Kaamna 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kaamna 9th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Sakshi mam is correcting the bed when she receives a call, she goes out to answer when Manav immediately apologizes and even Sakshi apologizes, he questions why is she apologizing but then asks her to say it first, she says that he must not apologize as they both know they were acting, he says she can complain because he was not able to find any words against her as she doesnot have any negative points, Sakshi mam explains she knows lying is bad but if it is for the betterment of someone then it is more fruitful then hundred lies, Manav replies she is right but he has not done anything like this with yatho so he doesnot know if it is right, Sakshi mam replies that she knows Yatharth would do something to stop her so why is he so tensed, it is better that his desires end today rather then in the party. Manav asks if she is two hundred years old as it would be when he will reach such maturity, she asks if he is also worried by something else when Manav thinks he is tensed about what how will Yatharth react when she finally leaves the house, Sakshi mam thinks that he just cares for his son which is the right thing as she doesnot have any relation with her, Sakshi mam replies she is sure he would be able to take great care of his son since he is the best dad, Sakshi explains they should not talk a lot anymore otherwise they would get habitual. Manav is worried about what she is saying.

Sakshi mam enters the room when she questions why is Malti aunti packing the bags, she replies Sakshi can fool the children but not her because she knows that Sakshi is planning to leave the house, Sakshi replies she doesnot have any other choice but to leave this house because it is better to save the relations rather then breaking those that have been built, Malti aunti questions what relations is Sakshi talking about because she thinks that they would be able to build new relations if she agrees with what the children are saying, Sakshi replies she has not thought about it and doesnot even want to think, Malti aunti asks if she doesnot have any feelings for Manav and does she think if she refuses it then it will end, this desire will go with her everywhere and eat her from the inside as a person can run from anyone but not themselves.

Sakshi mam sits down recalling how she met Manav for the first time and he stood by her at all times, he even stopped her when she desired to leave, Sakshi wonders why is she thinking so much about Manav jee.

Vibhav is lying down on the sofa, he is not able to sleep because of the mosquitoes and starts killing them, Ranay comes questioning why is he still sleeping here and not going into the room. Vibhav replies that he likes those people who are really honest and simple but not those who act as Ranay knows everything, Vibhav mentions that he has had six large but is still not able to sleep with that women, there was a time when that room felt like a place of flowers but now it seems as needles, Ranay explains he would be hurt more because Bishmapitana still remined single while Vibhav is getting married the second time, Vibhav replies he is worried if he loses whatever he build in the first marriage, he doesnot know how he became like this with Akanksha.

Akanksha calls Vibhav explaining she has made something for him, she asks him to look at the font explaining she has made a Prenup arrangement between them both explaining that he must look to find if the font is correct, Vibhav questions what is the need for this Prenup arrangement between them when she must trust him, Akanksha mentions she trusts him the most but this is only to show the entire world that they trust each other, she has even included a clause according to which he is going to transfer the fifty percent shares to her, she insists they complete it now when Vibhav replies it is night so they would do it in the morning, he hugs her looking at Ranay informing how life plays games with them all.

In the morning Manav questions who asked eats salad in the breakfast, the workers reply Sakshi mam asked them to cook, Manav inquires why is Sakshi mam cooking when there a lot of workers present, Sakshi mam offers to make the paratha when he signals her that they need to fight, she immediately realizes that explaining he would not be able to digest healthy food, she was free so went to prepare the breakfast, why does he have to act so much on these little things, Yatharth waking up in the bed things they have started to fight once again in the morning. Sakshi leaves when he asks her to not care for him.

Yatharth calls Ayesha informing they have started to fight once again, she asks him to make her listen to their fight, Yatharth holds the phone when Sakshi and Manav are still fighting, she blames that he ate the paratha when she made it the last time, he asks why is she so startled when Sakshi mam warns him to not be so over smart, he replies that she must let the staff do their work as they always say that mam has completed it all, he questions why is she so free and must search for a job, Sakshi mam replies she asked Kholkar sir who has agreed to give her back the previous job, she thinks she must escalate this fight so she leaves the house, she blames that his first marriage might not have worked because of his attitude.

Ayesha rushes to Mr Kholkar asking if he offered Sakshi mam any job, Mr Kholkar replies that she is a brilliant teacher when Ayesha requests him to please hold the offer for some time when Mr Kholkar says they have sent the appointment letter and she would probably join at the start of the new semester, he explains even Sakshi mam should get a chance to start a new life when Ayesha thinks this is what she and Yatho are trying to do.

In the morning the worker opens the door when Meera ask her to go and call Mr Kapoor, Akanksha comes wishing her when she apologizes her because she was not able to get the custody of her son, Akanksha blames that it was her fault because Vibhav hired her, Akanksha questions if Meera got her degree because of any setting when Meera replies people like her only know how to work and earn it all not like Akanksha for whom they do not have any idea where she is going to be after a few days, Vibhav coming explains this is not the court so why are they arguing, Meera replies that the truth of his future wife has come in front of them and she must say his trust is really bad in women when Vibhav questions then what was the closeness which existed between them both, Meera replies she never flirted with him but Vibhav causes her to be angry and she leaves.

Akanksha questions if Meera was telling the truth when Vibhav replies he cannot say anything that is a lie, he informs that he spent with Meera when they both were together, Akanksha sits down while Vibhav mentions he knows he might not be able to stop her and she would leave him but he would not even stop her, Akanksha asks him to not talk like this with her, she says she doesnot care about his past and requests him to come as they will sign the agreement, Vibhav stands in anger questioning if she doesnot know anything beside the marriage and what about her son, if she had fought with Manav for the visiting rights then they would still have a chance, Akanksha replies whenever she thinks about Yatharth then only recalls the defeat, he blames that one defeat ended the motherhood in her heart. She starts crying so he acts as if he is consoling her, thinking that she must just leave him because women like her are better off fighting with Manav who care for their family, this is the only way he would prevent Manav from snatching the property of Niharika.

Sakshi mam is packing her bags, Yatharth and Ayesha enter the room when she in forms she can no longer live under the same roof as his father, she is shifting to the school quarters where he can come visit her.

Precap: Yatharth hugs Sakshi mam refusing to let her leave, Manav forcefully takes Yatharth into the room even when Ayesha requests him to not do it. Sakshi mam standing on the door mentions Yatharth can come visit her any time he likes, Yatharth however in anger exclaims he hates Sakshi mam.

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