Kaamna 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kaamna 5th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Yadhu and Ayesha praise Sakshi mam for handling Manav away from his stress. Manav too agrees with them. Manav gets happy seeing aloo paratha and says that he was craving for it. Ayesha and Yadhu again credit Sakshi for it. Manav praises her food. Malti asks Manav to make Sakshi understand that she needs to get married again. Manav says that Sakshi is herself capable to take decisions and asks her to not force her to marry. Ayesha also asks Manav to marry and Sakshi says as much as she understood Manav he divorced the thoughts of marriage along with his first wife.

Manav agrees with her. They again try to convince them but they both are not interested. Akanksha wakes up from her sleep and finds Christopher clicking her pictures. Akanksha gets angry at him for the same but Christopher shows her the pictures he clicked of her. Akanksha gets awed seeing her beautiful pictures and Christopher over praises her. Vaibhav gets angry at Christopher for entering his bedroom but Akanksha stops him and makes him understand. Vaibhav assures with her that if she doesn’t have any issues with it and she says yes. Vaibhav says fine and goes out. He thinks that once Akanksha gets to know the truth of Christopher she would faint in shock.

Manav and Sakshi are discussing about their remarriage talks. Manav says that after what happened with Akanksha he doesn’t have the courage to think about marriage again. Sakshi also says that she fought with her own parents and got married to her husband but everything ended in a day. She says she’s not into marriage and relationship anymore. Manav apologizes her for his earlier behaviour and praises her for being with her mother in law despite having a chance to reunite with her parents. Malti hears it and says about their planning going in drain.

Ayesha comes up with other plan. Yadhu puts a new fish in fish tank and calls it Mrs. Bajpayee. Sakshi slowly understands their intentions and gets shocked. She thinks that they are dreaming of something which is not at all possible and gets worried. Christopher is clicking Akanksha’s pictures and Vaibhav encourages her. Vaibhav decides to use an old case which was given against him by Holkar and contacts Meera for the same. Meera increases her fee using the situation and Vaibhav agrees understanding it. He sees Babli dancing and asks what’s she doing. Babli wants to join the photo session too but Vaibhav leaves mocking her.

Malti comes to Manav and says about Yadhu’s wish to see him getting married again to Sakshi and Manav gets socked hearing it. Sakshi is also hearing it all. Manav immediately refuses as he can’t think about it at all and goes to Yadhu’s room. He finds Yadhu and Ayesha making posters about their remarriage and gets worried. Yadhu and Ayesha plan to give the posters next day to Manav. Manav and Sakshi are worried about how to handle the issue.

Precap : Manav will want to say Yadhu that it doesn’t work out but Sakshi will say that they would be heartbroken. Manav will say that they can never get together and they should somehow make them understand. Sakshi will get worried.

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