Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

A girl Shilpi talking to her dad about her fees. He promises to pay it. She says Soumya said that she will conquer the fort today. Soumya runs to the fort and says I m making a connection with this fort’s pillar which makes their wish true. She tells a love story to the people. The people like to hear the love story. Soumya narrates it to them in an interesting way. She asks is it necessary that a girl gets a love letter always, it can be her appointment letter, it was the letter of her dream, she wanted to join the army, girls can’t fly much in our country, but until a girl doesn’t lose, no one can defeat her. The man says this story is so good, I m impressed. Soumya says thanks, I knew it that you are going to come here with your wife, so I came here to narrate this story, you can publish this in your newspaper. He says yes, I will publish this story. She says I want to go to Mumbai and become a storywriter for tv shows, I m sure that my dream will be fulfilled. He sends her the payment and asks her to check the phone. She gets 25000rs credited and thanks him.

Soumya says I will write more stories on my laptop. She sees her dad. She says I will ask dad to choose the laptop. She sees him entering the jewellery store. Her dad sells his trophy. He says I don’t want my daughters to pay for my failure, Shilpi wanted her fees, so I gave it, I have to pay bank loan, I don’t want to fall in my daughter’s sight. He takes the money and goes. Soumya cries.

Her dad comes home. He sees his trophy back over the tv. He sees Soumya. She nods and gets a glass of water for him. He blesses her. She thinks this trophy was imp than my laptop. She says my story is going to publish in the newspaper, I got paid for it. Her dad hugs her. He praises his daughters. Soumya’s num angrily cuts the onions. Soumya says let me go to Mumbai, please.

Her mum says your dad also got ruined because of his dreams, we are still suffering. Soumya says its not his mistake. He says if I didn’t success, then it doesn’t mean that Soumya will not succeed. Shilpi also supports Soumya. Their mum gets angry and says writers’ work isn’t so good, one loses courage when dreams break, I don’t want my daughters to suffer. She cries. Soumya makes her sit. Shilpi says mum won’t agree, you do what you want. Soumya says I will go to Mumbai to fulfill my dream, but I will take mum’s blessings. Her dad looks on and cries. He asks them to come, Soumya’s fav producer Armaan Oberoi is coming in the awards.

Armaan is seen at his home, watching the award function on tv. Soumya sees the awards function. Armaan wins the award. Armaan’s family claps for him. His dad says I m so proud of you, my son. He hugs Armaan. His mum Sushma is also happy. Armaan speaks about women, and salutes them. Soumya smiles hearing his speech. Sushma’s phone rings. She disconnects and says sorry. Armaan says I act better than my show actors, I m sure the audience would be thinking I have progressive thinking, women are silly and innocent, just like mom.

Soumya says mum should agree to let me go to Mumbai. Armaan gets praised by his Jiju Amrik. The man asks Armaan about his bride. Armaan says she will become my story and I will become her chapter. He does poetry. The man says we will have a rapid fire round. Soumya hears the interview and smiles. He says it will be my wife’s choice to decide if she will become a housewife or do work, I will support her every decision. Soumya thinks I hope every guy thinks like you, you are so true. Armaan says it’s a big lie, every girl would like to have a husband like me.

Soumya’s mum asks her to get married. Soumya says no, once I become a good writer, then I will get married to the one you want. She prays to find a way. Armaan says if you want to become a writer, then my team will be coming to all the major cities for talent hunt. Soumya notes down the addresses. She says now I will become a writer. Armaan says I m not giving a chance to new writers for help, experienced writers are teaching me these days, new writers will work bowing down to me. Soumya says mum won’t let me go. Her dad says yes, you go, I m permitting you, win and come. She hugs him and thanks.

Soumya comes to the writers talent hunt. Simmi says this is an instant test, you will come here and pick the chits, emotions are written here. Armaan watches the live feed on the screen. Simmi says you have to make a scene right here. Armaan says you think anyone will have a talent in Indore, it’s a waste of time, shut the talent hunt in 10 mins. Soumya comes on stage. She takes a chit. Armaan says she is rejected. Soumya shouts I reject you, its about making a story, you are killing talent here. She scolds Simmi. Armaan asks how dare she, she is judging us. Simmi says shut up. Armaan says ask her to get lost. Soumya says listen to me, my chit….

Armaan recalls her words and says read her chit. Simmi reads… you have to anger someone. Armaan says I want that girl back, she is a genius, I want her in Mumbai, she is the first finalist. Soumya thinks I will go back to tell them about my chit. She sees her mum there. Her mum reads the banner lines. She scolds Soumya. Soumya says sorry. Her mum says you lied to me. Soumya says yes. Her mum slaps her. Soumya says my result will come in 5mins, give me one chance, please, I will do whatever you say. Simmi looks for Soumya. Soumya’s mum says its my no, if you love me, then sit in the rickshaw, else go towards your dreams alone.

Soumya’s mum says groom is coming to see you. Soumya meets a groom. Armaan says I want a fully remote controlled wife.

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