Pandya Store 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kamini saying who fixes cctv camera in the house, you can call the police and get it searched if you want. Gautam shouts Dev. Dev and everyone run to him. Gautam asks him to come home with Rishita. He asks Rishita to come. She doesn’t move. He says Dhara promised Suman that she will take you home after puja, your baby will be born in our house, come home. Rishita stops Dev and refuses to go. She says I don’t even want to step in that house now. Gautam stumbles. Dev and Dhara hold him. Rishita says if elders get drunk and come in puja, then what will they teach the kids, I didn’t know you will fall so low. Dhara asks her to control her tongue.

Rishita argues. She says Gautam came drunk, shall I not say anything, you had added elaichi in the kheer and gave me an empty box as a gift, why did you get Gautam here if he was drunk. Gautam says I didn’t drink, Janardhan made me drink juice, I had that. Rishita says wow, enough of the lies. Gautam asks what is she saying, I had taken the juice, come home with me, Dev. Janardhan stops Gautam and asks are you not ashamed to do a drama in our house, you spoiled Rishita and Dev’s big day. Rishita cries and says I thought I made a big mistake by leaving the house in anger, but I realized I didn’t make any mistake, they don’t want me to come home. Suman cries.

Rishita says you can never wish good for us. She cries. Kamini and Janardhan smile. Dhara says she will not understand us, Gautam. She asks Suman to talk to Rishita. Suman cries. Dhara says you have seen I didn’t add elaichi in the kheer, this box had the necklace, tell her, she isn’t listening to me. Suman asks what’s left to say to save, I have seen everything shattering. Dev asks Dhara to stop it. He asks will we all show to the baby after coming. Shiva scolds him. He says I know what’s happening here. Dev says I know the drama going on here, I admit that Gautam was fed the drinks, someone added the elaichi and Dhara’s necklace got stolen, but then what, my baby’s future is spoiled, I m not angry on anyone here, I m just regretting. Rishita leaves. Dhara holds Dev’s hand. He leaves. Shiva stops Dev. He says you are with this family since childhood, you know well what this family can do and what not, you think we will make such three big mistakes in this house, think well, you also have a mind. Dev goes. Suman cries and says my house got shattered today, it can never be the same again. Gautam says everyone thinks I m drunk, I just had the juice, nothing else, I swear on dad. Suman hugs him and cries. Suman asks can’t I ever see the children playing in my house. She calms down Gautam. She says we shall go home. She takes him home. Dhara and everyone leave. Janardhan smiles.

At home, Gautam says I will bring Dev and Rishita home. Dhara says I m sure that Kamini did this, I had seen her touching the kheer pot. Shiva says yes, that drama family did this, Janardhan fed the alcohol to Gautam. Dhara says we are noticing this, but Dev and Rishita aren’t, it may happen that it gets too late till they notice. Rishita says you said we will go back home, you want our baby to get born in a negative environment, we and our baby will be troubled in the families’ fight. Dev gets a call. The man asks where shall we put the ration. Dev asks them to take it to the new Pandya store. The man asks him to come. Dev leaves. Janardhan smiles and says I have to see how much Pandyas shatter. Dev comes to the Pandya store. He says there is no one here, where did they go. He sees the old Pandya store. He sits there and gets emotional. He recalls the childhood and laughs. Gautam wakes up at night. He recalls Dev. He drinks the water. Dev gets a call. The man says you came late, we left from there, we will come tomorrow. Dev leaves. His bracelet falls there. The Pandya store catches fire. Gautam drops the glass. Dhara wakes up. She asks what happened. He says my heart is tensed, like something wrong is happening. She says everything will be fine. Gautam gets a call. He is shocked. He asks what, Pandya store caught fire. Dhara is shocked.

Gautam, Dhara and everyone run to see the store burning. Gautam shouts our store, its dad’s dream. Shiva stops him.

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