Pandya Store 25th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 25th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Janardhan smiling seeing Pandyas as the servants. Gautam gives the fake house papers to him. Rishita calls Janardhan. She asks him to send a driver to the airport to pick them. Janardhan says sure, I hired a new driver, he will come to pick you. Janardhan gives the key to Gautam. They both lock the cupboard. Janardhan says congrats for the new job, you all are my servants, welcome to my house. He insults Gautam and gives him a gardener’s costume. He asks him to wear it. Shiva says but we are already wearing good clothes. Janardhan says servants wear uniform in rich families. He gives the uniforms to them. He says we have a party in evening, everything should be perfect. Gautam thinks Janardhan will be in trouble. Janardhan asks Shiva to pick Rishita from the airport. Shiva says Dev would be coming. Janardhan says I don’t care about him, just get Rishita, you have to handle Dev. Janardhan says no, you know your responsibility, I have a recording of our conversation. He plays it. Janardhan says I will handle them, I know my responsibility. Gautam says we came here to earn money, we have no problem. Dhara and everyone say yes. They all go out. Dhara cooks the food. She asks Krish is the salad ready. She says Janardhan wants to insult us. Gautam says I will cut Janardhan’s nose, give me a knife. Raavi asks will you nearly cut his nose. Gautam asks Shiva to cover his face and go to pick Dev and Rishita, the drama climax should be in the party. Gautam tears his uniform. Dhara asks what are you doing. Gautam starts acting. They smile. Shiva says I will go and pick Dev and Rishita. Kamini says I know you want to ashame them in front of everyone, but they can ashame us in front of Dev and Rishita. Janardhan says they need money, the won’t do anything, don’t worry, I will keep an eye on them.

Kanta says they have gone to Janardhan’s house, Janardhan has thrown a party today, he wants to insult them. Suman says they will burn Janardhan’s Lanka, don’t worry, Dhara promised me. She drops the ball. Dhara, Raavi and Krish get the snacks and drinks. Kamini asks them to serve the juice to everyone. She sits watching them. Janardhan comes and says you will be seeing some new faces here, I will introduce them. He introduces Dhara as the cook, she has prepared the food today. He says Shiva is working as my driver, meet Gautam Pandya, he is Pandya store’s owner, he has much esteem, he is a nice man, but I regret that he is working as a gardener in my house, he came to my house to ask for a job, I gave him a job. He asks Gautam to greet everyone. Gautam greets the guests. Janardhan asks who did this, how did the uniform get torn. He sees the torn sleeve. Gautam says I don’t know, it was like this when I got it. Janardhan asks him to go and get the flowers from the garden. Gautam goes to Dhara and asks what’s Kalonji flowers. Dhara says it will appear like Kalonji, go now, Dev will be coming now. Dhara hears the guests talking about Pandyas. Shiva reaches the airport. Rishita and Dev look for the driver. Dev says Shiva…. Shiva worries and says I m Shankar, Janardhan has sent me to pick you, come, I joined two days back. He takes them. Gautam gets the flowers. Janardhan scolds him for getting Genda flowers. Gautam says I didn’t get those flowers. The man asks Gautam to work somewhere else. Gautam says yes, I have to make Pandya store and work there, I got a chance to work with Janardhan today. He gives the flowers to the guests. Gautam smiles seeing Janardhan. Dev and Rishita are on the way.

Janardhan asks Gautam to clean the floor. Gautam cleans the floor. Dev and Rishita come home. They are shocked to see Gautam and everyone working as servants. Gautam smiles.

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