Kaamna 7th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kaamna 7th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Manav his son has regained consciousness, Manav rushes into he room kissing Yatho on the forehead, Pankaj and Amita along with Khushal jee are really glad, Yatho explains he is fine now and asks why did Manav not call Mama today, he assures that he is going to call her but Yatho insists so even Pankaj asks him to call her, Manav in anger says that he cannot call her since she would not be able to listen to him as there are no signals there, Khushal jee with tension exclaims he should at least try to call her but Manav mentions that he cannot call her since she would not be able to listen, he answers the call without seeing the name and is shocked to hear voice of Akanksha, going outside the room he asks who is this, she exclaims he has gotten really fast so he even deleted her contact number, she says she doesnot have any interest in him and doesnot even want to talk to him but only cares about her son, since he cannot separate her from her son, Manav assures he feels there should also be a clause in which a son can divorce their mother, especially someone who is like her, she has lost all relations with her son when she left him in the middle of the night, he exclaims he would not let her come near his son, he ends the call.

Manav brings Yatho into the room in his arms, Khushal jee follows him when Amita advises they should take him to their house since he will have a good time with Vinay, but Manav mentions he is really glad she did a lot for him yesterday, but they also need to rest, Manav hugging Yatho exclaims he is sorry for what happened yesterday, but this will never happen again.

In the morning Manav wakes up but is shocked since Yatho is not sleeping beside him, Manav rushes to his room when he sees that Yatho is marking the date on the calendar, Yatho wishes Good morning to Manav, who coming in asks if he is feeling fine, Manan informs he can even take a leave from school so he would also not go to the office and serve him, Yatho doesnot understand but he explains, Yatho asks if did the task that he asked, by texting Akanksha that he was in the hospital, Manav replies he texted it, Yatho questions if it was delivered, Manav replies he informed Yatho that where she has gone for shooting has no network, Yatho explains mama would come to meet him at school but he will act as if he is mad after which when she agrees to pick and drop him then he will hug her.
Karan is with Bublie who brings tea for him, she makes a wish for a local dish but he is shocked when he receives the termination letter, he sends Bublie away calling the receptionist at Kapoor builders, she informs his termination letter was sent by Mr Kapoor so Karan should ask him if he feels like asking the reason, karan is worried but she ends the call without informing him, he tries calling Akanksha but is shocked when her phone is switched off.

Vibhav informs Akanksha they have done a lot of shopping, he asks her to put down the glass then coming behind her he says she must look at the magic of his hands, Vibhav starts giving her a message, she questions what he is doing but he explains that he has to cover up for the past seven years, she thanks him when Manav refused to allow her to talk with Yatho, he has been trying to cheer her up, she starts crying when Vibhav questions that her one tear is more expensive then his entire property so she should not waste it, he says they have come here to forget about the past memories yet she is still stuck in them, he questions if she trusts him assuring he will make sure everything works out, Vibhav takes Akanksha to the bathroom where a bathtub has been prepared and he giving her the glass of wine leaves informing he will come back after a while.

Manav sitting at the cafeteria orders them to bring the veg thali, Chokse sir comes mentioning he did not know his wife has gone out of town and he is handling everything on his own but he apologizes for what happened yesterday as he was a little rude, but Manav also made a lot of mistakes in the report and Khushal jee had to correct them, Khushal comes sitting mentioning he knew there was something wrong over the table, Manav sits down were he is about to eat the thali but he realizes that he forgot to give Yatho the lunch so he calls his school asking about the time of the lunch break, Manav leaves without even eating himself, he goes to the vendor demanding the sandwich, he tries to stop an auto but no one listens to him, Manav starts running with all his might but he gets in an accident and falls to the ground, Yatho in the school wonders what can he do now since his father forgot to put the lunch box and even Ayesha has not come, he is really hungry. Manav while trying to stop the auto gets in an accident and falls to the ground, Yatho also thinks he doesnot have money to eat at the canteen, the locals are trying to wake Manav and he is just taking the name of Yatho, Manav after standing up looks for the sandwich after which he runs away with it.

Yatho is sitting in the class when his teacher asks him to show her his homework, she asks if he did not complete his homework even today, she demands the reason but he doesnot reply but just murmurs, the other students start laughing, the teacher punishes him y throwing him out of the classroom.

Manav reaches the school he asks the worker about the class of Yatharth Bajpayee, he is pointed to the classrooms but Manav is shocked wondering how would he be able to find the right section, he is glad when Yatho calls him, Yatho questions what is he doing here, Manav apologizes since he did not give him the lunch, but Yatho asks him to go as he is fine, Manav questions what is he doing outside, Yatho informs he was punished for not doing his homework.

Precap: Khushal while walking is shocked to see Akanksha jee with Vibhav Kapoor in his car, Manav questions why did he not do his homework, Yatho replies since Mama is not here, he assures from now on he is going to help Yatho so he is going to forget his mother.

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