Pandya Store 12th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Pandya Store 12th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Rishita giving prasad to Janardhan and saying baby is 3 months now. Janardhan says just 6 months left for the delivery, I can’t wait, we shall celebrate, we will have dinner outside today. Rishita says not today, I m thinking to go home. Kamini says this is your house. Janardhan says I m sure that they won’t even remember this day. Kalyani asks Rishita to have Shikanji. Dhara and Raavi come and greet. Dhara says Rishita and baby completed 3 months today, we had kept a puja, we got the prasad. She hugs Rishita and congratulates Rishita and Dev. Dev smiles. Raavi also congratulates them and gives the gifts for the baby. Dhara signs Raavi. Raavi apologizes to her for the party argument. Rishita says its my mistake to show the video, I m sorry. They hug. Raavi asks can I touch the baby once. Rishita nods. She laughs. Raavi talks to the baby. Rishita runs to puke. Raavi goes with her. Dhara asks what happened, shall I call the doctor. Rishita says no, why did Kalyani add Elaichi in Shikanji. Kalyani drinks it. Dhara says Rishita doesn’t like it. Kalyani says sorry, I had told Anil, I will be careful next time. Dhara asks Rishita to take care.

Dhara and Raavi leave. Gautam prays at his dad’s pic. Shiva sees him. Gautam hugs him and cries. Shiva asks why are you crying, you should be happy, come. Dev and Rishita come to their store. Dev looks at Pandya store. Meri dil me jagah…..plays… Shiva makes Gautam sit on the owner’s chair. Dev smiles. He thinks finally Gautam came back today. Rishita also smiles. Gautam sees Dev and asks Shiva to handle the shop. He says I will just come, I m going to rectify my mistake, Dev helped us in getting permissions, his heart is clean, we should take two steps ahead if he takes one step, he also deserves my blessing, I will just come. Gautam goes to Dev’s shop and smiles. Dev and Rishita welcome him inside the store. Gautam blesses them and hugs them. Gautam says I want chocolates, not cornflakes. He feeds the chocolates to them. He says I wish our relations stay sweet, keep the chocolate and the money, business ethics should be same for everyone. Yaadon ki baraat…plays…. Dev keeps the money in the temple. Dev asks Gautam to sit on the chair. Gautam asks how can I reap the harvest of your hardwork, you have a right to sit here, sit, I will go. He goes. Rishita gets Kamini’s call. Kamini says there is a good mahurat tomorrow, we are keeping a big puja at home. Rishita says Dev, dad has kept big puja for me and baby. Dev says we will invite everyone. Dev and Rishita come home. They take Suman’s blessings. Suman cries and blesses her.

Dev says Rishita’s family has kept a big puja tomorrow, you all should come. Dhara says we will come, I will make the prasad myself. Dev hugs Gautam. Everyone sits to have dinner. Rishita asks is anyone coming for dinner. Krish says its Dev and your plate, Dhara keeps it everyday. Dhara asks them to have food and go. Suman cries happily seeing the family together. Dhara feeds Dev by her hands. Rishita likes the food. Krish hugs Dev. Gautam smiles. Rishita says I can’t eat so much, fork is not here to eat dhokla. Dhara says I will get it. Gautam says we missed this Rishita here. Dhara gets the fork for Rishita. Yaadon ki baraat…..plays…. Gautam winks to Dhara. He takes the papad from Dev’s plate. Dev says you know I save the papad for the last, how can you eat my papad. Gautam says this way. Shiva says you shouldn’t keep the papad free. Dhara gets more papads. Rishita says we will go, come on time, I will wait for you all. Dhara hugs her. Dev hugs Shiva. Rishita makes Suman wash her hands. She takes Suman’s food plate. Dev says I will leave now, come tomorrow. Suman cries and nods.

Kamini says there should be a big drama in the puja, Pandyas should come happily but leave shattered, Rishita will never go back there. Dev and Rishita see the family.

Suman says Rishita was hesitant to go today, promise, you will bring them back home. Rishita feels nausea and asks Dhara did she do this intentionally, she added elaichi in the prasad, she is jealous of her baby.

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