Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Nandini saying tell Ram that the baby is of Krish. Priya says Ram won’t believe this. Nandini says then make him believe, Ram will accept you and then remember about Shivi, it was not Shivi’s mistake, she got punished for loving Akki, you will get punished for being Mahender’s daughter, you will tell Ram that this is Krish’s baby, you had a night of weakness. Priya says Ram will never believe this. Nandini says you promised me, if you fails to protect my family then you will accept any punishment. She threatens Priya. She says get away from Ram, else your baby will be in the orphanage, choice is yours. Priya cries. FB ends. Nandini says Krish had come for dinner, I asked Shubham to keep an eye on Priya and Krish, Shubham said that they were always in touch, Priya got kidnapped that day, she changed her clothes and came, maybe she had a weak moment. Ram says stop please. She says sorry to hurt you, I told about will for this reason, Mahender’s blood is faulty. Meera asks how can you say Ram that its not his child. She says I know you are right, but its not right to hide this from Ram. Priya says I don’t want to ruin Ram, he lost me when you got me home. Nandini says Priya is carrying Krish’s child. Ram says no. She asks why would Priya lie, she can come out by using the child, she is saying the truth, she loves Krish even now, accept this. Shubham comes crying and shows Shivi’s ashes. Priya argues with Meera.

She says I m a curse on Ram, I m your and Mahender’s daughter, Ram was much concerned for Ishaan, you did wrong with Ram. Meera says don’t say this, don’t punish yourself. Priya says children get punished for the parents’ mistake, its your fault, I don’t want to talk now. Meera leaves. Ram says Priya isn’t such, I can’t believe this. Shubham says no need to waste time on Ram, come with me, mom. Ram stops them. Nandini says Priya has snatched our Shivi, I beg you, forgive Priya, she is a curse on us. Ram and Priya cry. Priya says Mahender’s curse got true, congrats, I will not break down, I m not alone, I have Ram’s baby with me, I will make the baby like Ram. Ram walks on the road. Krish meets him. Ram punches his face and says you broke my marriage, Priya is carrying your baby, tell me, you will be there for her, just say it. He goes. Krish worries.

Krish meets Priya at the jail. He asks what did she tell Ram. She says sorry, I had to drag you in between, you don’t need to make any sacrifice, it is my decision, this is my fight, this baby is my responsibility. He says please let me support you as a friend. She says please, I want to do this alone. He says fine, I will be there if you need me. He goes. She recalls Ram and talks to the baby. Adi comes to Ram. Ram says I hate these rains now. Priya says I will always be happy with the baby.

Ram says I hate rains, love is nothing, money is everything. Priya is seen with her daughter.

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