Pandya Store 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Shiva showing Darshan’s semi-burnt pic to Suman. She gets shocked. She asks how did this happen, I don’t understand, did it get totally burnt. Gautam nods. She cries. Dev says our dad’s dream got burnt to ashes, Shiva worked hard and made the second floor of the shop, it also got burnt, Gautam is broken. Rishita says so he doubted me. Dev says he heard me talking to your dad about fire, and they saw me in cctv footage, so they will doubt me, we have to think of Pandya store, it has no insurance, what will happen now, I can’t see my dad’s dream breaking like this. Rishita hugs him. Its morning, Suman comes to the store with the everyone. She asks will our store become like before. Dhara says yes, it will stand back again with the same pride, we will sell the stock outside the store, but not let the store get shut. They all get the stock outside the store.

Dev thinks of Pandya store. He says I have to do something for my family. Rishita says I will feel bad if you don’t help them, because you won’t be the Dev who I loved, you used to worry for the family always. They hug. Shiva says I will drive a tempo to earn money to fix the store and run the house. Gautam says I will also find a job. Krish says I will also do a part time job to earn. Suman says we had built this store with difficulty, fix this store. Gautam asks her not to worry. Dev and Rishita come. Dev says no need to do anything. They all look at Dev. Shiva goes. Rishita hugs Dhara. Dev recalls Gautam’s slap. Gautam hugs him. Dev says keep this money to fix the store and run the house. Rishita says please don’t refuse. Gautam refuses. He says store will get fixed but not by Janardhan’s money, I don’t want his money. Dev says its our shop’s profit. Gautam says but the shop is of Janardhan. Dev says I left the house and you made me a stranger, you accused me for burning the store. Suman gets shocked and sees Dhara. Dev says you are refusing to take my help today. Suman says you come back home, Gautam will happily take the money from you. Dev asks how did conditions come in between our relations. Suman says I promise everything will get fine. Rishita says nothing will get fine now, don’t know what will happen if we stay together, we had thought to come back, but there are already many problems, something happens that we change our thoughts. Suman asks Gautam to take the money and end the fight. She asks will you come back then. Gautam looks at Dev.

Gautam says no, forgive me Dev, but I won’t take this money from you, you keep the money of your hardwork. Dev says I told you Rishita that Gautam will never take this money. Dev and Rishita go to their store. Suman cries. Gautam asks her not to worry and go home. He says Dhara and I built this store ten years back, and now I have my brothers also. Krish says yes, I will earn money and help Gautam. Dhara says no need Krish, focus on your studies. Krish says I promise, my job won’t affect the studies, I will manage. Gautam asks Krish to take Suman home. Gautam says life is such, we think something and something happens. Dhara holds him.

Dev gets angry and says he accused me for stealing the store and now refused to take my help. Rishita asks him to calm down. Janardhan smiles and thinks I won’t let you both go back home. Gautam tries to sell the basmati rice on the roads. Shiva hears a man asking for tempo. Gautam talks to a customer. Shiva says I have a tempo, I need money. He gets hired. Gautam sells the rice at a lower rate. He puts the sacks in the car. Some students see Shiva and taunt him for becoming zero again. Shiva gets angry. The guy says we will take a pic with you. Shiva pushes him. Dev and Rishita look on. The guy insults Shiva more. Dev and Rishita scold the students and send them away. Shiva leaves in the tempo. Shiva sees Gautam working and lifting the sacks on his bag. He goes to Gautam. Rishita says their self-respect and principles, they will die but not take help. Shiva lifts the sacks. Gautam looks on and smiles and cares for Shiva. Dev says don’t know what to do, I can’t go home and don’t want to stay here, I wish to stay on the roads. He sees Rishita feeling uneasy. He asks what happened. He gives her water.

Suman sees Dev going in the car. She follows him. She falls down the wheelchair. Shiva and Raavi come in time and hold her. Suman gets hospitalized.

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