Kaamna 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Kaamna 27th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Affairs

Manav asks Malti aunti if she can choose anyone for Sakshi aunti because he personally met the person who is not a nice guy, he assures of personally finding a guy for Sakshi mam but she can stop this wedding, Sakshi mam questions who is he to make this decision as she can make the decision of her own life so is going to marry him.

Some time earlier Akanksha has taken Yatharth in her arms when Vibhav comes running, she asks him to go as she is going to bring him but Vibhav forcefully takes him so Yatho wakes up and starts calling his father, Vibhav threatens him to come otherwise he knows how to make him learn the lesson, Yashoda hears someone coming so she picks the knife threatening Akanksha to let go of her grandson, Akanksha gets shocked questioning what is she doing as she will get the ear rings, when Yashoda questions if she thought that she will take the money for such a heinous thing, but then Manav shouts at them to let go of his son, they are shocked as he is with Meera who is recording the entire thing when Manav stands in front of Akanksha exclaiming she tried kidnaping his son when he agreed to give her the visitation rights, Vibhav tries to explain the situation but Manav in anger warns him to remain quiet as the matter concerns his son and if he talks in between then Manav will deal with him now, Vibhav leaves asking Akanksha to take care of the situation, Manav replies this was her love who left her at the slightest of the problems. Manav explains she should forget the idea of getting any sort of visiting rights because she is not worthy to be called a mother, Akanksha kneels in front of him requesting to not do such a thing as she only wanted to spend some time with her son but Manav warns her to touch the feet of her lover, he explains she doesnot have to cry as he will make sure she is thrown out of the life of his son and must leave this house for now.

Manav is furious when the house staff arrive, he questions why were they all standing when Yashoda Dadi can fight for Yatho, he fires them all without listening to any explanation, yatho explains he doesnot want to meet his mother anymore, Manav apologizes to his son.

Vibhav standing in the house thinks this plan failed so he must think of something else for Manav, Akanksha coming into the house questions why did he come to the house when she asked him to stay in this house, she explains she has also lost the visitation rights of yatho so in short would not be able to meet her son, Vibhav in anger explains she has also lost the dream of becoming the fifty percent owner of Kapoor construction and even this mansion, Akanksha starts pleading him requesting that he would not let anything happen to her dreams, he explains he will surely do everything he can but needs to calm down so she must leave him alone, Akanksha leaves.

Manav is with yatho who comes out and is shocked, Manav informs that he is going to show a magic to yatho so explains that he has arranged for his office in the house, Yatho gets excited asking if his Dada is going to work from home to which Manav replies that he is not going to leave Yatho for the entire day. Anarug standing at the door explains his father surely is an awesome person, Manav is shocked so explains who is he because he cannot recognize him when Anarug explains how could Manav know him when they have never met but he knows the girl he is marrying, Sakshi Verma. Manav asks him to sit down to which Anarug explains he knows everything about Sakshi but is just curious of one thing, if they both were living in a live in then why did they not get married, Manav gets shocked explaining that it is not at all what he thinks, he calls Dadi requesting her to take Yatho inside. Manav assures that he did not have anything with Sakshi mam, she was just the consoler of Yatho, Anarug questions he meant to ask if there was not any moment between them both when Anarug replies he cannot believe it as they both donot live together and even then, he is protecting her in front of him, Anarug stands explaining he is now going to leave when Manav questions what sort of a person is Sakshi mam marrying as who does talk like this for his future wife.

Vibhav is standing when he calls Akanksha as her phone is ringing, the house help informs that she is taking a shower when he answers the call explaining that they must call her later but Yashoda explains that she needs to apologize for what she did that day because had she not acted then would have been thrown out of the house, she reveals that someone by the name of Anarug came and was talking with Manav about the marriage of Sakshi. Vibhav ends the call explaining that he has to meet this Anarug as he seems a useful person.

Anarug is about to enter his car when Vibhav congratulates him for his wedding, Anarug is shocked that Vibhav is waiting for him when Vibhav explains he needs to explain something about his future wife.

Manav is sitting on the sofa thinking about what Anarug said when Yatho comes, he explains that he has to do some important work so will surely come back, when Yatho doesnot agree to allow him and Manav explains the work is really important but he will surely come back before 4 pm.

Vibhav is sitting with Anarug who explains he doesnot know about what he would have thought about because the relationship of Manav and Sakshi is really not a simple one, he is using her as a tool because of son and he feels this relation would go on like this after her marriage. Anarug explains he has accepted the past of Sakshi as he himself is a widower and got such a nice proposal after two years, he however has no idea how he will react to this all.

Malti aunti opening the door is shocked to see Manav so requests him to leave because if the in laws of Sakshi found out that he visits their house then it will ruin everything but Manav replies he will not leave as he has to talk with her about the marriage of Sakshi mam, Malti aunti insists that he leave yet he still enters the house explaining he knows it is hard to find a relation but he cannot let her push Sakshi mam in a fire as even if life is difficult they have to face it, he informs he met Anarug and thought like punching him because of how he was talking about Sakshi mam, Manav assures that he is himself going to find a suitable match for Sakshi mam but she needs to cancel this wedding, Sakshi mam questions why should they cancel this wedding as he doesnot have any right and she will marry Anarug.

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