Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Ranbir telling Prachi that the medicine is taken for baby’s growth and whoever girl takes it, it means she is pregnant. Prachi says you have forgotten your attitude and habit and says you didn’t ask me if I am having an affair with Sid, but you told me that I am having affair with Sid. Ranbir says they are two different things. Prachi says it is same and says you are even now raising finger on my character, and says you thought me characterless when you saw me with Sid on the bed, and says your next question will be if I am pregnant with Sid’s child. Ranbir gets angry and raises hand on her, but stops himself. He folds his hands and says sorry, I shouldn’t have blame you or shouldn’t have raised finger on your character. He apologizes and says I know you will not forgive me, but I will apologize to you all life. He says I couldn’t become a good husband, and couldn’t take care of you. He says you gave me best husband title, which I don’t deserve. He says I raised my hand, to wipe your tears, or to set your hair, and today this hand….He says sorry and apologizes to her, says I couldn’t bear it. He says you thought that I will blame you even now, and that’s why you didn’t tell me. He says if you have trusted me, then would have told me, that Ranbir, we are pregnant. Prachi says, we are not pregnant.

Ranbir is shocked and says don’t say this. He says I know that you are lying. Prachi says we are not pregnant and says I had tried always not to become pregnant with your child. Ranbir says don’t say this, I know that you are angry and asks her to kill him, but don’t say this. He says you knows well that my baby’s dream is big than my other dreams. He says I know we are pregnant and asks her to tell once. She pushes him and says I am not pregnant. She says I never wanted to become mother of your baby. Ali Maula plays…….She says I am not pregnant, we are not pregnant. Ranbir says you are lying? Prachi says did I tell once, that I want to the mother of your child and I was always focused on my career, and says I can’t think of baby, and it was a hurdle for my career and I never wanted to be mother of your baby. She says you was focused for your start up and I should have sit at home and handle your kids. He says you are lying, you are resting since you came here, you was not career oriented. He says I know you are pregnant. Prachi says you are mad, and says that was not resting, but a realization. She says I have seen your start up picked up and you are wealthy now, and his wife shall not work and enjoy. She says I have diverted my focus from career to enjoyment, and you thought that I am pregnant.

He says I don’t trust you. Prachi says you think that I lie, and that’s why you believed that I have an affair with Sid. She says I will not take up this blame, as you are connecting me with yours. She says my love was truthful, I did love you, but it was not big that I sacrifice my future and career. She says this baby was your dream, but not my dream. She says if your baby was like you, then with whom I would hate. She says I am happy as you stay away from me, and don’t call me Prachi Prachi. She says if your baby was with me, then how I would have lived happily. Ranbir tries to go disheartened. Prachi says I have forgotten all your dreams and asks him to forget as well, and says it can never be fulfilled, not in this birth atleast. Ali Maula plays….

Ranbir goes from there sad and upset. He recalls her words and cries. Prachi cries keeping hand on her chest, and sits on the bed. Dil toota plays….Ranbir goes to his room and cries. He messes up the room and throws the things. Prachi hears the noise and cries. He falls down on the floor and cries. Prachi also falls on the floor and cries.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and Pallavi and say good morning. She asks why you both are tensed. Aaliya says we are waiting for you and tells that you are going for honeymoon. Pallavi asks her to decide where she wants to go and says I will get the tickets booked. Rhea says we are just warming up and our relation is started, and says if we push him too hard, he will flip and says this is not the right time to go for honeymoon. Pallavi asks her if she wants to make Ranbir yours fully or not, and says I will handle him. She asks do you and do you not want a new beginning. Rhea says ofcourse I am, and says don’t know how Ranbir will react and can refuse or get upset. She says we can go after few days. Pallavi recalls his closeness with Prachi. Aaliya says if not now, then it will be never and says we feel that you shall go now, else it might be too late. Rhea asks why? Pallavi asks Rhea not to ask many questions with them. Rhea says I am very happy, but Ranbir will refuse. Pallavi says I will take care of all that and says I don’t have to ask him, but have to inform him. She goes. Rhea thinks Ranbir will refuse surely.

Ranbir gets ready to go to office in a hurry. Dida asks where is he going? He says important meeting. He hugs Dida and takes her blessings. He sees Shahana coming there and tells that he has done a big mistake, and says I saw your pregnancy medicine in Prachi’s room and asked if she is pregnant. Prachi comes there. Ranbir says we will talk later. He asks Pallavi why is she tensed? Pallavi says I just need to talk to you about something important and says everyone is laughing at me, and says I can handle the neighbors, but the matter reached my club members, I can handle them too, but now the matter is about my image. Ranbir asks what are you saying. She says everyone is expecting me to throw your reception, and says a big reception party, like we, the kohli’s give, which didn’t happen. She says someone is saying that I am a miser mother in law and not sending my son and daughter in law for outing. She says I got tagged of conservative saas, who didn’t send you both to honeymoon. Ranbir says I understood what you thought. He looks at Prachi and recalls her words that she don’t want to be his baby’s mother and that she is not pregnant, and that the baby was never her dream. He says it will be cold in Manali and asks Rhea if she will come to Manali for honeymoon. Prachi looks on. Rhea says ofcourse, I will come. Ranbir looks at Prachi.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi that he is going to fulfill his third dream and will go to such a person who will happily become mother of his baby. Prachi looks on. Shahana gets shocked. Ranbir says I will go to such a person, who loves me and will make my dream as hers.

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