Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Preeta informs that in love there should not be any need to make someone believe, there should not be a need to make them understand and if there is a need then is it called love, she mentions even karan does a lot of childish things but she never doubted his love so why does she always have to prove herself, Preeta mentions she doesnot have any chance to think of these things because they only have six days left and she has promised Mahesh papa that she will bring Rishab jee back, Shristhi questions how will she be able to win because of this broken heart when Preeta replies she is going to fight with her heart after this battle, Sameer coming to the kitchen exclaims there is a lot of love between them both, he informs just as she doesnot know his love, he heard Karan saying to Rakhi Chachi that this whole Natasha scene is just a drama and he really loves her, Preeta exclaims that if this is the case then she is also going to give him a befitting reply, he is thinking of making her jealous but she will not be bothered.

Natasha is with naman when he exclaims, he felt really bad after what happened today because he is a really big fan of Karan Luthra so wanted to take his autograph but what did he got, he then punched him. He questions what is Natasha doing as she is going to marry Karan, Natasha replies that she also loves him a lot and is marrying karan just because of his money, once she gets married then will also bring him after which they are going to live like Sherlin and Prithvi.

Karan is sitting in his room, Preeta enters going to the bed so he asks the number of Pandit jee when Preeta asks if he wants to match their Kundali, she exclaims he can marry her without this ritual because they are the same with their habits, Karan coming to sit on the bed exclaims he felt of revealing the story of Natasha but is going to say it clearly that he knows she really loves him a lot and doesnot want him to be near any other girl other then Preeta, so she should come back from her secret trip after which they would live like the old Karan and Preeta, she thinks how he changed when she did not give him any importance. Preeta informs he can do anything with the guilt, she mentioned that she came back for this family and there is still one person, Rishab jee because he was the one who brought her into this house and was the only one who was calm and honest, she is going to bring him back from any country in the world, Preeta goes to sleep exclaiming he can take the number from Rakhi maa, Preeta thinks she angered him and he really looks good when he is angry.

Sherlin comes to the room of prithvi, he is sleeping so she tries to wake him up but he is about to hit her, she questions how can he sleep so calmly when Sherlin informs she was not able to sleep because what will happen if the person is telling the truth, Prithvi exclaims he told her to not worry as the person doesnot have any proof, Prithvi is shocked to see Kritika standing at the door, she questions why is Sherlin in his room and why is she crying, Prithvi replies she was cutting onion, he sends Kritika away exclaiming that there is an important topic which they are discussing so she needs to leave, Sherlin once again exclaims what will happen if the person really has the proof, Prithvi informs he assured of coming with her to the hotel where he is going to see the proof after which are they going to assure that they need to be scared, he once again goes to sleep.

In the morning Dadi is having breakfast with Karina and Rakhi when Natasha comes wishing them all, Dadi questions what is going on between her and Karan as she is constantly hearing the news, Natasha tries to explain herself when Karan assures there is nothing going on, they both are just friends and lie for each other’s sake but the problem is that the reporters are always there to make the news about it, Natasha assures he is telling the truth when karan sees Preeta walking down the stairs so he immediately gets close with Natasha asking if he can take her for lunch when Rakhi questions why does he never ask her for accompanying her to the restaurant. Karina looks at her when she exclaims, she is talking about the restaurant. Preeta receives a call from Shristhi who explains that she has reached the hotel room with Sameer and have prepared everything when she must come before time since they have to get ready. Preeta leaves when Karan wonders why did she leave even when he created such a big scene, he plans to give her a big shock.

Preeta questions Janki explaining she doesnot need her help however Janki replies she is going to sit in the corner and if they need her help then she is going surely help them, Preeta agrees when Janki sees Sherlin standing in front of her, she informs Preeta who reveals a secret plan to her, she follows Sherlin inside the hotel where she secretly places a knife in her purse, after which she informs the security women who checks Sherlin, she replies that she doesnot own this knife and has no idea how it came to her purse. Preeta manages to rush inside with Sherlin notices, Janki replies she is going to go outside and keep an eye of Prithvi.

Sameer calls Prithvi threatening him of a severe beating, this angers Prithvi to the extent that he challenges Sameer to come in front of him when they will have a battle, Sameer however irritates him till the time Preeta reaches the room before ending the call, Prithvi sits in the car, Janki exclaims he would be thinking that he won but in reality he was made a fool.

Preeta rushes to change her clothes when Sherlin rings the bell, Shristhi exclaims Preeta di is not even ready now, they both hide when Sherlin enters asking why is it so dark, Preeta in the changed voice exclaims he knows what she has done to Rishab Luthra and he has also seen the video, Preeta throws the disk as the proof and asks for twenty crores from Sherlin, she replies she doesnot have that kind of money, Preeta threatens that if she is not able to arrange the money then she will take the proof to the Luthra’s who will do anything for their son Rishab, she scares Sherlin away before turning in her disguise of a criminal.

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