Meet 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Meet 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Meet walks in her room. Light switches off Meet and Meet Ahlawat grab her push to wall says I would love to have a selfie with you in night dress and show her clothes. Meet says where did you get this. Meet Ahlawat says these were lost that’s why I brought. Meet says I bought is for you infront of whole family, go and wear it and says to himself now I’ll get to know what’s going on in her head. Meet walks out wearing dress says now take selfie. Meet Ahlawat looks at her and says who put pins on her night gown. Meet says I put on and I’ll wear night dress in this way infront of my husband. Meet Ahlawat get his voice deeper and says do you think me of villain, I’m hero and will not loose character and says when you can share everything with then why are you feeling shy and thinks something is going on in her head and hiding something. Babita calls Meet. They both start arguing that aunty is calling me.

Babita in her room. Manushi walks in says I guess I should quit because I don’t think Meet Ahlawat will ever trust me. Babita says don’t worry I called Meet too I’ll talk to her, someone knocks at door Babita says get in and says I didn’t expect this from, Manushi told me how you cheated with her and remove car’s front seat and you ordered the night dress and not my son, how will I understand that who is best then, Meet Ahlawat says Mom, Babita says what are you doing here, Meet Ahlawat asks what challenge, you think Manushi is my love, no she isnt, she has no place in my life, whereas Meey stood with me and is my life partner.

Meet looking in mirror says how do people like these clothes, Sunaina and Isha walk in and ask Meet why has she stapled her dress, Meet says forget that, and stop teasing Meet Ahlawat he gets so annoyed instead trouble me, Isha says I agree he gets so annoyed always angry, Meet says he is sweet and takes care of me, Sunaina says looks like you are in love with Meet Ahlawat, Isha says I am so happy.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat that Meet is a cheater, Manushi left house and wedding because of Meet she did this because she found Meet is in love with you, and so she gave up on you and left, here read this letter. Babita says Meet has to prove that she deserves all this, I have seen you in pain and in drunk state also you missed Manushi, Meet Ahlawat says that was old and don’t you remember how Meet stood for me in drug case and remember when she fought with goons for me. Babita says when am I denying, that’s what I’m trying to say your relation is one sided compromise and she will keep doing this to get your love and Manushi was your choice,you loved her I have seen you grinding in this relation, I know your happiness is Manushi and I’ll will do anything to get you two together. Meet Ahlawat thinks Manushi played her game against Meet I cannot do anything.

Tej and Sunaina in garden. Meet walks to them and says to Sunaina, you know why he always keep that book close to him because your name is written in that. Sunaina says to Meet you know we had love marriage that’s why he remembers my name, we gave advertisement in everywhere but we couldn’t find him. Meet says you both sit here I’ll leave now. Meet says how will I put advertisement in newspaper about Parth I don’t have anything about him, I have to bring her reality but only Kunal can bring I have to find him and calls someone says I need to put an article, I’ll share photo and please write Me. Kunal wherever you are please contact Mr. Natwarlal and give her number and write you won lottery of 1 crore and disconnects call says I did my work now’ ineed to wait for him to fall in trap.

Raj on call talking to someone. Masum walks to him says you have too faith in your daughter in law. Raj ask now what happen and what are you doing in house you should be in office. Masum says I did went to office but a notice was received in house because of which I came back and says Sunaina send a notice in which she is asking for her portion of property so that she can build her new home with Tej. Raj looks at notice says what rubbish I cannot accept she could send this notice. Masum says thengo and ask Sunaina. Raj says ofcourse I’ll ask her and I will not believe on this notice till the time Sunaina dont tell me about this and leave. Masum says you have to accept this that Sunaina send the notice and calls to lawyer says thanks for changing the matter in notice your fees will be transferred. Sunaina says this notice is the answer of your slap Sunaina.

Duggu looking for Meet saying Ustaad Mami. Meet calls him says come other side of car. Duggu says wao you know how to repair a car but Mamu and Papa use to do this job. Meet says car dosent know who is repairing it Mamu or Mami now tell what happen why were you calling me. Duggu give her envelope says here it is for you and she looks at the article. Meet Ahlawat walks out. Meet says to him are you going somewhere. He says I was going out for some important work and I’ll be late in coming back.

Meet Ahlawat at Meets house talking to Amma. Amma says to Meet Ahlawat this letter was left by Manushi ta her wedding time, we got this letter when she left. Meet Ahlawat says everything in this letter is fake I don’t know Meet much but still I can prove everything in this is fake and Meet is true. Amma start crying and says my Meet is true gold, she was always standing for everyone and says I also believe that how much faith you have in Meet, even if I die I know you are here for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says don’t talk like this you have to see her growing, now tell me truth. Amma says Manushi have ditched everyone by planning she took last sign of my aon from us, she took this house and then she forced me to take tgis fake letter to Babita, if I deny that shw would have sold this house and send us on street, Anubha is already suffering from stomach ulcer how she could go out and live in this condition.

Meet looks at article says wait I’ll bring true face infront of everyone she picks her phone and call says yes I’m speaking I like this article please publish tgis in tomorrow’s newspaper and disconnects phone.

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