Pandya Store 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Shiva scaring Kamini and asking her to tell about Dev and Rishita. He threatens her. He stops the tempo. Kamini says I will tell you, do you really want to hear the baby’s laugh, baby won’t be safe in your house, Rishita stays unwell in stress, if you want to save your mum, if you want to take the risk, then I will tell you their address, let them stay in Ahmedabad for some days. Shiva says enough, you think I don’t know what you are doing, you did this to separate our family, I m Shiva Pandya, Bhairav of Pandya family, do anything you want. She leaves. He comes to the hospital. He says I met Kamini, Dev and Rishita went to Ahmedabad, Kamini said they went there for the sake of the baby, to stay away from stress, we shouldn’t tell Dev about Suman. Gautam says yes, we should not disturb them. Dev thinks why did Dhara call. He calls Dhara. Rishita comes. Dev’s phone falls in the water bucket. He checks the phone. He says fate doesn’t want me to call.

Everyone sees Suman getting treated. Rishita says its two days now, we will go back. Dev says we can stay here. She insists him. Doctor asks Dhara and Gautam to take Suman home. Gautam says Suman got fine. Doctor says we can’t say that the patient is out of danger, there is no improvement, we did our best, her condition is stable now, maybe some miracle happens there. Dhara says Gautam… They all cry. They take Suman home. Raavi sits on Suman’s chair and comes to cheer everyone. She acts like Suman. Dhara acts like Raavi. Shiva smiles. They see Suman. Suman doesn’t wake up. Dhara asks Suman to wake up, her kids are worried. Krish and everyone ask her to get up. Suman wakes up. She asks Gautam to get Dev from Ahmedabad. Gautam says Dev and Rishita will feel bad seeing your condition, get well soon, then I will get them. Dhara says don’t worry, I will get Dev here to stay forever, promise. Suman observes her paralysis and gets shocked. She asks Gautam what is happening. He nods. She says no. They all cry. Gautam hugs her.

Dhara says our self esteem isn’t imp than mum’s health, I know you have sworn in front of Janardhan, but we have to step back from our words. Shiva asks what promise. Dhara says Janardhan offered you a servant’s job in your house, right. Shiva asks how dare he, I will beat him. She stops him. She says we won’t tell Dev and Rishita about Suman, they will come running, it will be temporary situation, we have to do something to get them permanently. Gautam says I understand, what do you want to say. She says you have to accept Janardhan’s job offer, this is the best way to get Dev and Rishita home, Gautam won’t go alone, we all will go there and work together. Gautam says no, I don’t like your plan. She asks him to say a better idea. Shiva says I can’t tolerate this, Gautam won’t become a servant there. She asks can I tolerate, but I have no better way than this, I will get Dev and Rishita back home, we all will go there and tackle Janardhan and Kamini’s bad intentions. Gautam looks at Suman.

Janardhan says I will give you a job, I will have your house papers mortgaged. Pandyas come there to work as servants.

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