Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

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Shristhi suspects Natasha for stealing all their proofs, she mentions Natasha was walking beside her but when they went inside she was not present, Shristhi thinks that she saw how Natasha was following someone and he was prithvi but before she could do anything then Sameer called her inside, Shristhi exclaims if Sameer had not called her then she might have followed Natasha, Shristhi explains it is because of Preeta who did not allow her to accompany her because in that whole process she forgot that Prithvi would also be using his brains when Preeta replies that she knows Prithvi was the one behind the accident and she accepts that Natasha stole their proofs because she came when they got in the accident, Preeta explains Natasha is really clever who would have gone to Sandesh and recorded the confession because in their video all of them were clearly visible, Preeta leaves in anger exclaiming she is not going to leave Natasha.

Natasha lies down on the sofa with the headphones when she exclaims that Sherlin would have placed all of her clothes in the wardrobe, when Sherlin replies how can she know because they are her clothes, Natasha explains she should place the warm clothes in the upper shelf as she doesnot need them at all times while she should place the normal day clothes in the middle shelf. Natasha exclaims Sherlin would also be liking this all when she is liking it all, Sherlin leaves in anger when Natasha is smiling. She tries to leave but Preeta stops her.

Preeta asks Natasha if she is going to reply her with the truth to which Natasha agrees, Preeta explains she is the one who stole the proofs which she had gathered and presented them as she herself gathered them all, Natasha replies Preeta is wrong because she was also investigating along side Preeta, so she is mistaken but Preeta says she assured she will tell the truth but she is lying, Preeta mentions she could have thought that Natasha after seeing her at the accident spot believed she might not be able to reach the court on time or has died, she took the proofs but changed them before presenting in the court so she managed to save Karan but changed the proofs because of which the name of Prithvi did not come in any case, Preeta questions what sort of game is she playing as it is really dangerous when Natasha assures she is not playing any game, Preeta sees karan so goes to talk with him but he leaves without even looking at her.

Natasha stands beside Preeta explaining she was also searching for all the proofs alongside Preeta, Karan is really angry with her but when she is going to talk with him then he will start talking with her, Preeta in anger replies that she doesnot want anyone to interfere in her relationship with Karan, Natasha questions why is she acting like this because there is no need for such an attitude as her relation is not the same with Karan anymore, which the entire family knows it all. Natasha explains that Preeta is blaming she stole the proofs but she has not done anything of the sort, Preeta can try to prove it if she can but Natasha is sure that Preeta will fail to find anything.

Natasha is following Karan requesting him to stop requesting that he must not be angry with Preeta because she was also trying to find the proofs to protect him and they are not super heroes so things get out of hand, Preeta was also trying a lot so she will feel bad if he treats her in this way, people would start talking if they stay away from each other because the truth is that she is still the boss of this house, karan questions what can he do if she is the boss because he is The karan Luthra so will not listen to anyone, Natasha thinks this arrogant attitude is what she likes in Karan, she leaves with a smile.

Sherlin walking to Preeta mentions that anyone can leave while scolding her and Karan did not even think to listen to her, even when she is the owner of this house. Preeta replies that she and her sister must always understand that no one can even harm her family, Sherlin replies that this is their family and no one is doing anything wrong against them, Preeta replies that she has finally understood the real reason her sister is staying in this house, she will deal with her later but Sherlin must not forget that Preeta is not at all worried because she gathered those proofs with a lot of effort, even if Natasha stole them she is glad as the purpose got fulfilled and Karan is back safe in his home so she is not worried, Sherlin says she has a lot of patience because she has a lot of tensions but is not showing them, Preeta asks Sherlin to not be worried about her relation because if she tries then can end her problems with him in a second. Sherlin must be worried about what happens with Sherlin and Prithvi as they are the biggest losers of this house, Sherlin thinks that she is glad because even if Natasha is really stupid, she has still managed to do a really big thing for her because of which she is really glad.


Karan in the room hits the suitcase when Preeta enters questioning what happened, she says if he doesnot even listen to her then how would things get sorted to which karan replies he has finally understood that she Preeta Aurora is against him, she gets shocked hearing that what he called her so exclaims he is really angry with her so it is not the right time to talk with him, he in anger replies that he doesnot want to talk with her as he knows she is against him.

Karan reaches the bar in the house and prepares a glass but he starts recalling the precious moments spent with Preeta and how close they were to each other. Karan getting frustrated starts thinking from the bottle, Preeta calls him from behind when he in anger breaks the bottle leaving.

Preeta is following Karan in the parking when she tries to stop him as he is about to fall but Natasha reaches to help him first, he turns exclaiming why is she worrying about him when he has Natasha who not only saved him in the court but also is there by his side so she can go to complete her work, she is the boss and her time is the money, there is no need to waste her time and money on him because he can take care of himself. Karan gets in the car with a smile while Natasha helps him in the car assuring, she will take care of Karan, Preeta is worried about the drink and drive. Preeta is shocked to see someone running from the house, she calls the guard to follow the person but he manages to run away, she gets tensed wondering what has he covered himself with that is so sticky.

Sherlin closes the door of the room, Prithvi questions why is she so worried so she explains that someone throwed this into her room and it has his name which is why she brought it to him, Prithvi gets shocked after seeing the letter R and exclaims this might be from the Don in Dubai who they hired for Rishab.

Preeta is tensed when Dadi questions why is she shouting, Karina also asks the reason she was calling the guards so Preeta informs that she saw someone running near the house but they all blame her for just wasting their time, Kritika exclaims this is what she has a habit of doing. Preeta thinks it is just a waste of time to talk with them as she saw that the person threw something in the room of Sherlin which she must go and check.

Precap: Karan is sad while driving. He says to himself, she always hurts me a lot, she breaks my heart. He meets with an accident.

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