Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Karan questions Natasha what happened as Preeta used to ask him to leave alcohol and he needs to listen to her but he was not able to, he felt to accept her request but is not feeling the same with Natasha as he knows she is acting, he mentions even when she saved them from being arrested what happened inside was a risk as she would have gotten arrested, Natasha replies that she was just acting and needed to save him so said anything she could, everyone knows that she is not his wife to which Karan replies that Preeta also said she is his wife in front of everyone, Natasha asks him for the key because now she is really going to drive, she enters the car when Natasha thinks that she will play mind games with Karan because of which he would come close to her.

Shristhi rushes to ask Preeta why did she call her here, Sameer also apologizes that he saw her message late and questions what happened, Preeta hesitantly explains they can find out about Rishab jee, Sameer questions what is she saying when Preeta informs that both Prithvi and Sherlin know about his whereabouts, Sameer in anger calls the name of Prithvi, Preeta tries to stop him mentioning that they need to take every step with utmost confidence, she asks if they would not ask how did she find about him, Preeta reveals that she went after karan because he was drunk so she did not want him to drive when she saw someone entering the house and he seemed like a thief, she followed him and saw that he threw a package inside a room, she realized it was the room o0f Sherlin so went there when she found out that there was the same grease on the floor but Sherlin was not there, she tried to think where she might have gone and felt she would be with Prithvi, she was not able to hear what they were talking about but then saw that Sherlin was looking at something but when she left, Preeta managed to see Rishab jee and he seemed in danger, she noticed that he was in a jail but it did not seem any in India so she requests both Sameer and Shristhi to calm down, she even consoles Sameer mentioning it is not the time to cry because they have finally found a hope to find out about Rishab jee. They plan to go inside and talk about it.

Natasha is in the car with Karan when she asks what does Karan like about Preeta, he replies that he likes everything about her, she says even she likes their relationship and she took a big risk to save him but Preeta is his wife and she loves him a lot so would have surely taken the risk but the fact is that she was not able to save him so he must not be angry with her because of it so will suggest that he patch up with her, karan gets angry asking him to not interfere because they both know how to handle their relationship, he apologizes asking if she did not mind when she replies she is not the one between a couple, Karan says she never can be the one, he asks how long will it take for them to reach home, she mentions only ten minutes when he comments that she is a good driver. Karan replies he cannot understand anything because he is drunk.

Preeta stops Sameer and Shristhi mentioning they would need to find a way to get the CD, Shristhi replies she even said it outside, Preeta informs she is saying this so she can find a way that Prithvi leaves the CD in the room, she knows he would never leave it alone but they want him to leave in a rush when Shristhi suggests they can say to him that his mother slipped from the stairs but Preeta explains even he might pack a small bag. Sameer then mentions they can beat him a lot but Shristhi says this would not work. Preeta however explains they can set a fire mentioning that the smoke detectors work in the house and then everyone would run out in a rush including Prithvi in the meantime Sameer can go into his room to take the CD, and then call her so she would tell everyone that the fire has been extinguished. Sameer says he would go and set the fire in the kitchen meanwhile Preeta asks Sameer to contact her and takes the phone of Shristhi but she leaves saying that her plan is really a good one.

Sameer rushes into the kitchen to create the smoke, however he is not able to find a suitable plan but then sees the cloth on the shelf, Sameer sets fire on them in a pan but it is still not able to reach the smoke detectors, he therefor sets another cloth on fire which finally sets off the alarm, Preeta rushes into the room asking Dadi to come out because there has been a fire, Dadi and Karina start blaming her when Preeta informs there is no time for this argument and she must come with her otherwise Dadi would be trapped in the fire, Shristhi also assures to Rakhi that they were not cooking anything but takes Mahesh out along with the nurse, Prithvi and Sherlin also rush into the balcony questioning what happened, Sameer manages to hide the pan when Preeta asks them all to come outside because there is a lot of smoke, they rush out but in the hurry even Sameer and Shristhi mention that everyone has come out, Shristhi exclaims this was their plan but Karina replies that he would not go since she loves her brother a lot but Shristhi replies her suggestion is right but if she doesnot want to send her brother then can let prithvi go because he is also strong and powerful, however Prithvi at once questions why should he put his life at risk when they can call the fire brigade at which Preeta agrees to go inside but Shristhi stops her, Sameer thinks he can go to the room of Prithvi using the back gate and find the proof. Shristhi also follows him and they both rush into the room when Shristhi questions why is he searching the room because they need to find the CD in the laptop but Sameer gets shocked when there is no CD, Shristhi informs now they would have to search the entire room and so they must get started.

Rakhi questions Preeta what is she talking about because why would anyone try to set their own house on fire just to harm her when they can either scold her or even slap her, Preeta replies she just said that they want to tease her, Kritika exclaims Rakhi must not listen to Preeta as she thinks she is really important, Preeta blames that someone from them would have set the fire because they want to take revenge from her, Kritika in anger replies they are not that stupid to set their own house on fire, Preeta however blames that she knows Kritika would have set it on fire with Prithvi, hearing this everyone is shocked.

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