Pandya Store 18th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 18th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Gautam slapping Dev and saying you have ignited this fire, tell me. Dhara asks why will Dev do this. Gautam says to bring us on road, he got us permissions for the shop and saw the construction happily, then he burnt it, what will we pay the investors now. He asks Dev to say, why is he ashamed of accepting his crime now. He throws the bracelet. Dev and everyone look on. Dev recalls his bracelet. Everyone looks at Dev. The man gets the cctv footage. He asks Shiva to see. Shiva sees Dev. He says it means Gautam was saying right. He holds Dev’s collar and asks what were you doing here, its in cctv footage, you have ignited the fire, you burnt dad’s dream for some money. Dev asks how can you think so that I can burn my shop. Shiva asks him to see the cctv footage, who has ignited the fire. Everyone sees the footage. Dev cries. The footage is incomplete. Dev says I came to the shop but to check my stock. Gautam says you are clarifying after so much happened. He holds Dev’s collar. Dev says I will not clarify, when you have no faith on me. Gautam and everyone cry. Rishita says Dev should have come by now. Rishita asks Kamini did you see Dev. Kamini says no, he was talking on call, he may have gone to meet his brothers, they always trap Dev.

Shiva says I m calling the police right now, police will make you admit everything. Dhara stops Shiva and says no one will call the police. She breaks the phone. She says who said Dev has burnt the shop, he was just at a wrong place at a wrong time. Shiva says fine, he was here when the store burnt. He asks Dev how did the store burn. Dev asks who is interested in knowing the truth, you are busy in blaming me. He asks Gautam how can he… Raavi says you are just thinking of the blame, Gautam won’t say anything without a reason. Dhara says Shiva, you got raised with Dev, tell me, can your brother do this with you, can Dev do this. They all cry. Dhara asks Gautam to say if Dev can do this, doesn’t he trust her upbringing. She asks can your Dev do this. She asks Krish does he also think Dev did this. Everyone gets silent. Dev cries.

He says when everyone thinks I have done this, then don’t call the police, I will accept my crime at the police station, you all go home. Dhara says you won’t go anywhere, the store got burnt, but the relations are still burning. Dev says its all over, now our relations got so distant that its tough to come close. He sees Gautam and turns to see. Pandya store board falls. They all look on. Suman wakes up from sleep. Gautam looks at Dev and cries.

Dev leaves. Shiva hugs Gautam. Suman comes out of her room. She says where did Krish go, leaving the door open. She calls out everyone. She says did they go to get Krish married. She calls Gautam. The phone rings. She says something is wrong. Rishita says don’t know where did he go. Janardhan says don’t worry, I will go and get him, maybe the brothers had a fight again. She says I will also come along. He says I didn’t wish to tell you, Pandya store caught fire, Dev is blamed for it. She asks what, you are saying this now. He says don’t worry, I have sent my men to the police station to bail out Dev if they complain against him. She says they are his family, why are you talking about bail. Dev comes home. Janardhan asks are you fine. Rishita asks are you fine. Dev says we will talk later. Kamini smiles.

Gautam and everyone come home. Suman asks where were you all, did you go to play garba. She looks at them and asks what happened, accident? Is Dev fine, Rishita? Dev cries and recalls Gautam’s words. Rishita comes. He hugs her. He says our dad’s dream burnt to ashes. Suman asks Gautam to say. Gautam goes to her and cries. He says everything is ruined, its all over. She asks what. He says our Pandya store burnt to ashes. Suman gets shocked.

Dhara says we will sell the leftover stock, but the store won’t get closed. Dev says no need to do anything, keep the money and fix the shop. Gautam says this shop won’t get fixed by Janardhan’s money.

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