Molkki 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Molkki 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Purvi tells Virender that he is blaming Gajraj falsely. Virender is shocked. You think I am blaming him? You trust this cheapster more than me? I am with you in whatever you want to do. Just stop this drama. Purvi insists that this isn’t a drama. I am tired of living like a poor person. I cannot live like that anymore! Thankfully Gajraj ji was here today when I had heart attack. If it was you then we wouldn’t even have money for treatment! What would you have lost? I would have died in the process. Virender tells her to stop her nonsense but she shouts that it is true. It might hurt to hear and understand but it is true. I don’t want to live with you anymore. Sign the papers and give me divorce. I don’t want to live like this anymore! Satyam goes to bring the papers. Virender asks Purvi if she has lost her mind. She reminds him how he had paid 20 lacs to her Baba for Molkki. You would need that money today. You don’t want to lose that money, not me. She asks Satyam to pay 20 lacs to Virender. Our relation will be over now. Satyam readily agrees. Virender tells Purvi that she has insulted their love by talking about money. You tried to put a price on my love. You deserve to live not with me but with this cheap man! You should stay with him. Gajraj gives pen and divorce papers to Virender who signs it. Purvi looks on sadly. Virender throws the papers. You are free now! Do whatever you want to! He leaves.

Purvi is crying to herself as she heads back to the room. Virender is walking in a daze on the streets. Purvi begs for forgiveness from Virender. I know that my behavior must have hurt you a lot. It is hurting me more than you. Virender thinks that I know her more than anyone else. You might have been mean to me but you must be more hurt than me right now. You must be doing it to punish that Gajraj. A paper cannot end our love. You can never accept a man like Gajraj ever! Purvi says I can try to go away from you but I get pulled to you more than before every time. no one can replace you in my life! Virender thinks that she may say or do anything but I have full faith that Bawri can never be someone else’s. Purvi says I will come running to you (Virender) the moment Satyam gets punished. Virender mentally encourages Purvi to do whatever she wants to. Just remember that I am with you under any circumstance.

Next morning, Purvi apologizes to Virender once again. I know I am hurting you a lot but I will come to you once I expose this cheap man! I will never part ways with you again. Satyam walks in. Purvi wipes her tears as she does not want him to him that she is sad because of Virender. Satyam sits next to her and offers her his kerchief. Don’t cry your heart out as that Mukhi does not care about you. I care about you. You have just recovered from a heart attack so you must look after yourself. Purvi reasons that she has nothing to eat or no place to stay. He tells her to stay with him in haveli. She thanks him. I don’t know how I will repay this favor to you. He tells her not to say this again. You have done a favor on me by coming in my life. She moves her hand away as she thanks him again. Purvi vows to expose him while staying under the same roof as him. A servant walks in. Satyam reprimands him from entering in the room where he is with Purvi. Servant tells him that police is outside. They go outside to check. Purvi thanks God and smiles.

Inspector tells Satyam that they have got info that he isn’t who he is pretending to be. Purvi asks Inspector who it is who is accusing him like that. Satyam asks Inspector if he will believe any random person’s words. I am Gajraj! Nurse calls him a liar. He is Satyam. He got arrested for killing Renu. His face was distorted in the blast. Everyone thought that Satyam is no more but he is lying to everyone! Satyam laughs at the story. It is a great story. He asks Purvi if she knows anyone by that name. she nods. He was my SIL’s husband. He died though. Mukhi ji has his death certificate too. She asks him to give a proof to prove his identity. He asks her if she will prove her identity tomorrow when someone will question her. He tells Inspector that the nurse is lying. She stays put and shows her wounds. Gajraj calls her stories. Take me to the court if you want proof. Nurse looks at Purvi who thinks that she has made her work easier. Satyam will have to show a proof of being Gajraj or he will have to go to court. Inspector tells Gajraj he is helpless in front of law. A report has been registered so I must act. Either bring proof or come to police station with me. Satyam gives a file to Inspector. He shows Gajraj’s certificates and narrates the incident of when his face was burnt. He starts breathing heavily. Purvi asks servant to bring water. Inspector asks Satyam if he is fine. Purvi reprimands him for causing trouble and assures Satyam that he will be fine. Nurse tells Satyam to keep up with this façade but I will expose you at any cost! She warns Purvi not to fall in Satyam’s drama. He pretends to be unwell whenever he is about to be trapped. Don’t trust him. He is a wolf! Police takes her away. Purvi takes Satyam to his room as he pretends to be unwell.

Anjali asks about Purvi. Virender replies that she wont come. Yogi asks him if she is fine. Anjali is equally confused. What are you saying? Why wont she come? Virender tells them that he has signed divorce papers. She has chosen to live with Satyam in that haveli. Anjali is in disbelief but Virender tells her that it is true.

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