Pandya house. Someone records this. Dhara says Maa, we will bring Dev and Rishita home today.

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